The DLL nightmare: d3dx9_43.dll & 0xc000007b errors

Reinstallation or reformatting of a computer is every tech peeps worst nightmare, the moment when you’re thinking of saving your valuable files, but has no means to recover it. (limited backup) You’ve done all possible ways you know to save your computer from that unwanted operating system loop caused by BSOD. (blue screen of death) So yesterday, my laptop is testing my technical ability, patience and the-hell-I-care attitude. I had no choice, but to accept the fact that I’ll be losing and giving up some files, I’m at the verge of analyzing how much files will I lose and moving on at the same time. I had to act quickly, though this one is a backup laptop: Yes a backup laptop which has not been backed up fully to my external HDD. Yes a special kind of irony there.

Anyhow, I did the Onekey recovery system of Lenovo, that puts the laptop on its fresh install. I like that built-in utility of this Lenovo Y580 laptop, as it puts back the Windows operating system, and install the necessary drivers like the video card, sound card, wireless driver, etc, like an all in one assistant to setup everything for you. I thought that’s a kind of consolation I get for a reformatting misfortune today. And so, I manually install the applications like Microsoft Office, iTunes, VLC and other game programs.

In doing so, I met two errors when trying to launch the installed programs. The first one is “This application failed to start because d3dx9_43.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.”


The steps I did to resolve the error above:

  1. I removed the older version of the Microsoft C++ Redistributable package, I had the 2012 version.
  2. Reboot the laptop.
  3. I go to the directory where the program is installed, and have the folder there _CommonRedist > vcredist > I had the 2015 folder and installed the x64 since it’s a 64 bit computer.

On another program, (Men of War Assault 2 Origins) I did get this error:


So here are the things I checked for this error:

  1. Reregister the dll file. (before I get this screen, there’s a missing dll file)
  2. Make sure I have updated .NET framework.
  3. Do Windows update.

It appears it has something to do with the Visual C++ Redistributable package version as well, which had been fixed after installing a fresh 2015 version. It’s like hitting two errors in one procedure.

There you have it! I hope you can add that to your computer troubleshooting tips when you encounter dll errors in launching your apps.


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