Is Abueva robbed off another All-Stars MVP?

The PBA All-Star week 2017 has been over but the clamor in social media is still apparent, at the post game where Gilas team defeated the All Stars Visayas. To be fair with the Philippine Basketball of the Philippines, it could be that only a few members of the board had to be blamed on that, not the whole institution. But then again, we don’t want to see any form of bullying or oppression, esp in an industry where fairness, healthy competition, and sports-mindedness are all required.


Tricking a Scammer in OLX

OLX is a local buy & sell website, where you can post an ad that you’re selling, or if you’re a buyer you can search from the market and contact the seller of that item. I made a few successful transactions from that e-commerce site, but I also met unusual people, ranging from low ballers, those who repetitively ask the same questions without them noticing it, or those who ask for the impossible, and esp those who have fraudulent schemes.


Travel Tips : Philippine NAIA, Immigration and First-timers

Preparation Leads to Success concept on a notice boardI still recall my first experience traveling outside the country. The preparation is tedious, mentally, more than the actual check in process. This post is created to help you combat all the conscious fears and hesitations when traveling abroad, and of course, to release the anxiety when you go to NAIA, because you should be enjoying that first-time moment right?

If you’re living in the Philippines, I’m pretty sure you heard about the horror “offload” stories in NAIA. I can’t blame you to be scared, even those with good documents have been offloaded and we’ll tackle that in a bit. Just to be clear, this is only about traveling as tourists, not for working abroad or OFWs. (I have zero knowledge on that) Now, let’s begin.


Nibble at Banapple

We’re looking for a new place to eat within the Gateway area, we tried all the restaurants inside that mall, and so we decided to try Banapple. It’s just located near the entrance of the Gateway mall, ground floor. The name itself is too catchy, sort of fusion of banana and apple — so happen to be the two fruits I like the most. I haven’t checked their menu, I was hoping they don’t sell only fruit shakes here or desserts, hahaha! Let’s go check it out.



Spanish adventure in Alqueria

We’ve been wanting to try a Spanish restaurant and so we decided to try Alqueria in SM Megamall. We even joke about that if I can’t be in Spain then at least we try a Spanish food and experience to be on that country. At first glance on a weekend past lunch time, the area is not too crowded (Ooma, the restau near it has a long lineup actually) and a bit small. We hate making your curiosity wait, below is the complete review on Alqueria dining experience.


The PiliPinas debate 2016

It is a non-stop political talks and debacles as to who should take the highest post to run the country as we get closer to the national election. Everyone has their personal bet, but personally mine is still hanging and later on I will point out my reasons for that. So I am going to provide a review of the PiliPinas debate 2016 that took place yesterday at the Cagayan De Oro stadium, as impartial as possible.


A switch to iPhone 6s plus (review)

I have been an Android fan for the longest time, I have used several phones like Samsung, HTC and LG, stayed with it for customization purposes. It took me 6 generations of iPhone to finally make the decision for an ultimate mobile switch. Don’t get me wrong, I have used Apple products like ipad/ ipad minis, but haven’t jumped to that phone level. So today let me talk about my iPhone experience (after a month of usage) with its latest features.


Zero Expectations

These past few weeks of self assessment and considerations, I keep on convincing myself that life would be so much better when I have less or zero expectations. Today is the avowal of that venture.

We had our soft launch at work last month and it has been ridiculously crazy with our work hours. It requires a lot of overtime and almost forgot we have our off days. Actually, I got converted to a typing cyborg. (more…)

Everything Pink

A few days off from work (Thanksgiving), got me some “me time” and today I decided to take a look at these two products I received today. If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you’d probably notice I seldom do lady product reviews. And if I do, either I have more time to burn or product is that great & worth sharing. So today I have Ofra Santa Monica long lasting lipstick and the Travalo classic perfume atomizer.


Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

This won’t be our typical restaurant review, we simply requested a take out on this one. It is just that the food is too good to skip posting. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings top my list when it comes to buffalo wings sold in the country. They offer different flavors and dips that goes well with the chicken. You can order for half a dozen at P188 or a full dozen at P348. What I really like is the taste even at the white portion of the chicken, as if it was marinade for a very long time. There are some buffalo wings that you only like the outside part of it, but the inside is too bland. That was never the case for Frankie’s buffalo wings. I haven’t tried all of their flavors, but will do soon. Blue Cheese dip + Honey Garlic wings is heaven.


Lugang Cafe: A palate afterthought

I get the chance to go out last weekend and it gives me an opportunity to visit a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a food review. Lugang Cafe, is a fusion of Chinese & Taiwanese cuisine, and they are popularly known for their Xiao Long Baos.


I certainly believe in first impressions last and with the definitive feel and look that Lugang Cafe has, I feel I am an important customer when I enter their premises. Good lighting, eye catchy round tables, nice window side views, and as you walk (SM Megamall branch), they have this interesting mirror wall. Servers are in proper coordination, it is as if they are doing non stop roaming on all tables just to make sure you do not have to follow up your orders. That’s a plus for me. Their black tables and white chairs give that Yin-Yang vibe to the overall restaurant aesthetic. 🙂