1001 stories

Poison Pen Letters Answered

A prominent television star had many loyal fans, but he also had those who thoroughly disliked him. Some of the letter sent him are hate letters & notes. When they made the mistake of signing their names, he instructed his secretary to answer in these words:

“Several days ago I received the enclosed letter with your name attached to it. I am returning it to you with the feeling that an intelligent responsible person like you should know that some idiot is sending out letters over your signature.”

by: Arthur Tonne

1001 Stories: Laughter

The American humorist Josh Billings spelled horribly. But what he said made lots of sense. Here are his ideas on laughing:

Anatomically considered, laughing is the sensation of feeling good all over, and showing it principally in one spot.
Morally considered, A laugh is the next best thing to the Ten Commandments.
Theoretically considered, It can out-argue all the logic in existence.
Pyrotechnically considered, a laugh is the fireworks of the soul.
If a man can’t laugh there is some mistake made in putting him together.
And if he won’t laugh he wants as much keeping away from as a bear trap when it is set.
A genuine laugh is the vent of the soul, the nostrils of the heart, And is just as necessary for health and happiness as spring water is to trout fish.
Laugh every good chance you can get, but don’t laugh unless you feel like it.
For there is nothing in this world as hearty as a good honest laugh.
And there is nothing more hollow than a heartless laugh

– Bruno Hagspiel

Work Ethics

Working during weekends is not so bad, it actually gives me a leverage to check on a lot of things. (yes including this post) I am blessed to admit that my workload is not that toxic, much more during weekends, as I can only count in my hands how many people I have helped for the day. And so I am sharing you these work related quotations, which I am reminding myself everyday. Hope you find this a good read.

1001 Stories: Pure talk

A well known American professor once spoke at a university where an interpreter translated his talk into Chinese symbol on a blackboard. The professor noticed that the interpreter stopped writing during most of the speech and he asked why.

“We only write when the speaker says something,” was the blithe reply.