Enemy: A movie review


If you are looking for a thrilling psychological movie, with a very intriguing ending, then watching Enemy that stars Jake Gyllenhaal would definitely be a good fit for you.

While others inaccurately conclude that giant  spiders would take over the world, here are my conclusions:

– The poster says it all, it is all in the mind of Adam Bell, a history teacher who is battling his subconscious identity of a man who can’t resist temptation. And by that I meant he created his alter ego as the manifestation of madness, a result of glitch in the order of things.

– Spiders that you see on this movie, is not literal, it is indeed figurative. It is a representation of women, in which before mating the female spiders put male spiders on its web, and kills it after mating. There is also a part of the movie where Adam talks about control, or dictatorship, a repetitive pattern, and he felt that his trait of failing to resist temptation to other women is like him being the male spider being controlled by his wife, Helen played by Sarah Gardon.

– The wife knew along about her husband’s splitting personality but go with it, with an attempt that would help him feel better.

– The ending where Jake looks like disappointed at something signifies the feeling of exasperation that things will be repetitive, him being tempted again to go to a certain club, and that the wife (the huge spider looking scared), has that control and feeling of uncertainty about Adam’s faithfulness. It is as if even when Adam tries to change, it will just be in a vicious cycle.

Overall, I am drawn to this movie, it is well thought, it reminded me of Dr. Hekyl and Jekyl, it basically stimulates your mind to think about how the movie elements go together. I had to watch this twice, to notice small things like the background music, the imagery, that all pertains to Adam being an unfaithful husband, and his attempt to combat that.


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