food review

Nibble at Banapple

We’re looking for a new place to eat within the Gateway area, we tried all the restaurants inside that mall, and so we decided to try Banapple. It’s just located near the entrance of the Gateway mall, ground floor. The name itself is too catchy, sort of fusion of banana and apple — so happen to be the two fruits I like the most. I haven’t checked their menu, I was hoping they don’t sell only fruit shakes here or desserts, hahaha! Let’s go check it out.



Quick bites at Tim Ho Wan

Food is more than umami, it speaks volume about a country’s cultural background. This is why when you travel or go to a new place, food is always part of your discovery list. Like in the case of Filipino dishes, there are multiple influences on our food gusto: Spanish, Chinese, Western and Asian clouts.

The closest to my heart is Chinese, I mean who doesn’t want dimsum, rolls, siopao and that popular noodles, right? So I decided to try Tim Ho Wan with all the buzz I am hearing about this restaurant.


Lugang Cafe: A palate afterthought

I get the chance to go out last weekend and it gives me an opportunity to visit a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a food review. Lugang Cafe, is a fusion of Chinese & Taiwanese cuisine, and they are popularly known for their Xiao Long Baos.


I certainly believe in first impressions last and with the definitive feel and look that Lugang Cafe has, I feel I am an important customer when I enter their premises. Good lighting, eye catchy round tables, nice window side views, and as you walk (SM Megamall branch), they have this interesting mirror wall. Servers are in proper coordination, it is as if they are doing non stop roaming on all tables just to make sure you do not have to follow up your orders. That’s a plus for me. Their black tables and white chairs give that Yin-Yang vibe to the overall restaurant aesthetic. 🙂


Hanging out at North Park

When I think about North Park, there is only one thing that comes in my mind: Chinese delicacy. They pretty much serve the food you get to see on those restaurants like dimsum, noodles, hotpots, etc. We will be doing a quick review on North Park Noodles, Cubao branch.


They have this unconventional architectural design, I mean of course they pretty much based it on the circular space around Araneta Center, but their high ceiling with this wooden wall at the center makes it more interesting. The furniture and condiments are alright, nothing fancy really, however it is a good place to have intimate team or family dinner.




Dine at Rai Rai Ken

If you are looking for a fast food Japanese taste then Rai Rai Ken is going to be a good food choice. It offers authentic ramen and expanded its menu to include Bento, beef yakiniku, salad, soup and a whole lot more. Actually, this isn’t my first visit, we tried the one from SM Taytay branch for lunch before watching a movie. So we ended up being full, but good thing we are not sleepy at the movie house. 😛


Mongkok Dimsum and Noodles

Weekend. Before watching World War Z we decided to eat somewhere we have not tried before, and so we walked into Mongkok Dimsum & noodles, located in Sta. Lucia Mall, in Cainta. This is not our first choice to dine in, however we only have less than an hour before the movie starts.


Very Chinese ambiance of Mongkok restaurant.