Nibble at Banapple

We’re looking for a new place to eat within the Gateway area, we tried all the restaurants inside that mall, and so we decided to try Banapple. It’s just located near the entrance of the Gateway mall, ground floor. The name itself is too catchy, sort of fusion of banana and apple — so happen to be the two fruits I like the most. I haven’t checked their menu, I was hoping they don’t sell only fruit shakes here or desserts, hahaha! Let’s go check it out.



Spanish adventure in Alqueria

We’ve been wanting to try a Spanish restaurant and so we decided to try Alqueria in SM Megamall. We even joke about that if I can’t be in Spain then at least we try a Spanish food and experience to be on that country. At first glance on a weekend past lunch time, the area is not too crowded (Ooma, the restau near it has a long lineup actually) and a bit small. We hate making your curiosity wait, below is the complete review on Alqueria dining experience.


Happy Tummy in Sarsa!

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant called Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Menu, located at the Forum in Bonifacio Global City & I thought of giving them a visit on a labor day. This is a co-owned restaurant by Sir Jayps Anglo, one of the best chefs in the country, and I was really curious to know how good Negrense delicacy is. Sarsa is situated at the BGC Forum, where jeepneys, taxis  or private cars can pass by the area. The best way to get there is to locate the 7th Avenue corner of the 25th street (back of Mcdo).



Dine at Rai Rai Ken

If you are looking for a fast food Japanese taste then Rai Rai Ken is going to be a good food choice. It offers authentic ramen and expanded its menu to include Bento, beef yakiniku, salad, soup and a whole lot more. Actually, this isn’t my first visit, we tried the one from SM Taytay branch for lunch before watching a movie. So we ended up being full, but good thing we are not sleepy at the movie house. 😛


it must be free

yesterday, we went to Megamall just to look for some items to shop. we had lunch at Max’s where friend chicken is superb, at khit pa budget meal ang orderin mo eh talagang masosolb ka na. thats what i had, the crews are courteous and always ready to serve you. the dining experience is almost perfect, except when its time to request for the bill out.


oyster boy

twas almost 2pm when we left the office as we head towards cubao to have our lunch. yup ngayon lang kame maglalunch after a very long day. biglaang plano kaya natuloy, not to mention na niyaya ko rin my other friend to join us. masarap kaseng kumaen kapag may kaagaw. so we went to oyster boy and grab crispy pata plus sinigang…and of course mas nakakabusog ung kwentuhan.


this pic was actually found on the ceiling of oyster boy, looks fascinating though. anyways, so there are stuff that we talk about that obviously must not be here…though i learned one thing, that its ok to scare urself sometimes, like u know do things that is not so ordinary of u, make critical decisions without any inhibitions. thanks to my kumares for the sharing.

after that we are about to watch the final destination 3, but since theres no time slot available we decided to take a sip of chocolate macademia in gloria jeans…that is for the frustrations of not seeing the movie…halinat makapag kape.

salamat na din at crowded ang starbucks at that time, kaya eto were able to try another coffee tambayan. try it.

lets get d party started

tuwang tuwa ako dahil makakapag pahinga na naman ako. yes that’s how I long kumawala sa trabaho, ang samantalahin ang mga araw na makakapag rest ako. wahehe shh lang. sa araw na to masusukat ang budget ability ko. Kundi ba naman at khit ppano’y may nakuha akong pera at pinag iisipan ko kung san ba to best dapat ilagay. Op kors dapat bigyan si mommy ng lagay, pampadulas kumbaga hehe.biglang naisipan kong bumili ng choco mallows pampasalubong sa bahay…dhil wala lang. tinablan na naman ako ng katakawan ko. It pays off kase nabusog kame.

ano nga ba ang sked ko for today? hmm ay oo nga pala later I will be seeing my buddies, opismates kumbaga na lage ko namang kaayaan sa mga gimiks. oops di ako nagrereklamo ha sinasabe ko lang how frequent each of us wanted to see each other dahil sa mga baon naming chikahan. Charing. Di nga promise. Our first destination is in gerrys grill at libis. 6pm ang usapan, pero for whatever reason nagsakitan ang tyan ng halos karamihan sa amen. Fud poison? No siguro excited lang kameng lahat sa lakad. (Haha parang bata.) Seriously khit papano natutong makisama ang mga sikmura namen dahil alam naming mapapasabak kame sa kainan. So ang usapang 6pm, na move to 9pm. Hehe pero nakumpleto kame ng 10pm, haha fyi all girls to, so don’t ask me why very Filipino time.

At gerry’s we had tahong ala pobre, crispy pata, sisig, chicken at sinigang na hipon. At syempre pag ka serve ng fud, galit galit muna.harharhar. after ng chibugan, di na namen alam where to go, but we decided to go to Corinthian ktv. This will be our first time sa place na to, it was around past 12 midnight kaya officially Sunday morning na. hehe wow gimik together for about two days ang dating hehe. nakakatawa pa nga eh, kase immediately paglabas namen ng elevator going to the ktv, medyo blue ung lightings nila, then may bumungad sa ameng dalawang guys, na nakaputi na napagkamalan kong hmm masahista hahah. op kors medyo nahintakutan ako at natawa considering the thought.

silly but funny we also tried the shooters name pa lang ng shooters pampainit na, hehe. Most of us had a zip on bj, sperm cell, foreplay and ung iba bawal ng ilagay here. Haha. all of the ladies here have muks account, ung iba nga lang not that active, while the three of us, eto at survivor pa. it was 4 in the morning nung nagsara na ang ktv, nag antay na lang kameng mag umaga para mas safe umuwi. tumambay muna kame in mcdonalds sa eastwood and i had double chocolate frappe. it was around 5:30 nung nagkanya kanyang uwian na kame, haay salamat, makakatulog na rin ako..whew!