iPhone 6s Plus

Caseology Wavelength and Bavin 2-in-1 USB cable

I have recently ordered online these two accessories that we’ll be reviewing for today.

A. Caseology wavelength series for Iphone 6s plus. This casing has that premium feel, with its ergonomic design, slim fit but still very fashionable is what makes caseology a very cool accessory for your phone. Personally I like the grip on the hand, and its gold accent that compliments the blue back color. the buttons are crisps. For some though, price can be a little steep at P1000 or $25 USD, but I am telling you, you wouldn’t mind the price if you are picking for a good product. So thumbs up for caseology wavelength casing. This casing if not the top, but one of the bests in the market.


A switch to iPhone 6s plus (review)

I have been an Android fan for the longest time, I have used several phones like Samsung, HTC and LG, stayed with it for customization purposes. It took me 6 generations of iPhone to finally make the decision for an ultimate mobile switch. Don’t get me wrong, I have used Apple products like ipad/ ipad minis, but haven’t jumped to that phone level. So today let me talk about my iPhone experience (after a month of usage) with its latest features.