The Battledome

Have you ever been in a confrontation wherein you have the urge to win an argument? Like when your mom scolded you after you went on a party and come home late, or when your boyfriend discussed with you over something really small or anything that spike up the conversation resulting in a bull session — hearing the stuff you supposed not to know? Me, I do. most of the time I would just shun away from it, but as the conversation is raging, the yearning inside wants me to continue, to go on in scrutinizing the details of it. I’m not sure if it’s a hormone thing, but i don’t think that sexuality has something to do with it. It is not being belligerent but it’s more of a manifestation of this tenet. An account of all the ideas that is opposing your beliefs. I never belittle your capacity to argue, but behooving your convictions will make you better, somehow.

After awhile, then you go back to your senses that no matter what you do, none of you will accept that the other person is right, as the mind is programmed that way. You’re tired that both of you injected manipulative words to each other. The vehement long talk will eventually diminish after few minutes of silence….producing cacophonous sounds. Finally, it’s over, both of you decided to wave the white flags and get over the heart sores.

Things are considerably getting back to normal, but the main question is unanswered. Who’s the winner at that battledome? Is it the person who can say it out loud, or the one person who paved way for the reconciliation? If you ask me who win in that synopsis, I guess a little titter will do.


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