Tricking a Scammer in OLX

OLX is a local buy & sell website, where you can post an ad that you’re selling, or if you’re a buyer you can search from the market and contact the seller of that item. I made a few successful transactions from that e-commerce site, but I also met unusual people, ranging from low ballers, those who repetitively ask the same questions without them noticing it, or those who ask for the impossible, and esp those who have fraudulent schemes.

One pattern I noticed from a suspicious transaction is that the buyer/seller would text you and ask you to contact them via email. This is malicious by nature, because they don’t want the transactions to be done within OLX, (trail of conversation/dealings) and of course not via SMS. (it’s a lot easier to make fake email accounts you know) So today is a good day, I have a spare time dealing with him, lol.

So I have a gadget for sale at a very reasonable price, one texted me asking me to send an email to him about my posted ad. I emailed the scammer because it’s his lucky day. 😀

Ok let’s try to break this down for a moment. The scammer here claims to be elsewhere. Only idiots would believe that they are out of the country, out of town, or business trip while they have the time to check an ad from OLX, there’s a disconnect right there. He offers a shipping fee, to show that he is interested in your item, but he didn’t mention about paying your item. So as a reminder, don’t be a fool when you see a Philippine currency sign offer, analyze exactly what the scammer is trying to tell you. Another thing, he offers Paypal as a form of payment, and we all know that Paypal has dispute policy, and therefore you may never be even get paid with that bogus P5K shipping fee.

And just because I’m in the mood, I thought of pranking this dude, here you go:

The brouhaha is part of the prank, I thought of letting him know that I know what he’s into. But really I can’t track where he’s located based on his email receipt, I’m just cracking up a bit of his nerves. There you go, I hope you have fun as much as I do. Do you have any stories to share as to how you slay these scammers?


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