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Train To Busan: Run as fast as you could

A rainy weekend afternoon makes you feel like you wanna stay at home. Happy to make a choice of going to the mall and check which movies are showing. Good thing I was able to catch the movie Train to Busan, a Korean movie created by Next Entertainment World, which is about Sok-woo and his daughter Soo-ahn who are boarding the KTX train bound to Busan when an unknown disease strikes to one of the passengers, and threatening to infect the rest of the boarders. So if you’re one of the many who’s into zombie inspired plots, then this is a must-watch-movie. (R-13)


Noah, Her and Transcendence

I decided to make quick reviews on the last 3 movies I recently saw. These are great movies I would recommend watching. So without further adieu, let’s get started:

Her (Spike Jonze)


 “Her” is a story created by Spike Jonze, it is about Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), who is struggling on his relationship with his wife, and found connection to a highly intelligent platform/operating system, which he calls it Samantha. (voice of Scarlett Johansson) She is smart, organized, inquisitive and curious to know about humans, and unexpectedly, it started a romantic relationship between the two. The idea that you can be yourself with “someone” (or something in that movie), can be with her anytime and simply listen to you without any judgement, is what make Theodore fell in love with Samantha. When he accepted the fact that he is falling for a machine, it liberates him, because he knows that it is for real.

This is a pretty straight forward movie, no special effects or the complexity is not extremely difficult, but why Spike Jonze is so great in creating this movie? Pretty simple, he was able to establish the character of Theodore as the main lead, and people are able to relate with him. No fancy acting just very real performance. Besides who does not want to hear the voice of Scarlett on this movie? It also stars Catherine (Rooner Mara) as the ex wife, Paul as Theodore’s Boss (Chris Patt) and Amy, Theodore’s bestfriend (Amy Adams).


Enemy: A movie review


If you are looking for a thrilling psychological movie, with a very intriguing ending, then watching Enemy that stars Jake Gyllenhaal would definitely be a good fit for you.

While others inaccurately conclude that giant  spiders would take over the world, here are my conclusions:


The Life of Pi: A Retrospect

Disclaimer: I had not read the book, I cannot compare how it is presented in writing.

I only got a time today to watch this movie, I’m aware that it has been shown last December 2012, and heard a lot of rave reviews about it. For a great movie like this, I’m thanking myself for not checking out spoiler alerts. 😉

The Life of Pi is a story about a writer who wants to bounce back from his abandoned novel & ended up meeting Pi for his life story with the promise from the beginning that it will help him believe in God. Pi started by telling the writer his family background, the religious affiliations he’s been to, up to the point of the shipwreck navigating to the Mariana Trench, along the Pacific, where the accident took place. It gives me this chuckle when Manila (Philippines) was mentioned in the movie, by the way. When the shipwreck incident took place, Pi together with the Bengal tiger, zebra, hyena and orangutan began their unbelievable journey with the twist of magical moments. Only Pi and the tiger survived towards the end. As the two Japanese insurance reps are interviewing him to find out the cause of shipwreck, they are not convinced by his story version. It is as if they almost wished for another version of truth. As per them no one would ever believe that a young boy had survived for more than 200 days. (others find the days figure debatable) Pi decided to give another representation of his animal story, only that he uses real person.


I will not discuss here the specifics of the movie, I would encourage that you watch it and maybe find a different meaning from it. Below are my reflections, it may or may not be directly insinuated/imposed from the movie.

– It is a story of faith & hope, surviving hardships and finding the meaning of life.

– You would probably become disappointed when you expect the movie to heat up your belief in God. The movie will not turn you to a Christian convert right away. It basically depends on your perception where the movie is going.

– It deals with perception and expectations about reality. How one gets disappointed at something. (when the tiger did not even look back at Pi)

– Shows great resilience, when facing threats/disaster. And that we can improve our capacity to be resilient at any point of our lives.

– Presented the coexistence of human with animals, our roles in ecology and our connection with them.

– I thought the message of the story is simple: People will choose what to believe, may it be in religion, may it be in our daily lives or just about anything. It’s just amazing how this facile message is delivered sensibly on this movie. The ending hits me the most, when the writer was asked what story he prefers, and said the tiger story, and Pi said “so with God.”

We might have varied reviews and reflections about the movie. It kind of reminded me, like reading  choose your own kind of book, which was popular in the 90s. Actually there is no right or wrong choice whether you like the animal story or the 2nd version, but more of having that chance for self-contemplation.