Travel Tips : Philippine NAIA, Immigration and First-timers

Preparation Leads to Success concept on a notice boardI still recall my first experience traveling outside the country. The preparation is tedious, mentally, more than the actual check in process. This post is created to help you combat all the conscious fears and hesitations when traveling abroad, and of course, to release the anxiety when you go to NAIA, because you should be enjoying that first-time moment right?

If you’re living in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure you heard about the horror “offload” stories in NAIA. I can’t blame you to be scared, even those with good documents have been offloaded and we’ll tackle that in a bit. Just to be clear, this is only about traveling as tourists, not for working abroad or OFWs. (I have zero knowledge on that) Now, let’s begin.


Nature view in Naguillian Baguio City

We are able to pick a transient house within the Naguillian area, where streets are highly sloped. It is almost every afternoon of rainy or foggy weather. What I appreciate the most from the place where we stayed at is the back view where I get to see these Baguio wonders:


Transient houses, now the primary source of extra income of many Baguio residents. Most subdivisions there are for rent.


Baguio Pasalubong

Buying stuffs in Baguio is never boring. However a bit of time consuming, due to time constraints we only have few hours to buy our pasalubongs so we made sure that if we stop at one place and we found a seemingly interesting item then we will buy it. Our first stop is at the Lion’s Head, where items like bag, sweets, hats, wooden decors, wine, keychains and a lot more are for sale. We recommend that you buy sweets from Good Shepherd instead. Below are our pasalubong suggestions that you can get from Baguio.


Baguio Lion’s Head. Take photos and buy pasalubongs too.