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“Our biggest problems arise from the avoidance of the smaller ones.” — Jeremy Caulfield

Video credit: Erica Rot

So let me ask you this, what are you avoiding recently and why do you think you are doing it? Is avoidance the ultimate answer to refrain from pain, monotony, or the lack of  passion to live?

Super Typhoon Yolanda: The Aftermath

It has been a week now since the killer typhoon Haiyan or locally called Yolanda hit my native land. The devastation it left the northern section of Tacloban shock the whole world as this super typhoon left a historical event, but not in a celebratory mode.




When we learn to appreciate the things we have like our jobs, relationships and status quo, we are living a stress-free life. Imagine how we can influence other people just by having this positive outlook. And so whenever you feel like being down or low, just think about those who might have suffered the worst situations, and so you should be thankful of where you are.

Get the full benefits of exercise

Have you ever felt that your body is slowing you down, and that sometimes you are too lazy to move at all? Well I had to go through that and decided to include exercise in my daily regimen. Even doing small things like mini walks, biking or basic household drills should help me feel energized again. There is no doubt that working out is good for our body. So here are the 3 benefits why we must have a daily exercise routine.

1. Energy booster. When you do regular exercise, your muscles will be in good shape, it activates those sleeping cells you kept for years. It coordinates your body with the brain, resulting to boosting energy, and you will feel the kind of strength your body needs in the morning.

2. Keeps you healthy. If the kind of job you have requires going to different places and meeting people, the more your body is susceptible to any form of disease. Therefore your body needs to protect itself from those sickness. Several studies show that exercise decreases risk factors for physical and mental ailments. So if you want to live longer, move more, exercise daily.

3. Stress Reliever. Imagine the stress you get from traffic, or hectic activities at work, sounds like it is hard to bear. But exercise will rejuvenate your cells to keep you going. It is proven that people who are regularly doing exercise are able to handle and fights off daily stress, it makes them more calm and think better to access the stressful situations.

I have not heard of any bad effects of simple exercises, and therefore if it brings pure good results for our body to keep us healthy, why must not try/do it right?

That long walk

Sometimes you wanted to have that liberating moment, like a getaway no specific destination at all, a window shopping or go to a place you’ve never been to or had not visited in years. And so our weekend getaway was in Binondo. Our route is from LRT 2 Santolan to Recto station, we did a quick stop over in Divisoria, yet another crowded place in Manila, Mom got her automatic umbrella (rainy season is approaching) which costs P250, it’s half the price compared to getting one from the malls. I realized that even if Divisoria/Tutuban is undergoing road renovations, that won’t prevent people from coming in, there are so many people walking around, and so we decided to then go to Binondo.


Don’t waste your time

Stop wasting your time on someone who doesn’t appreciate you the way you should be appreciated. Never ever settle for mediocrity, for being just an option, for being the one who’s just fun to be with, for being the one who’s always there desperately waiting, for mere concern or pity or for someone who likes you just because he knows he’s got the power to break you.

It is better to have nobody than somebody who is half yours, half there or doesn’t want to be there, or is there and then suddenly disappears. You can be in love and you can be in a relationship. But they’re not always the same thing.

Happy Weekend

Saturday afternoon. My nephew and I went for a movie, Ironman 3, apparently he’s been bugging me whenever he sees it on tv, and so I decided to give the kid a treat. It’s going to be his first watching on a large media and so I’m a bit hesitant if he can manage to watch in a dark environment and enjoy Ironman. But then again a promise is a promise that I hafta make so we did pursue watching it and surprisingly finished it, without any traces of tantrums. He seemed to love it. 🙂

Evening. I cannot miss the Game 4 of the PBA Semis between Alaska and San Mig Coffee, it’s the best of 5 where Alaska leads 2-1, and I thought this could be their night, so they can finally go to the finals, after 3 long years. My calculation is perfect, Alaska won after bouncing back from a 14-point deficit, oh yes another win from behind. This team keeps getting better and better with their composure and has that energy to finish up the game. Love that kind of game! Right now they are waiting for their possible opponent between Ginebra and Talk and Text. Congrats Alaska Aces for making it to the finals and we hope that you execute the same to bring home the bacon.

Imperatives of being a leader

bossesquotesEarlier we had a quick huddle, some work concerns were brought up like salary increase and support operations, I thought that our local boss must take note of those concerns, & most importantly, he should have addressed it. I felt that it was mishandled and that co-workers even noticed how defensive our boss was. As a pioneer, I felt the urge to acknowledge and even offer alternatives, and had to speak to boss privately. I was told that a co-worker was complained by a very important client, that’s why he couldn’t say anything about salary raise, now that boss neck is on the line. Told him that he has to deal with those separately: (1) co-worker issue (2) salary increase, which was raised a long time ago. The only thing I am against with is the idea that he is willing to let go of a co-worker, as opposed to give chance and correct the mistakes. I realized I shouldn’t be teaching him management 101. He trusted me so much that I am always the second to know on what’s going to happen on the next few weeks/months, but sometimes I get fed up with the entire process, most especially letting people go just like that.

I hate to think that firing people is the best option. I always see that attrition rate has something to do with building team culture. There’s no such thing as perfect roster, agents or employees. These people need to be led by someone they look up to. For me it’s more of identifying whether its an attitude or aptitude issue, and being able to punch that problem away. Firing them wouldn’t make them become better person on their next jobs. I felt that something is lacking, like a sense of direction, sense of leadership.

Honestly I do not fear being fired when worse comes to worst, I’m afraid that my boss is becoming dependent highly of us, (3 pioneers left) but what about the rest? A part of me is happy to know that he sees me like that, he respects the kind of contributions I am giving, but the other side of me, tells me that a lot of things were overlooked because of that ideology.

And so it begs the question, are you the boss you need to be? This question does not seek perfection from your management style, (yes we all suck at one point) but more of being able to influence the people around you. What entails in being a great leader? How are you getting the best from your people? As equally important as how are you setting your personal benchmarks as a leader? Are you making your employees happy?

Beat the heat!

482151_10151539909181273_811844054_nOthers enjoy summer time, but I don’t. It gives me more headaches and coughs. My sleeping pattern is terrible at night with that humidity. Yes summer is not fun time for me. Gone are the days that I look forward to this season where we can go anywhere…talk about being lazy.

But if there’s any consolation, I lost 4 lbs yipeeyy, cuz I’m sweating a lot. So I guess summer is not so bad at all. So enjoy the heat and don’t take a bath…..once, make it double/triple in a day!

Homebase Job Pitfalls


In the United States, the percentage of people working from home had increased to more than 35%. This change is gradual for the past two decades. Home-based jobs are trending and it gives equal opportunity to working moms, part-timers, technical people who use computers to deliver daily tasks. Yes there are many perks in working from home and I can name a few: No gas expense or fare fees for commuters,  you don’t have to deal with traffic or rush-hour stress, and you can work at your own pace. Though these perks may sound awesome, the home-based job setup is still not bullet proof.

I’ve been working from home for the past three years, (prior to that, I used to work in a corporate environment for many years) and the first quarter is a tussle, because of the adjustments I had to do. So let me share with you the common pitfalls and how I am continuously beating it:

1. Overwork. This is the part wherein a worker can no longer identify the boundaries of being at home and the workload itself. Without a natural stopping point like timeout on a regular office work, the day gets longer and it’s harder to put aside work. You tend to check emails on a regular basis, check work related articles, without noticing that you are doing overtime, except not paid.

What I did when this hits me is to regulate my time, by setting my mind on my shift hours, example 8am-5pm, just like any regular office work. So I make it to the point that I step away from my computer and do other “home routines” after my shift hours. This helps me sustain energy & balance my work and family time.

2. Too many distractions. Well those who work from office are not 100% focused, so much more burden to those working from home. The TV is there, the unlimited food from the fridge, or the noise from your kids, are some elements that can keep your brain off from your workload. This is a hard transition especially to those who are beginners in working at home, because they still mind the dishes as opposed to sending reports to the boss.

In this pitfall, what I did is to have a dedicated office room, and explain to the rest of the family that when the door is closed, it means I’m on shift. I also use multi-tasking skills, like there are some hours  of the day when you’re not doing anything at work, so I turn those valuable minutes to doing other chores at home. Doing this will help you create your own work structure, self process and time versatility.

3. Isolation is fatal. This is the physical separation of yourself from social environment resulting to a form of isolation. Working remotely limits the face-to-face interactions and the opportunity to connect with peers. You get to miss the professional insights due to isolation.

The solution we implement to this barrier is to do regular meetups with peers, who like you, are also isolated at one point. We make transition reports and huddles before and after the shift, and yes we use real-time communications like skype, messengers, etc just to get everyone in the loop. We share common hobbies which are not necessarily work related and we talk about it. So far so good, I never felt choked by isolation and I always find ways to kill boredom.

Yes it is exciting to work in a home-based setup, as much as working in a corporate world. There will be pros and cons that you have to work on to be able to venture out on your own as an independent worker. Most importantly, you must enjoy what you are doing regardless where you are working at and always take pride in your work.