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Is Abueva robbed off another All-Stars MVP?

The PBA All-Star week 2017 has been over but the clamor in social media is still apparent, at the post game where Gilas team defeated the All Stars Visayas. To be fair with the Philippine Basketball of the Philippines, it could be that only a few members of the board had to be blamed on that, not the whole institution. But then again, we don’t want to see any form of bullying or oppression, esp in an industry where fairness, healthy competition, and sports-mindedness are all required.


Confessions of an Alaska Aces follower

Alaska Aces is a professional basketball team in the Philippines, established since 1986 by the Alaska Milk Corporation & one of the few teams with the most championships in the PBA league. I don’t play basketball nor be even good at it, but this sport transcended my understanding about basketball, it is indeed more than a physical game, but rather a team game and discipline.



Happy Weekend

Saturday afternoon. My nephew and I went for a movie, Ironman 3, apparently he’s been bugging me whenever he sees it on tv, and so I decided to give the kid a treat. It’s going to be his first watching on a large media and so I’m a bit hesitant if he can manage to watch in a dark environment and enjoy Ironman. But then again a promise is a promise that I hafta make so we did pursue watching it and surprisingly finished it, without any traces of tantrums. He seemed to love it. 🙂

Evening. I cannot miss the Game 4 of the PBA Semis between Alaska and San Mig Coffee, it’s the best of 5 where Alaska leads 2-1, and I thought this could be their night, so they can finally go to the finals, after 3 long years. My calculation is perfect, Alaska won after bouncing back from a 14-point deficit, oh yes another win from behind. This team keeps getting better and better with their composure and has that energy to finish up the game. Love that kind of game! Right now they are waiting for their possible opponent between Ginebra and Talk and Text. Congrats Alaska Aces for making it to the finals and we hope that you execute the same to bring home the bacon.

Alaska’s sweet revenge over Coffee Mixers

The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. -Thomas Paine

Such a long time since I go after the Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner games, but this conference is just a head turner.  The team rosters are balanced enough that you cannot anymore identify who’s the best team in the league. But the one who has the focus and heart to win will emerge. Coming from eliminations, Alaska Aces finished at the top spot and got straight to the Semis, facing their toughest opponent for two conferences, San Mig Coffee Mixers, as they have not beaten them for almost 20 months, from the time that the legendary coach Tim Cone had left the team.

The Semis Game 1 displayed the defense capability of these two contenders as they limit each other’s scores to be lowered than 80 points, and I thought it was an advantage for Alaska. However the last 60 seconds of the game, with the shooting prowess of Denzel Bowles (San Mig import) took the first win away from Alaska. The Mixers fan have rallied via social networking sites, that Alaska will never ever beat the Mixers, because of their winning cards against them. Luigi Trillo, Alaska’s head coach would like to prove them wrong and take out the monkey off his back.


Even the best fall down sometimes


I was never a Lakers fan. But to see a great player, like Kobe Bryant, grimacing in pain is just heartbreaking, that you wish it would never happen to anyone. And we don’t know if it’s going to be the end of his career, his great games were saved already on tapes anyway, where people can watch over and over. But it’s about the heart he had shown on that last game to carry his team despite of his injury. I don’t have to be a Lakers fan to salute Kobe, he had brought championships to the table. This is not anymore a discussion on who is going to be the next Michael Jordan, guess we are way passed that. Whether you wear that famous yellow shirt or not, we can all agree that we wish him to recover fast, so we could see more of his fancy moves, his leadership and more rings.

The punch that shocked Pacquiao

When everyone is watching, waiting for the game to start, I am on dreamlandia mode, since I worked for night shift. The news spread fast, was able to get the result before actually seeing the fight. I have been a Pacquiao fan, he has given our country a great pride and respect when it comes to boxing discipline…but all has come to an end. The entire Philippine nation may kill me when I say that I am expecting the result to be Marquez taking over Pacquiao this time, but I did not expect it will be a total knockout just like that.

Giving credits to the power of Marquez, he made that fake move that gives that wide opening and an opportunity for that big right punch. Juan Manuel Marquez is the perfect nemesis of Manny Pacquiao, and it would be difficult for the later to have a better revenge against the former, unless he will give him a KO. A knockout of Marquez is almost close to impossible , ever since the rivalry started. It is not Mayweather Jr. that can match up Pacquiao, but its the accuracy of Marquez. With the two straight losing mark for Manny, others had been hoping him to retire from his boxing career, before he soaked down so low, just like what happened to other legends, in the likes of Mike Tyson. Pacquiao is absolutely great fighter, no doubt on that, we can even consider him a legend,  with the achievements he brought to himself, but I believe though that he should shake up a little if he wants to continue his boxing career, or retire early rather than beaten up badly by Marquez or other contenders. I am saddened that the result go against what all Filipinos had wished for, but Marquez had given him that punch he and the rest of the world, would never forget.

Bike sensation

This video made me want biking again. 🙂

Good health has been a struggle for me this year, I feel being sick like every week, and I don’t know why. I must go back to my exercise routine like I used to. Perhaps it would give me more stamina, muscle development and cardio-vascular fitness. I am looking forward for my new folding bike this month. Who says urban biking can’t be stylish? 😀

I want!

Of course if you have a budget of $2000 for a pretty decent road bike, get Tern Verge X30 folding bike. For cheaper folding bikes but performs pretty well, Dahon or Shimano will do, and I’ll be getting the latter for now. Who wants to join me in this road adventure? 😀

Alaska waves goodbye to LA

After a much-talked-about Jones Cup, where Smart Gilas Pilipinas beat the US national team, making them take the crown.  LA Tenorio’s name, a former Alaska Aces point guard, has emerged, as he was the MVP of the said league.  Now Alaska made another bold but calculated move, when they trade their point guard superstar Tenorio to get JV Casio (last year’s top rookie) and Dondon Hontiveros (San Miguel’s shooting guard), a veteran who have won championship for the Petron team. And when everyone thinks that Coach Luigi Trillo is making a huge mistake in doing so, I think otherwise.


Calm within the storm

After a long semi-finals between Talk and Text and the Alaska Aces, resulting to Game 7, we finally bring home the bacon.

I have been a fan of Alaska since the time of Abarrientos and Cariaso, yes you bet, that is how long I’ve followed them. The last trading that happened between Miller and Baguio is maybe their lucky charm.

Baguio is indeed a good addition to Alaska in fighting a giant, seemingly unbeatable team like Talk and Text. Chot Reyes who is once an assistant coach of Tim Cone is very familiar with the triangle and zone defense of Alaska. Overall it was an interesting matchup between the best offensive team and the best defensive team in PBA. Alapag, as always, delivers important 3-point baskets which started the run for Talk and Text. Game 7 of this semifinals series is like a championship round. If there is one thing that Talk and Text could have improved on is the production of Castro, Harvey, Williams, Cardona and Dillinger, I felt that the latter is seldom used as he only played game 6 and 7, coming off the bench. Chot Reyes could have used Harvey or Dillinger to stop Diamond Simpson of Alaska.  Cardona has been quiet and it seems that he lost the confidence in taking outside shots. I thought that Kelly Williams is not as a high flyer as he used to, he seldom slash on the basket and take outside shots.

If there is one thing I could be more proud of from the Alaska team is the quality minutes given by the bench people like Devance, Borboran and Fonacier. These players had been included on the rotation of the last 3 games of the semifinals. I watched Game 7 fully, which I had not done for the longest time of watching PBA. Alaska had dictated the tempo, not until the last minutes of the third quarter, where Talk and Text had brought the lead of Alaska from 18 down to 4 points only. The start of the 4th quarter is when Fonacier threw two 3-point baskets while Baguio’s stealing skill on the last 2 minutes ensures that Talk and Text cannot catch up. After this huge win of Alaska, they are now facing a bigger San Miguel team for the finals. Cone must use the height advantage of Eman and Sotto, since Thoss may not be playing for Finals. I am not expecting a championship, but it is always nice to see an underdog win on the series.

alaska semis spot

I was an avid fan of Alaska aces, a local basketball team of PBA, though my favorite players have been transferred to different teams already, im still checking them out as to how they stand on today’s league. last game i checked, they are playing with the Ginebra kings which obviously gotten the heart of i must say 75% of the crowd. its an important game for both of the teams as they are fighting for the top 2 slot, wherein the team who will win will have longer rest than the other teams. on the 2nd half, almost 10 ang lamang ng Ginebra so i thought, maybe Alaska is not lucky that night. i was surprised to know that they actually took that game and glad they are now on the semis berth. however four other teams are fighting for quarter finals playoff. siguro mahilig lang ako sa underdog team, nuon pa man, silent team lang ang alaska, well of course how can i forget tim cone na bihirang mag smile heheh. goodluck to alaska, and hopefully this will be a good season for them.