Hanging out at North Park

When I think about North Park, there is only one thing that comes in my mind: Chinese delicacy. They pretty much serve the food you get to see on those restaurants like dimsum, noodles, hotpots, etc. We will be doing a quick review on North Park Noodles, Cubao branch.


They have this unconventional architectural design, I mean of course they pretty much based it on the circular space around Araneta Center, but their high ceiling with this wooden wall at the center makes it more interesting. The furniture and condiments are alright, nothing fancy really, however it is a good place to have intimate team or family dinner.




If you are looking for a Chinese inspired cuisine, this would be a good place to go. Their sauces are simply awesome, it is as if they go back to the basics of your palette with the intention of satisfying you in every bite. All the dishes we ordered, just come together and it surprises you that it tastes better than it looks. I personally like the Sweet and sour lapu-lapu, as well as the garlic squid. The beef tendon is also good, where I get to pour its sauce over the yummy yang chow rice. The lechon macau gets highlighted more once you try the sauce that comes with it. It gives you that tingly feeling in your tongue, and before you know it, you are already full.


The Menu


Yang Chow Rice, P190

Lechon Macau, P278

Lechon Macau, P278

Nanking Beef & Tendon w/Raddish, P267

Nanking Beef & Tendon w/Raddish, P267

Sweet & Sour Lapu-Lapu Fillet, P283

Sweet & Sour Lapu-Lapu Fillet, P283

Salted Garlic Squid, P234

Salted Garlic Squid, P234


The serving looks alright for me, but others might find it small so others would say that the prices are a bit steep, but actually an order can be shared, perhaps to 2-4 people depending on your appetite. Their fruit shakes which is around P90 is poured on a huge glass, so technically the price is affordable.

There you have it, we hope you can try there as well and share your North Park experience.

North Park Araneta Coliseum
G/F Coliseum Circle, Araneta Coliseum,
General Araneta Ave Cubao, Quezon City
Tel No: (02) 441-4098

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