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Tricking a Scammer in OLX

OLX is a local buy & sell website, where you can post an ad that you’re selling, or if you’re a buyer you can search from the market and contact the seller of that item. I made a few successful transactions from that e-commerce site, but I also met unusual people, ranging from low ballers, those who repetitively ask the same questions without them noticing it, or those who ask for the impossible, and esp those who have fraudulent schemes.


Online shopping at Adidas Philippines

With my work schedule, I prefer online purchase when it comes to apparels and shoes, I dunno if that’s due to the fact that transactions can be done in a few clicks, or maybe an introvert like me is just too lazy to roam around and mingle at crowded shopping malls. To add, the terrifying traffic hours to spend going to the mall.

It’s nice that Adidas Philippines offers such online shopping (while Nike Philippines doesn’t have it, boo!) and so I decided to purchase a pair of sneakers thru their site. First glance, design is pretty sleek and straight to the point. The categories at the top are self-explanatory. You can do a search based on the model or available sizes, which is by the way set to the UK sizing. (make sure you know your size equivalent on that)


Hindi Kita Papopormahin: Trillanes vs Cayetano

Philippines, this is the kind of Senator that you put on power to make the law. It is about time to restructure the government formation of this country. Too many traditional politicians, too many double face lawmakers where most of them mastered hypocrisy. Most importantly when a senator intimidates a co-senator, what would make you think he has high most respect to ordinary citizens? This is why you should know who you are voting for, hinde komo uso (Oakwood mutiny, 2003) powerful na, iupo na sa pwesto. Kung kaya nyang magpakasutil sa gobyerno that time with all the military antics, we shouldn’t be surprised how he can make a scene at the senate, may it be in the form of distraction or bullying.


Zero Expectations

These past few weeks of self assessment and considerations, I keep on convincing myself that life would be so much better when I have less or zero expectations. Today is the avowal of that venture.

We had our soft launch at work last month and it has been ridiculously crazy with our work hours. It requires a lot of overtime and almost forgot we have our off days. Actually, I got converted to a typing cyborg. (more…)

Get protected from Sim Swap scam

As part of the generation Y, going mobile is becoming a way of life. We use phones and gadget for almost everything now, like entertainment, communication (networking sites), music, and even bank transactions. As a lot of people are getting dependent on this digital genesis, there will be an emerging number of scammers who are just out there to loot your hard earned resources.


Noah, Her and Transcendence

I decided to make quick reviews on the last 3 movies I recently saw. These are great movies I would recommend watching. So without further adieu, let’s get started:

Her (Spike Jonze)


 “Her” is a story created by Spike Jonze, it is about Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix), who is struggling on his relationship with his wife, and found connection to a highly intelligent platform/operating system, which he calls it Samantha. (voice of Scarlett Johansson) She is smart, organized, inquisitive and curious to know about humans, and unexpectedly, it started a romantic relationship between the two. The idea that you can be yourself with “someone” (or something in that movie), can be with her anytime and simply listen to you without any judgement, is what make Theodore fell in love with Samantha. When he accepted the fact that he is falling for a machine, it liberates him, because he knows that it is for real.

This is a pretty straight forward movie, no special effects or the complexity is not extremely difficult, but why Spike Jonze is so great in creating this movie? Pretty simple, he was able to establish the character of Theodore as the main lead, and people are able to relate with him. No fancy acting just very real performance. Besides who does not want to hear the voice of Scarlett on this movie? It also stars Catherine (Rooner Mara) as the ex wife, Paul as Theodore’s Boss (Chris Patt) and Amy, Theodore’s bestfriend (Amy Adams).


What is Scam?

I’ve written a few review on fraudulent websites from the past. Mostly with marketing schemes and it came to my attention that some people are still confused about the term “SCAM.” We have collated the definitions from popular online dictionaries and sources.

SCAM (noun) (References: Merriam Webster, Wikipidia, Urban dictionary, etc)

  • A dishonest way to make money by deceiving people
  • A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation
  • To deceive and take money from (someone)
  • To get (something, such as money) by deceiving someone.
  • A fraudulent business scheme;
  • stratagem for gain
  • To swindle (someone) by means of a trick
  • A ploy by a shyster to raise money.


Enemy: A movie review


If you are looking for a thrilling psychological movie, with a very intriguing ending, then watching Enemy that stars Jake Gyllenhaal would definitely be a good fit for you.

While others inaccurately conclude that giant  spiders would take over the world, here are my conclusions:


5 Scam Alerts on Unemployed Pinoys (UEP)

UEP or is a site offering members to work on a project dashboard, with a guarantee of encoding jobs for Filipinos to earn money. It sounds really like an easy thing to do, so I spend some time to check on this site. So members will fill up a form submit to their official email address & pay a registration fee of P350 or roughly around US $8.50.

I really force myself giving this site a chance, however there are some things that I found alarming, and I have no idea if it was intended by them, a rookie mistake or UEP is just not as legit as you think. I will leave you with your conclusions at the end of this post, but below are the things that I noticed from UEP.


Tees Me Online Scam

“Be kind to unkind people, they probably need it the most”

Ashleigh Brilliant

This is in continuation of my previous post about the Online Selling Must Have and I was right, Tees Me Online is an online scam printing shirt business headed by Francis Daron. (Should I call it swindling over business?) To give you a rundown what transpired to our transaction, here you go:


Bruno Mars and HIS pirated albums!

Bruno Mars, he could easily go in berserk mode, after seeing his albums, got pirated and sold at a very cheap price….But he chose not to, but rather….


Smile Bruno!

Sellers didn’t even recognize him. And so his disguise was a success! 😀

Bruno Mars will be having his concert today March 22, 2014 in the Mall of Asia in Pasay Philippines, as part of his Moonshine World Concert Tour.