Apple Watch 2: Should you buy?

On today’s post, we’ll look at the functionalities of the Apple Watch 2, how I rate it and if you should consider getting this edition. Let’s start with the cool features I like from this gadget:

Noobs Friendly

I put value on gadgets that are user friendly, it is as easy as pairing your watch to your iPhone. Just follow the prompts. It may take a few minutes to boot though, as well as on the pairing process. Also the design of the 42mm on a small wrist like mine, is not too bad at all.


The Haptic (vibrate)

I just like the way it wakes me up in the morning, way better than my alarm clock. The haptic notification from an app at my phone, even when it is bed time, it reminds you to do or attend certain thing. (which I like because it asks you to make an action)

Water Resistant

No need to remove it from your wrist should you decide to swim, for as long as the water level is not below 50m, then you can wear the apple watch 2 with no trouble. You can just use the digital crown at the right to remove water residues.



Finally, you won’t be depending on your iPhone anymore, you can go outside, workout or run without having to carry your phone, and the watch keeps track of your data, so as soon as you reconnect it to your phone, your phone will have the data at the activity app. Oh see the screen brightness as well (normal brightness mode) looks good when viewed in the dark.


Time Lapse

If it’s evening, background changes to dark. It is fascinating really! I used to have an analog watch, and the time lapse remind me of that.



If you are away from your phone, the Apple Watch 2 notification will give you as big as this notification below and personally I like this one. Basically your watch is mirroring the app notifications you have on your phone.



Accessories like casing and bands are interchangeable, so this is good to fit in your style and comfort.




Average charging time for a complete full charge is at 3-4 hours. My average time of usage is set to 1.0 to 1.5 day, considering the notifications, the haptic setting are all enabled.


Overall I am giving this device an outstanding 8 out of 10, I like the hardware feel to my wrist, the idea that I will be notified, or be informed about my workout or other activities, or the time I can easily respond to my contacts using this watch, and of course I like how it is easy to pair with my phone. If there are areas of improvements it would be that I wish they develop more apps for watch OS3. There are also days where I didn’t get notified via my watch, while I got the notification on my phone. (whew weird)

Should you get one?

The question of need is set to how much you want a device that can monitor your activities, and record any health data available. If you want a device to not only do the health recording, but also want to be notified when you’re away from your phone, then this is a good device to keep. Oh not to mention it has GPS, ceramic back, and the fact that it is waterproof, so you will be notified under water. (what the heck!) If you won’t be needing GPS and you have your apple watch 1st edition, you may want to consider to hold off the upgrade for now, the processor is the same, the hardware is the same for the sports version, so that’s something you have to leave to your pocket if you want an upgrade of your watch. For those who does not have the 1st edition, and money isn’t an issue (it is always an issue), then go ahead give this device a chance, because you might like its neat features. For the pricing part, it starts at $369 but the steel version is set to $1099.


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