All about Scam

Get protected from Sim Swap scam

As part of the generation Y, going mobile is becoming a way of life. We use phones and gadget for almost everything now, like entertainment, communication (networking sites), music, and even bank transactions. As a lot of people are getting dependent on this digital genesis, there will be an emerging number of scammers who are just out there to loot your hard earned resources.


The Reckoning

I think that the buy and sell industry is a challenging field. You get to know contacts, sellers and other people that might be useful for your business or personal needs. At the same time, you interface bogus ones who will try to entangle you with their scamming schemes. I’m just glad I learned those filtering techniques to separate real ones from the scammer.

As I was checking out a new ipad, I came across this online advertisement, I immediately SMS him about the item’s availability & possible locations for meetup. A day after, I saw that same account given a negative feedback by another buyer who was helplessly scammed by that same seller. The technique is that the seller refused to do meetup, asked money from the customer via bank transaction and never ship out the gadget. I feel desperate for that poor soul. So my encephalon immediately registers the scammer’s contact number.


5 Scam Alerts on Unemployed Pinoys (UEP)

UEP or is a site offering members to work on a project dashboard, with a guarantee of encoding jobs for Filipinos to earn money. It sounds really like an easy thing to do, so I spend some time to check on this site. So members will fill up a form submit to their official email address & pay a registration fee of P350 or roughly around US $8.50.

I really force myself giving this site a chance, however there are some things that I found alarming, and I have no idea if it was intended by them, a rookie mistake or UEP is just not as legit as you think. I will leave you with your conclusions at the end of this post, but below are the things that I noticed from UEP.