Gadget Talks

Apple Watch 2: Should you buy?

On today’s post, we’ll look at the functionalities of the Apple Watch 2, how I rate it and if you should consider getting this edition. Let’s start with the cool features I like from this gadget:

Noobs Friendly

I put value on gadgets that are user friendly, it is as easy as pairing your watch to your iPhone. Just follow the prompts. It may take a few minutes to boot though, as well as on the pairing process. Also the design of the 42mm on a small wrist like mine, is not too bad at all.



Caseology Wavelength and Bavin 2-in-1 USB cable

I have recently ordered online these two accessories that we’ll be reviewing for today.

A. Caseology wavelength series for Iphone 6s plus. This casing has that premium feel, with its ergonomic design, slim fit but still very fashionable is what makes caseology a very cool accessory for your phone. Personally I like the grip on the hand, and its gold accent that compliments the blue back color. the buttons are crisps. For some though, price can be a little steep at P1000 or $25 USD, but I am telling you, you wouldn’t mind the price if you are picking for a good product. So thumbs up for caseology wavelength casing. This casing if not the top, but one of the bests in the market.


A switch to iPhone 6s plus (review)

I have been an Android fan for the longest time, I have used several phones like Samsung, HTC and LG, stayed with it for customization purposes. It took me 6 generations of iPhone to finally make the decision for an ultimate mobile switch. Don’t get me wrong, I have used Apple products like ipad/ ipad minis, but haven’t jumped to that phone level. So today let me talk about my iPhone experience (after a month of usage) with its latest features.


How to remove contacts from Private Box Go SMS Pro

The GO SMS Pro messaging app is a cool application as it lets you customize your text messaging functionality from selecting theme, font color, font type, notifications, SMS cloud backup,  and security tools like the Private Box. I decided to update this post which was written initially, sometime in July 2012. Back then, accessing the Go SMS Pro Private Box is such a pain. Upon accessing Private Box it would lead you to a prompt for the passcode key but not allowing you to manage the Private Box screen. Indeed it is as if a never-ending loop. But then I realized that this problem happens with old version of Go SMS Pro.


Bavin Powerbank 11200mah review

Vacation mode is on and travelling should be fun & so I recently acquired Bavin Powerbank device so I won’t have to worry about losing battery on my phone and camera. I won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a power outlet. Let me go through its specs real quick:


5 Things I learn from the game Throne Wars

Throne Wars is an epic multiplayer strategy game which focus on building your formidable kingdom, joining a clan to build alliances and getting ready for war. It is available in iOS and Android. Though the game play is pretty straightforward, once you get involved and understand that this game is all about numbers, you will not notice that you are already hooked.


BDO Mobile App: They Find Ways

I have been a BDO banking fanatic years ago, from bank transactions to online access, I believe the company has put a lot of effort in making sure that customers/clients will be taken care of. And just recently I realized that they have another platform to provide great customer experience. It is the BDO mobile banking app that has given me a great access to my financial account, this would have been the best banking app ever! BDO Mobile App can now be downloaded from Google Play store. They incorporated the same features from their main site. Just not sure why others are having issues with this app, or perhaps it’s their phone unit, or…..user error. 😛


Lenovo Y580: Your budget gaming laptop

There is always something better — that’s what I thought after realizing that there is better than my previous laptop Lenovo Z500. Though I find it a good medium range laptop, there is still another model that can beat it head to head. I realized that after laying my hands on the Lenovo Y580. Don’t get me wrong these two belongs to different series, but I am all after performance anyway. In a country where I belong, this model is not sold site wide, only a few of us own this model. To summarize what I love about this unit is this, then later on will provide details on it.


Lenovo Z500 Brightness controls stop working

The Windows 8 structure is that preinstalled product key is already embedded on the BIOS itself, and that’s why we expect it to activate perfectly, but been having this activation problem. I wonder why would it be showing expired if it has been activated previously? But if you are curious to get your product key, download this helpful utility. (for 64 bit)


Lenovo Z500: A Closer Look


For weeks, I’ve been having tremendous problems with my old laptop, it is failing on me while at work, and it drags my productivity. It has been my desire to get a new one because my old one had served me so many years. I thought the selection process in picking a new laptop is easy, but I was wrong, there are just so many things I prefer to have, and so many brands to choose from.