Hindi Kita Papopormahin: Trillanes vs Cayetano

Philippines, this is the kind of Senator that you put on power to make the law. It is about time to restructure the government formation of this country. Too many traditional politicians, too many double face lawmakers where most of them mastered hypocrisy. Most importantly when a senator intimidates a co-senator, what would make you think he has high most respect to ordinary citizens? This is why you should know who you are voting for, hinde komo uso (Oakwood mutiny, 2003) powerful na, iupo na sa pwesto. Kung kaya nyang magpakasutil sa gobyerno that time with all the military antics, we shouldn’t be surprised how he can make a scene at the senate, may it be in the form of distraction or bullying.

This is the same senator, who compares his President to Ampatuans (mass murderers) without blinking.

This is the reason I don’t go for those who brag about their military achievements. Heckling or not by Trillanes, it is totally uncalled for and diabolical. You can’t gasconade your power or position, when you cannot even respect your own colleagues. To the Yellow team and followers, spare me from your apologetics, your guy has forgotten to bring his manner, simple as that. To wit, will Trillanes do that to Senator Pacquiao? I guess not, ihanda mo muna ang panga mo. Pero siguro nga ganun ang trending sa Pinas, kung sino pa ang mga nasa mataas na posisyon, sila pa ang walang modo.


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