The DLL nightmare: d3dx9_43.dll & 0xc000007b errors

Reinstallation or reformatting of a computer is every tech peeps worst nightmare, the moment when you’re thinking of saving your valuable files, but has no means to recover it. (limited backup) You’ve done all possible ways you know to save your computer from that unwanted operating system loop caused by BSOD. (blue screen of death) So yesterday, my laptop is testing my technical ability, patience and the-hell-I-care attitude. I had no choice, but to accept the fact that I’ll be losing and giving up some files, I’m at the verge of analyzing how much files will I lose and moving on at the same time. I had to act quickly, though this one is a backup laptop: Yes a backup laptop which has not been backed up fully to my external HDD. Yes a special kind of irony there.



i dont know where to start off, ive been skipping writing something here, im in not in hiatus mode but just busy with a lot of stuff. earlier im scared to death thinking that my test machine is all gone, last saturday morning due to a major distress, i kinda do a dumb trial and error. i merged a full malicious registry to my machine. how stupid i can get. im terrified rebooting my machine because i know ill be getting a Blue Screen of Death. oh no, please not on a Monday. No internet connection, services not working and explorer is crashing, so i dont have much of a choice, really.

so i kinda play around, disable a lot of malicious registry keys i know of and resorted into doing a system restore. (whew my savior) so here comes the scary moment, i finally reboot the machine and the first 20 seconds did not get the BSOD. but im panic-striken still knowing that it is not booting to the OS. So i did my last option, last good known configuration…now for the final test. boot again, this time Windows is working according to plan. then suddenly i get an error message. “unable load the system restore, choose another restore point.” i did not proceed with another system restore since the services are woking, my internet is back and explorer is perfectly ok. at this point, im drained.

so for the past weeks ive been shifting from one decision to another. i think its very epicene for me to change my mind once in a while. but who cares, its myself anyway. im planning what id really like to have with the right time frame…or maybe im just taking my time for a better execution. well i just hope that things will be easier for me to really have a landslide decision over something, ang hirap kaseng mamili. anyways i know ill figure it out.