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Apple Watch 2: Should you buy?

On today’s post, we’ll look at the functionalities of the Apple Watch 2, how I rate it and if you should consider getting this edition. Let’s start with the cool features I like from this gadget:

Noobs Friendly

I put value on gadgets that are user friendly, it is as easy as pairing your watch to your iPhone. Just follow the prompts. It may take a few minutes to boot though, as well as on the pairing process. Also the design of the 42mm on a small wrist like mine, is not too bad at all.



A switch to iPhone 6s plus (review)

I have been an Android fan for the longest time, I have used several phones like Samsung, HTC and LG, stayed with it for customization purposes. It took me 6 generations of iPhone to finally make the decision for an ultimate mobile switch. Don’t get me wrong, I have used Apple products like ipad/ ipad minis, but haven’t jumped to that phone level. So today let me talk about my iPhone experience (after a month of usage) with its latest features.


Bavin Powerbank 11200mah review

Vacation mode is on and travelling should be fun & so I recently acquired Bavin Powerbank device so I won’t have to worry about losing battery on my phone and camera. I won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a power outlet. Let me go through its specs real quick:


Thoughts on iPad Mini

And it is now official, Apple launched its 7-inch tablet called, iPad Mini. Consider this as big brother of Itouch 5th gen, and a fat iPhone 5, this item will certainly flaunt itself to its core market. This is priced at $329, which is very Apple trademark, (they are really placing themselves at the top price range of 7 inch tablets, will not go down to $200-$250 mark, oh and by the way that range owned by Google and Asus tablets) people are still talking about its product potential….

* 7.9 inch display, 7.2mm thick and 0.67lbs.

* got iOS6 installed running using A5 chip.

* 10 hour battery life. (Apple won this category)

* lightning speed 30 pin adapter, which is reversible (stupid users no more)

* Siri, Wi-Fi, just like in iTouch 5th gen

* Video recording at 1080P, with 5MP camera.

While Android fanatics are eagerly comparing this gadget with Nexus 7 capability, I believe that each tablet won  a category when you match them head-to-head. It is all about what you need in a tablet, I believe that Android users are the profile type which are after gadget customization, better apps management, and performance. But if you are after product satisfaction, simplicity, intuitive for any age bracket, iPad mini will win the hearts of many.

Whatever they say against this product, I know that this will sell more than the Nexus 7, (not discounting Nexus, I love that product) — that’s what Apple products do, they have this certain charisma, people are amazed by the apps availability compared with the Android market. I may take a closer look on this item very very soon.

How to encode your videos to H.264 MP4

Are you having a hard time viewing your videos online? Did it ever cross your mind that perhaps your videos are not properly encoded for web playback? Here’s Handbrake, a utility I’ve been using personally that will convert your MP4, MOV or M4V files to an H.264 Mp4 movie. I can assure you, this works the wonders.

You just need to download the software from the link below. Choose the correct version for your operating system. After downloading just install and run the program on your desktop.

Download Here

Before you start working on your video, make HandBrake save the output video file in MP4. Go to Tools then Options, locate Output Files and change it to MP4. Here’s the output settings tested that works well with most video hosting sites. The container is MP4 File, Web Optimized must be checked and the Video Codec is H.264 (x264)

You can also play around with the bitrate as it directly affects the video quality. The higher the value, the better it looks. Keep in mind that the video will be viewed online and higher quality eats more bandwidth thus requires faster internet connection speed on the customer side. An average bitrate of 1500 kbps should look and play fine for most computers and internet connection.

You can also use this tool for changing the video dimension and height/width cropping if needed. Settings found under the Picture tab.

Technology stinks?

Has anybody here had not taken meal nor a shower because you are submerged at your laptop, for games or social networking, or just figuring out how to download stuff at your phone? Come on, don’t be hypocritical, I know you have done that once in your X years of living. (Wag kang magmalinis, sige ka mamantot ka nyan!)

But I’m not talking about being filthy here. It’s about how we allow technology to become a roadblock on our daily activities. How much time do you spend browsing the internet, playing games in Facebook or playing gaming console? And to add the Youtube time when you are at the office. You’d rather stay home and click the Like button, than see your friends face to face. You’ve been following celebrities, at di ka magkandaugaga kaka retweet ng messages nila.

And it came to me, that I’m guilty as charged for checking my phone all the time for email, messages, games and the like. Tapos nagtataka ka pa bat mabilis kang malowbatt eh kung maya maya mo naman gamitin? Yep I’m like a walking mobile paranoid.

Yes I will have that day or week off, where I will avert from my phone and internet. I am not saying that technology is a bad thing, it actually make our lives convenient, but we have to be weary of the time we allocate for it.

Opps time is up. 😀

It’s TWEAK-a-pedia

It is not new to any IOS users that having your mobile device in jailbreak mode, opens a humongous opportunity to get a lot of freebies and customize your iphone/ipad/itouch to the fullest. I recently discovered 2 cydia tweak tools. (Yep I know, I’m a little slowpoke…and perhaps you already have this on your phone) And if there’s any consolation, that is without Google’s help. So here are the two apps I’m talking about:

A. ToneFX = If you are a person who loves customizing when it comes to tones, then this app fits you. With ToneFX, you can select the ringtones you want to shuffle from mail tones, phone lock tones and sms messages. Another great feature this app has is the shuffling of tones, where you can select your favorite tones and shuffles it randomly. So this is a thumbs up for me.

B. FakeCarrier = From the name itself of this app, we can tell that it serves one glorious purpose: to change your Carrier label. (at the upper left, near the signal symbol) I happen to change mine to my name. ^__^ Below is the fake carrier tool.

All these cool apps can be downloaded of course from Cydia. There you go, I hope we can trade some preppy cool apps just like these. Now I’m signing off…

Labyrinth 2

Labyrinth 2 is a must-own application for your iphone, itouch or ipad. With its sleek design, you can never say no to this game, but most importantly the ability to create your own levels makes this game more promising. Can’t wait for its exciting 3rd version. :p

You will be able to share your games to other network players thru Twitter and Facebook. There are new game elements like cannons, bumpers, multiple balls, doors, magnets, fans, resizers, merry-go-rounds, lasers and more. Here are the two game packs I’ve created in just few hours. Visit for more information about the game. (See download IDs below)

ID AVSMZB5B.01 (Medium)

ID AVSMZB5B.02 (Hard)

Go ahead and try this app, I’m pretty sure you can create your awesome and fun labyrinth levels. Hope you like it. 🙂

Podcasters on the groove

I am sure a lot of iTunes fanatics are familiar with this term. A podcast is a series of digital media files delivered in episodes, you simply had to be connected to the internet. It uses an XML protocol called RSS. (Really Simple Syndication) The term “podcasting” was first mentioned by Ben Hammersley in his 2005 article, along with other proposed names for the new medium, it is a combined words “pod” (Apple’s iPod) and “broadcasting.”

This is pretty neat and simple, one has to subscribe to the podcast topic using an application such as iTunes and download the episodes. What I love about this medium is that it is absolutely free! There are a lot of topics to choose from: Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, Games, Hobbies, Government, Health, Kids, Music, News, Politics, Science, Society, TV and film and Technology, plus several hundreds of subcategories. So if you are dummy in Photoshop, you can simply subscribe to Photoshop Quick Tips and be an expert at your own phase. Just imagine the variety of topic choices and the learning you’ll get from audio and video podcasts.  So for Podcast fans out there (like me), check this out to get started.


And for our Podcast makers, who would like to venture into this kind of platform, click below to see on how you go about creating your own podcasts.


What are you waiting for, go on for a free Podcast spree!

iTouch: PDF Reader

Maybe it is just me, but I’ve been having a hard time finding a PDF reader for my 4th gen iTouch. I have tried 4 free apps and all seem to just download classical ebooks and nothing seems to interest me. Glad I found this PDF Reader where you can upload files remotely via wi-fi sync or download from the internet.

Diddy beats: Beating around the world

I’ve been wanting to get this high performance earphone, Diddy Beats. the branding is the result of dr. dre and puff diddy with the goal of delivering extreme music clarity and awesome bass. This has been introduced in the market around May 2010 and as you might have researched, this accessory is getting great reviews. This is even recommended by Apple to be working with your iPhone or iTouch.

Cost is around $152 or PhP6300 with its control talk feature, that you can use on your video chat apps. Did i say that its innovative patent-pending cable design is ultra-flexible and tangle free? anyways, I must get this!

Just another Ipad accessory

If you’d like to turn your Ipad to netbook, take a peek at this cool clamcase.


1. Dimension: 9.8″L X 8.1″W X 1.0″H X, Weight: 1.8 LBS

2. Battery and Power: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Po) battery with capacities up to:

90 hours uninterrupted in use time / 100 day standby time / 3 years battery life / 90 minutes for full charge

Charging with mini USB port with orange/green charging indication LED (charging cable supplied)

3. Bluetooth Connectivity: Single-chip Bluetooth device with fully integrated Human Interface Device (HID) profile and full Bluetooth stack. Fully compliant with version 2.0 Bluetooth specifications, including adaptive frequency hopping and fast connection.

4. Benefit: Infinitely variable 360-degree torque hinge system, specifically designed to enable a variety of optimized viewing and operating angles. Made of ultra durable high grade PC-ABS plastic ensuring lasting protection

5. Soft Touch surfaces for exceptional handling. 3M® iPad® anti-scratch and shock absorption pads for safe transportation. Latch free operation with snap close hinge.