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A few days off from work (Thanksgiving), got me some “me time” and today I decided to take a look at these two products I received today. If you have been following my blog for quite some time, you’d probably notice I seldom do lady product reviews. And if I do, either I have more time to burn or product is that great & worth sharing. So today I have Ofra Santa Monica long lasting lipstick and the Travalo classic perfume atomizer.


Get the full benefits of exercise

Have you ever felt that your body is slowing you down, and that sometimes you are too lazy to move at all? Well I had to go through that and decided to include exercise in my daily regimen. Even doing small things like mini walks, biking or basic household drills should help me feel energized again. There is no doubt that working out is good for our body. So here are the 3 benefits why we must have a daily exercise routine.

1. Energy booster. When you do regular exercise, your muscles will be in good shape, it activates those sleeping cells you kept for years. It coordinates your body with the brain, resulting to boosting energy, and you will feel the kind of strength your body needs in the morning.

2. Keeps you healthy. If the kind of job you have requires going to different places and meeting people, the more your body is susceptible to any form of disease. Therefore your body needs to protect itself from those sickness. Several studies show that exercise decreases risk factors for physical and mental ailments. So if you want to live longer, move more, exercise daily.

3. Stress Reliever. Imagine the stress you get from traffic, or hectic activities at work, sounds like it is hard to bear. But exercise will rejuvenate your cells to keep you going. It is proven that people who are regularly doing exercise are able to handle and fights off daily stress, it makes them more calm and think better to access the stressful situations.

I have not heard of any bad effects of simple exercises, and therefore if it brings pure good results for our body to keep us healthy, why must not try/do it right?