Gateway Cubao

Nibble at Banapple

We’re looking for a new place to eat within the Gateway area, we tried all the restaurants inside that mall, and so we decided to try Banapple. It’s just located near the entrance of the Gateway mall, ground floor. The name itself is too catchy, sort of fusion of banana and apple — so happen to be the two fruits I like the most. I haven’t checked their menu, I was hoping they don’t sell only fruit shakes here or desserts, hahaha! Let’s go check it out.



Hanging out at North Park

When I think about North Park, there is only one thing that comes in my mind: Chinese delicacy. They pretty much serve the food you get to see on those restaurants like dimsum, noodles, hotpots, etc. We will be doing a quick review on North Park Noodles, Cubao branch.


They have this unconventional architectural design, I mean of course they pretty much based it on the circular space around Araneta Center, but their high ceiling with this wooden wall at the center makes it more interesting. The furniture and condiments are alright, nothing fancy really, however it is a good place to have intimate team or family dinner.