Why I want Moto Hint earbud?

This technological era is fast approaching where gadgets are becoming smaller, handy, sleek, without sacrificing its overall functionality. This is why it is a must for me to have this new Moto Hint bluetooth accessory. You are like in God-mode, commanding your phone thru your voice.

  • It recognizes when it is on your ear, and disconnects if it is not.
  • Has voice control features connected to your phone, where you can give voice commands, accessing your typical mobile apps, etc. Currently compatible with Motorola connect, but soon will be supporting major phone models.
  • It is tiny with very straightforward function: A wireless earbud.
  • Can last up to 10 hours of battery life. Yes it has that unique charger dock.
  • No more dangling wires, you can save money by not buying headset over and over due to wire issues.

How about you, what gadgets have you been eking to get? What benefits will you get out of it?


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