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A warm welcome to Arya

quote-without-passion-life-is-nothingIt’s been months since the last time I had a time with my pet fish, I was suffering from a personal turmoil that time, I neglected the needs of my pet, and the result is fatal, I lost my pet cichlid. It felt that I had to give up the entire hobby, with the hope I will recover later on.


Discovering Ukulele Chunking


I woke up this morning with this accidental discovery, as I was practicing my ukulele routine, (I’m a noob, please be gentle) I accidentally put my palm as I did my down strum. Some call it chunk, while others say it’s “chucking.” Realizing that it’s a great technique to produce a good rhythm on a song, it’s like clapping your palm at the strings, but not too hard, just enough to dampen. So I tried it with this One Republic song, Secrets, with the hope that the sound is recognizable enough, hahah! (not a full song)

The chords I used for this song are:


How about you, what amazing thing you did today?

My Valentine Ukulele

Before anything else, happy hearts day everyone! To those who are inlove couples, singles, even those who are suffering from heartbreaks — we are remembering this day, that at least love works for others. 🙂

Ok so who will I be dating today? That would be a top secret, but one thing is for sure, I just had my pre-valentine gift for myself — My ukulele arrived 2 days ago. I’m proud to say that this is Philippine made, but its quality is world class! It is made of solid acacia top, back & sides, mahogany neck, ipil fretboard & bridge. It comes with a cool padded bag and used Aquila Nylgut strings. It totally changes my perception about local products, the moment I strum it, it is even better than imported ukulele products out there. Hats off to Chestone guitars for creating such an amazing product.



After so much time of drama, emotional turmoil, and sleepless nights, I could say I’ve bounced back. Now I am excited to get my pineapple tenor ukulele. I still have to see its actual quality, but from the reviews, it’s a proudly Philippine made instrument & we should be proud as it is comparable to Hawaii made ukuleles.

I have ordered one and would likely receive it early next week. Last quarter I have started learning ukulele but the one I had is an entry level, just a so-so sound quality, and so I decided to have a new one, this time a tenor ukulele with a low G string. Perhaps to motivate me to learn and master it. Wish me luck! 😉

The Swim Bladder Disease

I’ve been with cichlid fish hobby for about two years now. I started from fondness in knowing the basics of fish maintenance, selecting what cichlids to keep and even upgrading aquarium tanks. It’s like learning a new course, the idea of keeping the fishes alive excites me. All the concepts I learned are put into test today, because my severum got this swim bladder disease. The swim bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy, and thus to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. A fish with swim bladder disorder can float nose down tail up, or can float to the top or sink to the bottom of the aquarium. I noticed it after seeing his unusual pattern of swimming. (upside-down) They are absolutely right, this kind of hobby must not be taken blindfoldedly, because fish or like any other pets, get sick too.

My poor baby. :(


I suspected two things why this happen to my boy: water quality, maybe with bacteria or high ammonia; pellets, I am no longer soaking the dry food, and failed to give him variety of food diet. Though I heard that this syndrome is curable and there are great chances in recovering from this illness, I still feel bad for neglecting my pet needs.

Right now, I did what I think is best for him: I cleaned up his tank, put water purifier to it to remove bacteria, added salt to the water & fed him dried peas. My last resort is to go to a bigger pet clinic, maybe there’s a med for this disease, and worst case is to have him undergo a bladder operation. I hope he recovers fast, it’s tiring to see him suffer.

My new redhumps

I’ve been affiliated with aquatic species, cichlid to be specific. I just got a new batch of young redhumps.

The Red Hump Eartheater is one of the most easily bred and undemanding of the Geophagusspecies, which exercise fascinating-to-watch mouthbrooding care of their young. The males sport a red nuchal hump on their heads. Several color varieties available.

Habitat: Because this species can be belligerent, particularly with conspecifics, it is important to provide lots of shelter.

Maximum length: 15 cm (6 in)

Water: Freshwater 22 °C (72 °F) – 26 °C (79 °F)

General swimming level: Bottom to midwater.

Redhumps are omnivore. The Red-Hump Eartheater will readily accept a varied diet consisting of a variety of commercial pelleted, stick or flake cichlid foods, as well as live, frozen and freeze-dried foods, such as bloodworms, earthworms and krill.

Aquarium Compatibility

The Red-Hump Eartheater is best kept in a group of one male to several females. Because these cichlids are relatively undemanding in terms of their care, they are great beginner’s cichlids. They can be housed with other cichlids of similar temperaments or top-swimming characins.


These fish are maternal mouthbrooders; the female broods the eggs in her mouth and tends the fry. Egg-carrying females should be carefully removed to a separate tank to avoid injury.

Visit to Oceanarium

I have this great affinity with water inhabitants. And it has been a long-time plan to visit Manila Oceans park, but due to schedule changes and availability, it never really push through last quarter, not until I decided that it should materialize this month. Let me start our marine adventure.

First off, from Antipolo, we decided to take the Sumulong Highway, go with the LRT Santolan-Recto route, and from Recto station and just took a cab from there. Since its a Saturday morning, traffic is not that heavy. So it only take us an hour and a half to finally land at that wonderful water park. Though we came early like around 11am, the line is starting to pile up. We decided to take the marine life package which comprises of Jelly dancing show, sea lion show and Oceanarium. We could have taken the one with the penguin package but we decided to have that on our next visit. (Yes I am sure of coming back!)

For more of their holiday packages, check this out!

So our first leg is at the Jelly Dancing show. I don’t need to tell how awesome these species are, here are some pics taken:

If there’s a little drawback at the Manila Ocean’s park, I believe its the dining experience. With the volume of people that go there, there should have been more food chain or restaurants, as opposed to food  stalls. Not much of a food choice really, because either you’ll starve yourself for hours till you get a table at Gerry’s/North Park, or eat junk just like what we did…so we ended up taking pizza and yogurt for our lunch. (Sorry the picture does look like a crap.)

Then its time to watch the Sea Lion show. I’m not into sea lion but its amazing to see show off sea lions, the way they clap their fins, awesome posts and even smile, hehhehe.

Just before the show starts

With the tremendous humidity outside, we decided not to finish the sea lion show and just head back inside for the Oceanarium…and the saga began. There are a lot to tell about marine life, at the first leg of the tour, we are already surprised with the giant specie which appears to be 6 feet long. We also see tiger barbs, red arowanas, red belly paccu, cichlids, and other salt water fishes which I have only seen for the first time. Below are some inhabitants i could recall:

Yes, I found Nemo! (clownfish)

Stonefish (yes he is a bit grouchy)



Puffer fish

Lion fish

Eel (looks like a garter to me)



Overall, I think the marine life experience is nice, very entertaining and amazing for kiddos/fish enthusiasts to watch. This should have been included in school field trips. So what are you waiting for, visit Philippines Manila Ocean’s Park and appreciate awesome aquatic moments.

Project Aquaria

They say that the first-quarter is the “baby steps” in fish hobby, where you get to learn a lot of stuff about fresh water/marine water, fish temperaments groupings and the likes all at the same time. Perhaps the first quarter is the period where most casualties are. I learned a lot of things about fish survival and their life cycle, as I have lost even my most precious ones.

Top: trickle filter, rio, air pump 2500, driftwoods with anubias and cichlids.

Almost through with this project “Aquaria”, still I am undecided if I’ll put additional substrates like white sand on it. It felt that I will be more obligated to do water change and regular cleaning. So I had a 75 gallon which is approximately 48in x 18in x 22in with trickle filter for biological, chemical and mechanical filtering, bundled with that is the complete test kit for ammonia, ph level, nitrate and nitrite, a sturdy metal stand and a huge driftwood with anubias plant.

Mine is not as grandiose as 200 gals, 300 gals, but I’d like to give my fishes an environment to swim around. It is always nice to see them playing, swimming around in groups, running at the top for food, its just soothing enough for me. 🙂

Here are my babies: 5 blue ahli, 1 golden severum, pair of rotkiel, pair of dragon fin, pair of green terror, 1 clown loach, 2 rainbow sharks, 1 hornet, pair of yellow blood parrot, 5 yellow prince, and a firemouth.

I know, I know I have lots but I’ll sure plan their arrangement when they reach their adulthood and perhaps buy another 75 gallon that I’ll put at the bottom.

There you have it, this sure kept me busy. How about you, what have you done recently which you are proud of?

Colorful cichlids and counting

Don’t you just love how colorful fishes relax your eyes? Yes, I am more fascinated with the colors of my cutesy cichlids. I decided that this is my last batch of purchased cichlids for this year. This is to make sure that they wouldn’t have a bull feast, if I place them at my current tank. So here are my noobs:

Red Empress


Blue Ahli

Orange blossom peacock

(Front) Strawberry

Glad that they are not as aggressive as my Iceblue, but still fun to watch. They are like humans, I feed them twice or thrice a day with the color enhancer. At first I thought, I’ll be alone in this hobby at home, but then mommy wants my goldfishes, while my siblings enjoy feeding my cichlids like hungry sharks, heheh.