Food and Restaurants

Nibble at Banapple

We’re looking for a new place to eat within the Gateway area, we tried all the restaurants inside that mall, and so we decided to try Banapple. It’s just located near the entrance of the Gateway mall, ground floor. The name itself is too catchy, sort of fusion of banana and apple — so happen to be the two fruits I like the most. I haven’t checked their menu, I was hoping they don’t sell only fruit shakes here or desserts, hahaha! Let’s go check it out.



Quick bites at Tim Ho Wan

Food is more than umami, it speaks volume about a country’s cultural background. This is why when you travel or go to a new place, food is always part of your discovery list. Like in the case of Filipino dishes, there are multiple influences on our food gusto: Spanish, Chinese, Western and Asian clouts.

The closest to my heart is Chinese, I mean who doesn’t want dimsum, rolls, siopao and that popular noodles, right? So I decided to try Tim Ho Wan with all the buzz I am hearing about this restaurant.


Spanish adventure in Alqueria

We’ve been wanting to try a Spanish restaurant and so we decided to try Alqueria in SM Megamall. We even joke about that if I can’t be in Spain then at least we try a Spanish food and experience to be on that country. At first glance on a weekend past lunch time, the area is not too crowded (Ooma, the restau near it has a long lineup actually) and a bit small. We hate making your curiosity wait, below is the complete review on Alqueria dining experience.


Terry’s Belly Lechon and Chevy Burger

I have been buried with a lot of things specifically at work, and today I decided to finally put an entry. It is a must I put this late food porn post, as this will save lives…or not really. To the vegetarians out there, please excuse this post.


Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings

This won’t be our typical restaurant review, we simply requested a take out on this one. It is just that the food is too good to skip posting. Frankie’s New York Buffalo Wings top my list when it comes to buffalo wings sold in the country. They offer different flavors and dips that goes well with the chicken. You can order for half a dozen at P188 or a full dozen at P348. What I really like is the taste even at the white portion of the chicken, as if it was marinade for a very long time. There are some buffalo wings that you only like the outside part of it, but the inside is too bland. That was never the case for Frankie’s buffalo wings. I haven’t tried all of their flavors, but will do soon. Blue Cheese dip + Honey Garlic wings is heaven.


Lugang Cafe: A palate afterthought

I get the chance to go out last weekend and it gives me an opportunity to visit a restaurant I’ve been wanting to go to for a food review. Lugang Cafe, is a fusion of Chinese & Taiwanese cuisine, and they are popularly known for their Xiao Long Baos.


I certainly believe in first impressions last and with the definitive feel and look that Lugang Cafe has, I feel I am an important customer when I enter their premises. Good lighting, eye catchy round tables, nice window side views, and as you walk (SM Megamall branch), they have this interesting mirror wall. Servers are in proper coordination, it is as if they are doing non stop roaming on all tables just to make sure you do not have to follow up your orders. That’s a plus for me. Their black tables and white chairs give that Yin-Yang vibe to the overall restaurant aesthetic. 🙂


Hanging out at North Park

When I think about North Park, there is only one thing that comes in my mind: Chinese delicacy. They pretty much serve the food you get to see on those restaurants like dimsum, noodles, hotpots, etc. We will be doing a quick review on North Park Noodles, Cubao branch.


They have this unconventional architectural design, I mean of course they pretty much based it on the circular space around Araneta Center, but their high ceiling with this wooden wall at the center makes it more interesting. The furniture and condiments are alright, nothing fancy really, however it is a good place to have intimate team or family dinner.




Happy Tummy in Sarsa!

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant called Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Menu, located at the Forum in Bonifacio Global City & I thought of giving them a visit on a labor day. This is a co-owned restaurant by Sir Jayps Anglo, one of the best chefs in the country, and I was really curious to know how good Negrense delicacy is. Sarsa is situated at the BGC Forum, where jeepneys, taxis  or private cars can pass by the area. The best way to get there is to locate the 7th Avenue corner of the 25th street (back of Mcdo).



Ksap Bistro in Baguio

We had an ocular visit in Baguio City & I felt that our stay is a bit short to see the nicest spots at the Summer capital city of the country. Of course we cannot miss the different restaurants that would satisfy our palettes. So without further ado we are going to review Ksap Bistro which is located at the 4th level in Porta Vaga Mall along Session Road in Baguio City.


If you enter at the side of the Porta Vaga Mall, near the Baguio Cathedral, this restaurant is very much accessible since you will be reaching the 4th level. This is located at the left side, the place is not that spacious, with perhaps less than 30 diners capacity. Their menu is written at the blackboard at the top with colored chalks, as shown below. Of course they have the regular menu, as not all offered dishes will fit in. 😛


Located at 4th Floor of the Porta Vaga mall, Baguio City


Dine at Rai Rai Ken

If you are looking for a fast food Japanese taste then Rai Rai Ken is going to be a good food choice. It offers authentic ramen and expanded its menu to include Bento, beef yakiniku, salad, soup and a whole lot more. Actually, this isn’t my first visit, we tried the one from SM Taytay branch for lunch before watching a movie. So we ended up being full, but good thing we are not sleepy at the movie house. 😛


Dinner at Leonardo’s

Leonardo’s in Antipolo is a place where you can dine in, sing thru videoke or simply get drunk. It is basically a place where family and friends can hang out. Yuletide season is a killer in terms of traffic and travel time, so we decided to do it somewhere off the city grid, in Antipolo. The best part for me is sight seeing, viewing at night gives more drama to it. It is tough though getting pretty good shots at night, unless you have a pro cam.


A Visit to Uncle Cheffy

If you are looking for a Brick Oven Global Cuisine, it is a must to try Uncle Cheffy. We had a visit on this restaurant last week, and it is located at the 3rd flr, Lucky Chinatown, Binondo, Manila. You can check other branches here. I have to say that we left there with our plates empty. So let me do a quick review on Uncle Cheffy experience.