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5 Scam Alerts on Unemployed Pinoys (UEP)

UEP or is a site offering members to work on a project dashboard, with a guarantee of encoding jobs for Filipinos to earn money. It sounds really like an easy thing to do, so I spend some time to check on this site. So members will fill up a form submit to their official email address & pay a registration fee of P350 or roughly around US $8.50.

I really force myself giving this site a chance, however there are some things that I found alarming, and I have no idea if it was intended by them, a rookie mistake or UEP is just not as legit as you think. I will leave you with your conclusions at the end of this post, but below are the things that I noticed from UEP.


If it’s not relevant, forget it!

Would you buy a newspaper or magazine dated last month? Definitely not, the information might have changed from last month to today’s news. This is what we called relevancy. Relevancy, is very important in writing your contents. Bloggers create posts for the following reasons:

– To express deep emotions and get connected.

– To educate or inform.

– Update people with the current news.

Notice that these reasons are tied to one particular element: The readers. They are the reason why we write to begin with. As a matter of fact, the focal point of writing is that the content must be relevant to them, to create something that they can relate to or something to keep them engage in a discussion. This is why they keep on coming back to our sites, because it is worth their time reading your great contents.