Review on Legit or Not?

I’ve been buying and selling items online, but since September this year I’ve been trying to find this book by Daniel Chidiac, and I’m unable to find it locally. My persistence continued, and because I really like to get a copy of it, where price is no longer a factor, I searched the internet to find a website that would allow shipping this item to the Philippines. I ended up landing to Since I’m a tenderfoot from this site, I asked myself if it is worth the risk to spend more than a thousand bucks for a book, in case the site is a scheme. I’m glad I did gamble there a bit.

I like that offers a chat support, it is important to know that someone would be there to answer you if you are having trouble with their site navigation.


I also like that they offer the payment method that I prefer: BDO. (easy access since I’ve got online bank account)


The ordering is self explanatory: You search the item, if they have it click Buy and select the payment method. With a few clicks here and there, I completed the order and I got an email instruction for that. (Oct 9th)

Order Confirmation and given the bank account info to send payment to.


Paid them online, send the receipt to the email address above. I got a reply the same day from their support team via email, that they received my payment. On the 3rd day from the time of order (Oct 11th) I got an email from them that my order has been processed and given a delivery date of Nov 4th or earlier. I thought that 3 weeks is not too bad as I rather wait than think about the horror stories I heard about Customs or Philpost.

On Oct 21st, I get an email from them that the order is for delivery within the next 3 days, was given LBC tracking number that I may have to check after 3-4 days. As to my surprise, on Oct 22nd, I got this:


In just two weeks (13 days to be exact) I got my order. They stayed true to their words when they said it would be earlier than Nov 4th. Or perhaps they exaggerate the time of arrival so expectation is not going to be that high? Just kidding. I’m a happy camper because I liked how the communication flowed….though not sure if they are using a template for the email as there are some spelling issues on it. (no biggie really, just for point of feedback)


So kudos to! If you are still reading this part, you pretty much know that this site is a legit one. I am neither a member of this organization nor a paid advertiser. I am just happy to review the service I got from them.


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