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Get Ready with Royal Revolt 2

We are featuring another strategic tactical game for smartphones called Royal Revolt 2. It’s main goal is pretty simple to protect your castle, build buildings and obstacle maze for your enemies. What I really like about this game is its awesome graphics, it does look appealing to the eyes and so far it has not hang on me.



How to remove contacts from Private Box Go SMS Pro

The GO SMS Pro messaging app is a cool application as it lets you customize your text messaging functionality from selecting theme, font color, font type, notifications, SMS cloud backup,  and security tools like the Private Box. I decided to update this post which was written initially, sometime in July 2012. Back then, accessing the Go SMS Pro Private Box is such a pain. Upon accessing Private Box it would lead you to a prompt for the passcode key but not allowing you to manage the Private Box screen. Indeed it is as if a never-ending loop. But then I realized that this problem happens with old version of Go SMS Pro.


Bavin Powerbank 11200mah review

Vacation mode is on and travelling should be fun & so I recently acquired Bavin Powerbank device so I won’t have to worry about losing battery on my phone and camera. I won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a power outlet. Let me go through its specs real quick:


How to get back the app drawer on your Android phone?

We are one of the many who get stuck when the app drawer gets removed from our shortcut menu. Whether it is by accident or stupidity, it is important that we have that thingy back. There are only two things to do, so this should be pretty straightforward. If you have the default Android launcher, all you have to do is to stop/restart the launcher service. Now if you have the Go Shortcut, you can do the following:


BDO Mobile App: They Find Ways

I have been a BDO banking fanatic years ago, from bank transactions to online access, I believe the company has put a lot of effort in making sure that customers/clients will be taken care of. And just recently I realized that they have another platform to provide great customer experience. It is the BDO mobile banking app that has given me a great access to my financial account, this would have been the best banking app ever! BDO Mobile App can now be downloaded from Google Play store. They incorporated the same features from their main site. Just not sure why others are having issues with this app, or perhaps it’s their phone unit, or…..user error. 😛


All about Optimus LTE 2

The model Optimus LTE 2 is the first unit to have 2GB of ram, middle of last year, and initially launched in its native land, Korea, but now starting to invade India and the Philippines. This is the very same reason why it’s hard to find English reviews for this phone model. With its main bragging feature 2GB RAM, others find this an overkill for a cellular phone, but I thought otherwise — it was brilliant! This is to be believed a CDMA, however the Korean market launched this to have the GSM function. So today we’ll talk about Optimus LTE 2 specifications, benchmarks and features.

Look and Feel

We’ll start with our first impression. This 4.7 inch phone (720 x 1280 pixels) is made up of true HD-IPS LCD (gorgeous display) capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors, while its back cover is made up of rough plastic, so pretty good for grip, it’s not gonna fall off when you are holding it with just one hand. Two cameras for this phone, 8 MP rear (3264×2448 pixels) & 1.3MP for the front camera. It has autofocus and led flash, while video is set at 1080p! I don’t mind the corners of this unit, I heard others are disturbed by it — that’s not going to affect the performance anyway.


Dig into the main features

With the release of Optimus LTE 2, I think LG can really compete with Samsung and Apple (where did Apple copy their screen?) it is just that they need to make their phones be known globally. And if they continue doing the “first” in implementing features like 2gb memory, people will appreciate and value their products. Here are some cool features of Optimus LTE 2:

  • 1.5GHz Dual-Core Processor (Snapdragon S4 Plus processor)
  • 4.7-inch (1280×720) IPS Display
  • 16GB Internal Storage, got expansion slot for micro sd card
  • 2GB DDR2 RAM (first phone to have 2GB of RAM, better than Galaxy S3!)
  • Superb Camera: 8MP with AF LED Flash (rear) and 1.3MP (front)
  • Fast Connection: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, supports 3G/4G Network
  • Android 4.12 Jelly Bean
  • Battery: 2,150mah

Other cool stuff:

– Wireless charging capability (wireless pad sold separately)
– Camera features: * Time machine = captures the missing moment before pressing the shutter. * Camera Keywords = where you can say cheese, smile, whisky or kimchi to automatically take photo. * HDR = combines photos taken at different exposures to one optimal photo while compensating for the backlight. * Panorama = continuous photos are assembled into one single panoramic image.
– Quick boot: 10 seconds, Off: 5 seconds
– 2GB DDR2 RAM (first phone to have 2GB of RAM, better than Galaxy S3!)
– Vivid Screen: 326 ppi pixel densities, using Optimus UI 3.0
– Qmemo: Write and share a memo on the screenshot
– HDMI connection via Micro USB to HDMI adapter.

Not Hot?

For a decent phone, there are things that I wish could have been better.

– Antenna for tv, good only for the Korean region. (not disturbingly visible though)
– Heavier than other smart phones.
– Not using OLED display. OLED Displays have faster response times, better viewing angles, improved contrast and consume less bettery power.
– Just dual core, hoping for quad to match the ram. More cores result in better parallelism, meaning more tasks can be processed in parallel without slowing down the User Interface.
– Hard to find suitable accessories locally, like covers since this is market in Korea.


Below are the actual Antutu and Quadrant benchmarks results. Again the purpose of comparison is to know how the device would do and process applications. This is not to show that Optimus LTE 2 can beat the high-end phones like Note 2 or S4. 😛






Jumping from an old Samsung phone, this would have been a major leap, the ram is the killer, just enough not to close my running apps. I have installed numerous games, and Optimus LTE 2 has not failed on me. Graphics wise, it may not be the best GPU in the market, but the 3d games are responding pretty well. I love the camera features, no lags when taking several continuous shots. Also I’m trying other mobile brand, since I’ve been using Samsung gadgets for the past years. The Optimus LTE 2 is just the perfect phone that I need.

Snapdragon is not a dragon, and Tegra is not a tiger!

Some of you felt you were alienated when you hear geeks/tech lords talking about mobile processors. Like which one is the beast, which one is good for gaming, which one dries up your battery fast. And that bewildered eyes of yours, is running crazy, aside from other parameters like budget constraints, phone size, availability; these jargons just add up to your  dumbfounded brains: Exynos, Snapdragons, Tegra….But don’t lose hope, the world did not end in 2012 😛

I recommend that you check your mobile specs using the CPUBoss (yeah just like a boss!) before you buy or do an upgrade.


You will be able to see the performance, gpu, browser, feature comparisons as well as the advantages over the other. Isn’t it cool? So try it out and hope that helps you decide, which one suits you. 🙂

Dark is beautiful with GoSMS Pro Touch

I recently downloaded this pretty neat Pro Touch theme created by Go Dev Team, as I find this professional looking and very classy. And yes I think that 3.7 user rating is a pretty low score for such a premium theme. Perhaps others just don’t get what GetJar means, & expect that all themes for their android phones are all up for grabs with no sweat…BOO!

You can grab a copy of this from Google Play market. Below are the screenshots, go get them!

GoSMS Pro JellyBean Theme Free Download

Good day Android fanatics! I recently discovered a way to fully customize my Messaging application via GoSMS Pro. I had to create my own theme matching my Jellybean live wallpaper. Just so you know I’m on ICS, not yet on JellyBean, so this will not require you to be updated to the latest version. This is only a theme-jellybean inspired.

I’m offering this GoSMS Pro Jellybean template, absolutely at no cost. Check it out!

Download GoSMS Pro JellyBean Theme

Just install the apk, and this must go automatically added on your GoSMS Pro theme list. Hope you like it! I would gladly appreciate if you drop a message if you like it or would trash it. 😀 Enjoy!

Great Big War Game for Android now released!

Rubicon Development has once again impressed us by releasing this hit turn-based strategy game Great Big War Game. Its predecessor, Great Little War Game was proven to be a great success and top the game strategy chart for IOS and Android. Today the developers released a sequel for it with these awesome features:

Core features:

– 50 missions single player campaign

– Pass and Play skirmish

– Simple and intuitive control method

– Asynchronous multiplayer

– Huge Variety of Units & Buildings

– Appropriate for all ages, with hilarious sounds and tons of humor.

– Cross platform multiplayer mode so you and your friends can play regardless if they are on IOS or Android

The full version is available for only $2.99. Just as much excited as you are, you can get the full version, right now, courtesy of this blogsite 🙂 by downloading the APK and this game data.

APK Download:

Link 1
Link 2

SD files: (sdcard/Android/obb)

Link 1
Link 2

So what are you waiting for, download these files and get busy! I personally congratulate Rubicon for their conscious efforts in developing great games on our mobile platforms. This is yet another awesomeness in the world of mobile gaming!

Technology stinks?

Has anybody here had not taken meal nor a shower because you are submerged at your laptop, for games or social networking, or just figuring out how to download stuff at your phone? Come on, don’t be hypocritical, I know you have done that once in your X years of living. (Wag kang magmalinis, sige ka mamantot ka nyan!)

But I’m not talking about being filthy here. It’s about how we allow technology to become a roadblock on our daily activities. How much time do you spend browsing the internet, playing games in Facebook or playing gaming console? And to add the Youtube time when you are at the office. You’d rather stay home and click the Like button, than see your friends face to face. You’ve been following celebrities, at di ka magkandaugaga kaka retweet ng messages nila.

And it came to me, that I’m guilty as charged for checking my phone all the time for email, messages, games and the like. Tapos nagtataka ka pa bat mabilis kang malowbatt eh kung maya maya mo naman gamitin? Yep I’m like a walking mobile paranoid.

Yes I will have that day or week off, where I will avert from my phone and internet. I am not saying that technology is a bad thing, it actually make our lives convenient, but we have to be weary of the time we allocate for it.

Opps time is up. 😀

Samsung Nexus S: A review

I have decided to go back to Android, not that I am no longer a fan of IOS but I just want to explore something new. I used to have a tablet, but I was not ready for Android that time. It has been years & android has evolved since then, now with the presence of Gingerbread and the latest ICS. (Ice cream sandwich)

Considering the budget that I have this time, I am not looking for the super high end phones like Galaxy Note nor S3, all I wanted is a regular mid-range android phone which I can play around. So I bought myself Samsung Galaxy Nexus S, and within the day I was able to get what I wanted out of this phone.



– Screen size is 4 inch, super AMOLED, has a contour display with curved glass screen.

– With Nexus S Oleophobic coating, protects from scratches and screen is more brighter.

– Comes with ICS 4.0.4

– 16gb storage, 512 RAM

– Latest Google Mobile apps. (Play store market) Several free apps available for download.

– Voice search function. (cool!)

– Threaded SMS, easy contacts integration.

– Good battery life, almost 2 days, considering that my Wifi is always enabled.

– Can use different launchers for personalization. Cool live wallpapers, downloadable themes and widgets.


– No microSD slot, limitation for expansion.

– Mp4 video must be encoded else it will not be detected. (Tip: Encode your video using iTouch m4v, and it should work alright)

– Video is not 720p (I don’t really use mobile phone for such video feature, digital camera is still preferred)

– Plastic body of this phone can create fingerprint smudges.

– Since this is mid-range, expect that it will not top the Antutu & Quadrant benchmarks.

– When screen is on landscape, I only have one line at the text area, which makes it difficult sometimes to check what you’re typing in.

Considering the price range and its capabilities, I am giving it 4 out of 5 stars. It suits what I am looking for a mobile phone, and that’s the most important thing in buying a new gadget.