Tricking a Scammer in OLX

OLX is a local buy & sell website, where you can post an ad that you’re selling, or if you’re a buyer you can search from the market and contact the seller of that item. I made a few successful transactions from that e-commerce site, but I also met unusual people, ranging from low ballers, those who repetitively ask the same questions without them noticing it, or those who ask for the impossible, and esp those who have fraudulent schemes.


Scam: Mastersurfs

Another scam HYIP (High Yield Investment program, MasterSurfs is now declared as a scam site. According to some members, MasterSurfs has been paying members from June up until the 25th of July. These HYIP operators put up a website offering an investment program promising high returns in less than a month, disclosing little or no detail about the underlying management, location, or other aspects of how money is to be invested. Many had been hoaxed by this marketing strategy but not the U.S Securities and Exchange Commision, referring to HIYP as fraudulent schemes purported issuance, trading, or use of so-called prime bank,  European bank or ‘prime’ world bank financial instruments, or other ‘high yield investment programs. So how do I know that this is fradulent?

– They had stopped paying their members. Maybe because legally they are forbidden by the U.S government.

– They are not replying to the case tickets. They are replying though to the AlertPay’s customer service and not to their members. Maybe they can no longer answer questions when it comes to Payment inquiries.

– MasterSurfs used to accept payment via Alertpay, Mastercard or any credit card banks. Just recently they added Paypal, I guess to accomodate and fool more members, in the hope that Mastersurfs is legit.

I have known MasterSurfs from  my cyber vilifier in MinuteWorkers. Indeed we should get close to our enemies but not listen to them. Its funny that when I fish for a comment regarding that, he answered his usual shit.

“I don’t care about MasterSurfs, I had been paid by them anyways. If they are not paying the members anymore, its not my problem.”

and to my response…

“I’m not suprised that you dont care at all, I just pity your poor affiliates”

and as expected, he is such a bastard.

So before you sign up to a website and invest money, think twice, even if you are being referred by someone you know. Be smart by searching more about the website.

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How to transfer Paypal to your BDO bank account

A lot of us have Paypal accounts, some are having a hard time transferring money to their debit cards. Just recently, I had received my payout from MinuteWorkers and decided to try out the bank transfer method. You may want to check from Paypal regarding the minimum required for bank transfer. For Philippines, it is a minimum of PhP500. Here are the steps that you can try if you wish to receive money on your BDO account.  

1. Go to your Paypal account and click on My Account tab and Withdraw, as shown on the image.

2. You will be able to see your Paypal balance and you will put the amount in USD of the money you wish to transfer. Proceed by clicking the Continue button.

3. You will see the review your withdrawal page, take note that there is a fee of P250.00. Once done with the review click on submit.  

4. This is the next screen that you will see. In my case it took almost 5 business days to complete. This is a confirmation that you requested for a withdrawal.

5. This is the screenshot of what you will receive on your registered email address with Paypal. You will see the ETA date, amount transferred, your bank account and transaction id.

If you have registered Internet banking with BDO, kindly login to that. Shown below is the online transaction report showing of the remittance amount and your new balance.

That should be the transfer process to your BDO account. Hope this helps you with your Paypal earnings!

how not to idle your mind

we have a very long, drought summer time. maybe all the people you know had visited the nice pools and beach, went to different provinces or so, i guess mine is a bit different than that. as i dont want to suffer from allergy, i decided to simply do some indoor stuff in spending my summer, now i know ure surprised, but yeah we can still do some stuff just to make our minds busy and do something, somehow relevant.

1. Get online. No best way to make yourself busy indoor, but getting urself involved online. Whether you are into social networking sites, money-making online or simply surfing, its still the best and fun way while sitting in the couch. Even online games in facebook can really soak your time without noticing that one whole day is almost over. Make sure that upon doing some online stuff, we are still responsible about what to view or things to download from the internet, you know what i mean. You can have your little cyberworld, but still doing a normal life.

2. Movie marathon. This is once again an alternative when you can’t go outside and would love to spend time at home. I happen to see more than 3 movies after 5 days of staying at home. The Fourth Kind that stars, Milla Jovovich, as Abbey Tyler, a psychologist and a mother of a little girl who was abducted by alien. There are some disturbing footages, recorded conversations and videos that is why the movie is rated PG-13.  I think this is a lot better than paranormal activity in terms of thrilling events, most especially the video of Abbey talking to the unknown creature with Sumarian talking that considered himself as The Father — scary huh?! I also had a chance to watch Leonardo di Caprio in his latest thrilling movie, Shutter Island, that co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley and Emily Mortimer. The movie is a psychological thriller, where DiCaprio and Ruffalo investigates the disappearance of Rachel Solando, from the mental institution built in Shutter Island. The build up of the story is quite good, though i anticipated the ending that Teddy is actually not what he thought he is. There you go, 2 mysterious suspense thrillers, you bet im into twisted movies hehehhe!


i have never been relaxed, not until i was tasked to process emails and not take calls. since then internet becomes my bestfriend and ive been a voracious gadget searcher.

i came across Kimstore an online gadget seller, whose account is being pestered by some sleazy online sellers, she particularly mentioned David B. (who?) whom i consider “gay” by not playing fair in an online industry. i myself is not an entrepreneur, but man, have some decency in knowing the boundaries of business strategems! alright, well then maybe we give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they do not have any tiniest idea on how vicious they are. consider this as business 101.

– respect yourself, competitors and your buyers. mind ur own business.

– a way to measure a seller is how good he/she can compete with himself/herself. stop being envious of others.

– there is no easy way up. u have to work hard for u to gain the trust of your customers. dont be a crabby by pulling others down.

there u go, we hope that these sellers stop bitching around and just get their balls rolling.