About Daps

The Daps Chronicles is a contemporary take on written acrimony spearheaded by yours truly, as if we are offering you special menu treats through our blog topics. We offer happy, crazy, sometimes educational contents, that will make you ponder, smile, angry, tormented or lonely, sometimes.

Yes this is NOT an automated generated blogsite, all contents are written solely by me. I’m actually part of the human race with an INTJ personality type, a bit skeptic, independent, amused by tasteful movies and gadgets. I can be a good debater or a comedianne the very next day. I always take my time. I love cats. My mantra is to always find humor & knowledge even in the smallest details of life. I am just as lazy as everybody else is. I promise to respond as fast as I can, even to the most hateful & weird comments, I’d be happy to hear it from you. Get to know me through my writings.


  1. Very interesting, dapat pala ikaw ang nagwrite ng book, hindi ako… Galing sa english…. and intersting person… Plus, everyone looks on the second side of the coin, and you look on the third one,,, very interesting talaga… Ano kayang nakita mo sa third side…

    We are more happy to hear from you..


  2. Your works are sensible and honest at higit sa lahat ay malaki na rin ang naitutulong sa mga readers. Looking forward for your new obra 🙂

    My sincere gratitude!

    God bless you and more power!


    1. Yes that could happen when a T can be an F depending on when you take it and what recent happenings in life you got. Me, I have been consistently an INTJ. Hoping that is a good thing. Lol. Thanks for your comment.


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