A switch to iPhone 6s plus (review)

I have been an Android fan for the longest time, I have used several phones like Samsung, HTC and LG, stayed with it for customization purposes. It took me 6 generations of iPhone to finally make the decision for an ultimate mobile switch. Don’t get me wrong, I have used Apple products like ipad/ ipad minis, but haven’t jumped to that phone level. So today let me talk about my iPhone experience (after a month of usage) with its latest features.


I was trying to get the 64GB Rosegold color, but I ended up having the Gold one. The latter looks more classy and I kind of like it actually. With its 5.5 (1920×1080 resolution) Retina HD display with 3D touch, it is made up of new alloy 7000 series aluminum, so you know it is rock solid. Its cover glass is the most durable used in any smartphone. It is solid in the hand, not heavy, with its 6.77 ounces or 192 grams.



It’s using the 64-bit A9 chipset that delivers better CPU and up to 90% faster GPU performance for gaming apps. It is so fluid that I did not experience any lags or closing app when playing games, switching one app to another, multi tasking, it is just that awesome and delivers beyond my expectation. Audio is good, with the speaker design at the bottom, I mostly put volume at the middle, it is loud, crisp and clear enough for me. Booting time is lightning fast, in less than 15 secs, icons load completely.


With basic apps like internet and social apps, I was able to utilize the battery up to 12 hours. There is even a day where the standby hours last up to 24 hours, It varies depending how much you use up your screen, how often you use LTE, and your brightness settings. My display setting is typically placed at the  middle with auto brightness enabled. There is also the battery option Low power mode, if you wanna save up some power.


This battery usage below is for continuous extensive game apps, that allowed me on an average of 7 hours.


The new iPhone 6s plus is now using 12 MP for its back camera, and 5MP for its front camera, with its bragging flash camera, so for selfie addicts right there, that would be a good feature to have. It can now take 4K video recording at 30fps, or 1080P at 30/60fps. Live photo is cool, but I don’t really use it that much.

I like the touch ID feature when unlocking the screen or purchasing at the Apple market. Its 3d touch is fun to have, and I hope that as more apps adapt to that functionality, we will be able to maximize that cool function. I mostly use 3d touch with the preinstalled apps, or mail apps, also in Twitter or Instagram > Direct Message.


Overall, it is a fun experience to use iPhone 6s plus as my main mobile driver. If you have lower iPhone generations or the previous iPhone 6 and wonder if an upgrade is a must, it all depends on you really, if money isn’t an issue, then go ahead. I am glad I made that switch for iPhone 6s plus, with its specifications, it would leave me using this phone for more than a year or so. You may want to give it a go and take advantage of its power and features.

Casing that I interchangeably use with my phone:



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