Ted Talks

Are we in full control of our decisions

I recently watched at Ted Talks, the presentation that Dan Ariely made, wherein he exposed some instances wherein we are not in total control of our decisions, that sometimes the available options help us decide on what to choose.

I have seen the very same logic to internet marketers, where they have similar offer packages, and initially I thought its somewhat non-sense, but then I realized that they are squeezing in the option they wish for the customers to choose — and I thought its brilliant.

Percussive guitar is real badass!

Listening to them is just like attending to a yoga class, very relaxing but creating good vibes afterwards.

Don’t you just love them with their great artwork? 🙂 Y’all have a wonderful day!

Why quit playing games?

If you want more time to be added on your life years, why don’t you play games? Watch this video for more details:

I agree with her 100% that gaming is not a bad thing, it is absolutely a good sense of diversion that can improve your life strategically. When you play games it make you use your common sense and focus into the challenges. It made you think quickly, react spontaneously and attempt to solve problems to the fullest. If only people know the benefits of gaming, then that’s the only time we get to develop ourselves to its full potential. I am not promoting game addiction here, its up to us basically on how we perceive gaming and as to how in-depth we know about it.

Ted Talks worst nightmare

I’m an avid watcher of Ted Talks, there are variety of reasons to like about its video podcasts, its informative, intuitive, intelligent, sometimes funny, but most of the time dealing with serious topics, and so I got hooked on it.

And today I just saw how Ted Talks deal with failure. Yes, its the speaker’s worst nightmare.

Putting myself on Colin’s shoe, it would have been hard to bounce back after that, while he is wondering, why my freaking presentation file is not loading, and why they are partying? If there’s any consolation, he was a part of Ted Talks, just not like the way he wanna be remembered. 🙂 And if I were him, who had been wanting that moment to become a speaker of that show for how many weeks or months of preparation, the first thing I would check on is my file, making sure its not missing. He could have ended his dramatic exit with a humorous remark to redeem himself.

“On that note, I hope you enjoyed my colorful umbrellas, thank you.”

Life Essentials

Let me share to you this life changing thoughts by Ric Elias, which is aired in Ted Talks. He will be sharing the three things he learned during a plane crash.

When you think about it, he made plausible points most especially the part where he says, we tend to waste our time with invaluable stuff and not with those we truly love.