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Discovering Ukulele Chunking


I woke up this morning with this accidental discovery, as I was practicing my ukulele routine, (I’m a noob, please be gentle) I accidentally put my palm as I did my down strum. Some call it chunk, while others say it’s “chucking.” Realizing that it’s a great technique to produce a good rhythm on a song, it’s like clapping your palm at the strings, but not too hard, just enough to dampen. So I tried it with this One Republic song, Secrets, with the hope that the sound is recognizable enough, hahah! (not a full song)

The chords I used for this song are:


How about you, what amazing thing you did today?

My Valentine Ukulele

Before anything else, happy hearts day everyone! To those who are inlove couples, singles, even those who are suffering from heartbreaks — we are remembering this day, that at least love works for others. 🙂

Ok so who will I be dating today? That would be a top secret, but one thing is for sure, I just had my pre-valentine gift for myself — My ukulele arrived 2 days ago. I’m proud to say that this is Philippine made, but its quality is world class! It is made of solid acacia top, back & sides, mahogany neck, ipil fretboard & bridge. It comes with a cool padded bag and used Aquila Nylgut strings. It totally changes my perception about local products, the moment I strum it, it is even better than imported ukulele products out there. Hats off to Chestone guitars for creating such an amazing product.



After so much time of drama, emotional turmoil, and sleepless nights, I could say I’ve bounced back. Now I am excited to get my pineapple tenor ukulele. I still have to see its actual quality, but from the reviews, it’s a proudly Philippine made instrument & we should be proud as it is comparable to Hawaii made ukuleles.

I have ordered one and would likely receive it early next week. Last quarter I have started learning ukulele but the one I had is an entry level, just a so-so sound quality, and so I decided to have a new one, this time a tenor ukulele with a low G string. Perhaps to motivate me to learn and master it. Wish me luck! 😉

Percussive guitar is real badass!

Listening to them is just like attending to a yoga class, very relaxing but creating good vibes afterwards.

Don’t you just love them with their great artwork? 🙂 Y’all have a wonderful day!

The Fingerist

For Ipod and Iphone users, I’m pretty sure you’ve come across cool guitar and piano apps and play it on your device. It would be great to use your gadget on a music gig where you can connect to a speaker, just like a regular instrument do. Have you ever wonder if there is such an accessory that can make this real?

Introducing, the Evenno Fingerist music adapter, that allows you to plugin your device as if you are using an actual instrument. It has a built-in speaker that operates using AA batteries, which can last for about 6 hours. Imagine bringing this cool guitar-like device on your gig, very stylish, affordable ($110) and gives you the comfort of playing on live stage.

So what are you waiting for, grab this accessory and enjoy playing your music apps!

Just Viral

Ok, let’s be a little playful today. I know you heard or seen about the Call Me Maybe (by Carly Rae Jepsen) videos that’s been spreading in Youtube and other social networking sites. Lemme ask you this in case you like watching it 🙂 which among the two versions you like better?

Philippine version with Georgina, Belle, Solenn, Anne, Liz, Bea

US version with Justin Bieber, Selena, Ashley Tisdale

Cast your votes now!

Busy? Nah just lazy!

Yes this post had declared my “National Lazy week” — I’ve been with a lot of things but failed to update this blog…sorry about that. Uhmm let me start by saying that my cybercrime vigilance had prevailed. Yey, worth the long post I wrote. The bogus seller account has been suspended after I reported it to the admins, well that’s the least I can do.

Secondly, the world followed the finale of American Idol, the results has been the global trending in social networking sites, but Jessica Sanchez with Jennifer Holliday duet, set the highlight of the night. What I like about that performance is the passion for singing of these two iconic stars, or soon to be for Jessica, and the way they deliver it, it is just so EPIC! And if you terribly missed it, you can check this video:

Filipinos had supported Jessica Sanchez all the way out, and wished to take home the crown. Having Philip Philips take that number 1 spot, its ok for me too, he deserved it, and this chap reminded me of Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20, he has this swagger, unique voice where he could fit into alternative rock or country pop rock. Just the mere fact that both of them ended up in that top 2 slots, is already a winning spot. Jessica has been compared to Jasmin Trias, which I find ridiculously funny, just because the latter is not powerful enough for me and must not be compared to Jessica’s talent. (peace!)

Oh also watched PBA, its been years since the last time I watched live.

Lastly, I’ve been eyeing for an Android phone this time, I am still and will always be an IOS fanatic, but I wanna try something new. It is the feeling of learning new stuff excites me, and mind you I don’t read instructions hehehe, I learned my gadgets thru navigation. 🙂 (kinesthetic!)

Wall of silence

After so much consideration, I am decided to get a silent guitar. Yes it is an electric acoustic guitar. I’m pretty sure that you have heard about the Yamaha SLG series of silent guitars. But this one I’m talking about is locally made, (Philippines) spearheaded by the masters of Music who had been creating guitars for almost a decade. It’s made of mahogany, you can choose from nylon or steel strings, it comes in a hollow body that produces chimey, chorusy tone. Price point of course is three times cheaper than Yamaha, but with its quality, it can be compared with any branded silent guitars in the global market, this is something every Filipino should be proud of.

I am aware that a good musician, regardless of the unit used must be able to create beautiful sounds and music. However, I think, that to be able to love what you are doing, you must also love what you are using. 🙂 I’m so excited to lay my hands on this item.

Feeling BLUE

After hearing Blue’s “Best in Me” from the album “Best of Blue” in 2004, I wonder what happened to them…I have always been a fan of this group. Blue is UK’s boyband that composed of these handsome gents: Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Simon Webbe and Anthony Costa. In 2005 they went solo having their individual albums, and just last January 2011, they announced to reunite as they perform in Eurovision song contest 2011. They’ve been to Sweden, Germany, UK and a whole lot more.

There had been some information that they are working with Bruno Mars for a comeback album, and I’m so excited to hear them again.

Just as I miss Duncan James :-P, I’m sure you do too, so check these out:

From left to right: Duncan James, Antony Costa, Lee Ryan and Simon Webbe

You can follow Duncan James in Twitter @mrduncanjames or in Facebook @Official Duncan James. 🙂

Boyce lessons

No acoustic group can have a great take on popular music like Katy Perry’s Teenage dream, Train’s Drops of Jupiter, U2’s With or Without You, Coldplay’s Yellow, but only Boyce Avenue. This American acoustic rock band started way back in 2004, originally based in Florida. Boyce Avenue is made up of Puerto Rican brothers Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel, plus a friend, Stephen Hatker. They are now beginning to dominate in Youtube with their acoustic demos. Their first acoustic volume is in 2008, and how can I forget the blast they made in Manila tour.

Here are just some of their awesome albums.

Did you know that Boyce Avenue is inspired by the name of a street where they grew up?

Diddy beats: Beating around the world

I’ve been wanting to get this high performance earphone, Diddy Beats. the branding is the result of dr. dre and puff diddy with the goal of delivering extreme music clarity and awesome bass. This has been introduced in the market around May 2010 and as you might have researched, this accessory is getting great reviews. This is even recommended by Apple to be working with your iPhone or iTouch.

Cost is around $152 or PhP6300 with its control talk feature, that you can use on your video chat apps. Did i say that its innovative patent-pending cable design is ultra-flexible and tangle free? anyways, I must get this!