The PiliPinas debate 2016

It is a non-stop political talks and debacles as to who should take the highest post to run the country as we get closer to the national election. Everyone has their personal bet, but personally mine is still hanging and later on I will point out my reasons for that. So I am going to provide a review of the PiliPinas debate 2016 that took place yesterday at the Cagayan De Oro stadium, as impartial as possible.

Photo courtesy of Comelec EID

Photo courtesy of Comelec EID

The “spectacle”

This debate would have been better if done on a monthly basis (starting 2015), as Filipinos will be able to differentiate better candidates from the doltish or copy-cats. Nice initiative though from Comelec. A prepared Presidential candidate know his/her platform by heart, as to how to lead this country and his/her steps/plans in improving the economic growth to fight poverty. If this is going to be just a 3-leg-event, I wish they made the time longer, like 4-6 hours of non stop talks on national issues, no commercial breaks. (Presidents will lead the country 24/7 and no timeouts, but they cannot even spend time on debates, without any breaks? Come on.)

The “bickering”

There were moments I got bored. I am expecting a slayer but instead I get generalities. These presidential candidates are supposed to lead the country and they cannot even refute their opponents premises? They are only good when they do separate interviews, but live debates? Nahh they all lack of fire, details, and not even good in counter charging. I believe though that Roxas and Poe came prepared, I am not saying they have shown moments of brilliance on all rounds, but their statements are more acceptable when you talk about “debates.” Both of them still need some things to do to cleanup their public images. I got disappointed with Duterte as he mostly just concur with his head-to-head opponent. I mean if you basically just concur with it, then what else is different from you if we elected you as the President? I am beginning to be disgusted about that 3-6 months promise, it sounded nice at first, but then its deafening to the ears if not followed by detailed plans. Filipinos are looking for sense of direction, and that most would probably noticed that Cayetano is the brain of Duterte. I am not fond of Santiago’s answers, I felt she can do better than that. Something isn’t right about her, perhaps conceding with Duterte’s presidency? (I don’t know about that, but it appears they became instant allies at the show) Her feisty ways aren’t providing her political platform to the country. I almost felt there are just 4 candidates, and Santiago is just a salimpusa.  Well Binay, as he continually emphasized how decisive leader he is, but shown poor performance on live debates. I don’t see being decisive with his answers, nor he had proven that he have great leadership knowing he is a tenured politician, it is all pure generalities and not directly answering issues on wealth and dynasty.


To be honest, it is one of those times, that you wish there are other candidates for the President’s post. So why I still haven’t decided who to vote on May’s Presidential election?

  1. The political history of my beloved (I am hoping this won’t be the last to use this adjective) country is that no matter how good you are, they always go for who is a lot famous, making me feel that maybe my Presidential vote wouldn’t matter, because the majority decides anyway. But then again my principles pulled me back, when I casted my vote on Roco, against GMA and FPJ, no matter what the statistics say, I didn’t feel that it is a wasted vote, that time. I will eventually have mine, just not today.
  2. I am still looking for that “edge” on each and every presidential candidate. I believe though, all are simply promises, we wouldn’t know if they will even execute their plans, until they got elected. It is just a matter of who would we risk our votes of confidence.
  3. I need to hear specific plans on criminality, international relations, drugs, constitutional laws and implementations, budget deficit, poverty and economic growth. We are so focused on non sensical aspects of these candidates but failed to get what this country needs from the supposed head of the Philppines.
  4. I wanted to hear them give awkward answers from tough questions and how they go around it. Great leaders accept faults/defeats, but will do something about a dilemma. The candidate with the least answer of awkwardness but provides a solution, my vote will certainly be his/hers.

There you have it, let me know what you think about the PiliPinas debate 2016 and if you are contented with the way they answered.


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