Train To Busan: Run as fast as you could

A rainy weekend afternoon makes you feel like you wanna stay at home. Happy to make a choice of going to the mall and check which movies are showing. Good thing I was able to catch the movie Train to Busan, a Korean movie created by Next Entertainment World, which is about Sok-woo and his daughter Soo-ahn who are boarding the KTX train bound to Busan when an unknown disease strikes to one of the passengers, and threatening to infect the rest of the boarders. So if you’re one of the many who’s into zombie inspired plots, then this is a must-watch-movie. (R-13)

I’d recommend not to watch any reviews or check any spoilers if you intend to see this, so you would get high on adrenaline rush all throughout this movie. Actually I admire the effects and inserting dramatic side on the story line, except the cause of the infection, which is a bit lacking/lame for me.

We are so accustomed in seeing Asian ghosts stories, but not as much as zombie inspired story line, this one is special in terms of how each scene can directly affect you, as if you are part of the story. (good movies impinge me like that) They interject the family connection on characters, to make this movie more plausible. I feel there’s a sort of immersion on the actual story, where you feel that rush to run or hide, the need to look after your family when infection strikes, and the feel the need to run as fast as you could — because perhaps running is the only thing that could save your life. So I’d recommend you watch this movie if you are looking for several adrenaline peaks and it would be worth your penny, and if it matters to you, IMDB rates this movie: 8 out of 10.


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