Is Abueva robbed off another All-Stars MVP?

The PBA All-Star week 2017 has been over but the clamor in social media is still apparent, at the post game where Gilas team defeated the All Stars Visayas. To be fair with the Philippine Basketball of the Philippines, it could be that only a few members of the board had to be blamed on that, not the whole institution. But then again, we don’t want to see any form of bullying or oppression, esp in an industry where fairness, healthy competition, and sports-mindedness are all required.

As claimed by many, it should have been Calvin Abueva to take home that All-Stars MVP award and there’s a strong case for that. To be clear with the fanatics of Romeo, it has nothing to do with your idol, it’s about the selection process of the PBA, where others would clearly call to have a “favoritism.” It wasn’t your idol’s fault to be the favorite one, let’s set that straight.

What’s the case for favoritism?

When you see a hard worker wasn’t given enough credit, you feel for that person, regardless whether you’re a fan of that player or not. The Filipinos hate being oppressed, but let’s do the Math real quick:

Abueva – 26 pts, 7 rebs, 2 steals

Romeo – 25 pts, 4 assists

Even the game highlight does not mention Romeo, but emphasizes the stats that Abueva provided for Gilas.

So unless PBA would tell me that they put more weight on assists and disregard an all rounder performance of a player, then we won’t be having this talk. Just a hypothetical question, if we replace Abueva with James Yap on the above sheet, is PBA still be choosing Romeo? Only fools or noobs would say yes to that. That’s why the selection process is tainted. They get to choose who will bag the awards, not who tops or deserves it the most.

My take on that, if it happened once, I would have ignored it. There is irregularity though if there’s a continuous pattern. What’s worst is if it keeps on happening against the same player, against Calvin Abueva. The least they can do is to name the two players who had performed well, co-MVPs, which they did on the 2nd Gilas All Stars game, why can’t they apply on this one? Mind boggling. It reminds me of that MMFF scam in 1994 and I quote “Take it, take it.”

Does the PBA board/commissioner Narvasa hate Abueva?

I don’t know, go ask them, I bet no one would admit in case they do, but that kind of disregard or discredit proves likewise. It’s dragging the entire institution, it’s adding political color to the Philippine basketball. It could be another reason for people to talk about since there’s a decrease in the PBA viewership or popularity of the league. As they say, bad publicity is still a good publicity.

Should Abueva lose faith on the PBA league?

Absolutely not! If Narvasa or other board members are practically running the show in the PBA, people will admire Abueva for playing his heart out no matter how people are putting his confidence down. He plays for the love of sports, and must not stop working hard esp that the country’s pride is at stake when they play on the SEABA 2017 tournament. Narvasa and his gang will leave the league eventually, (I hope sooner than later) but a real sports person has the heart and soul for playing it all despite injuries, despite league’s downfall, despite zero acknowledgment, and despite going against the tide.


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