Quick bites at Tim Ho Wan

Food is more than umami, it speaks volume about a country’s cultural background. This is why when you travel or go to a new place, food is always part of your discovery list. Like in the case of Filipino dishes, there are multiple influences on our food gusto: Spanish, Chinese, Western and Asian clouts.

The closest to my heart is Chinese, I mean who doesn’t want dimsum, rolls, siopao and that popular noodles, right? So I decided to try Tim Ho Wan with all the buzz I am hearing about this restaurant.


We dined in at the Mall of Asia branch of Tim Ho Wan, the ambience is alright, I wish the place is bigger, considering how jam packed this restaurant is, we had to line up for about half an hour before we get seated to our tables. The only thing I noticed is that they are issuing saucers instead of plates. Maybe it was just me, like a matter of preference, maybe the logic there is about having smaller plates so you wouldn’t over eat. I don’t know I still think it should have been offered in the first place.




I am glad that I picked the most sensible food to order, the best one probably among the menu: the pork bun. It is a pandemonium to my mouth, like I don’t want to stop chewing. Really thumbs up on the soft bun and perfect sweet pork filling. The next one is the beef brisket tendon, nothing fancy really, but it reminded me of the long noodles that we used when we prepare spaghetti.




It would be on the midrange like within P150-250 for a decent solo order. Not too steep, but if you are a hungry boar, it would probably cost you more.

Overall I am giving this a rate of 3.0 out of 5.0, it is a sufficient Tim Ho Wan experience for me, and pork bun just simply stands out, while the rest of the menu are pretty average.


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