5 Scam Alerts on Unemployed Pinoys (UEP)

UEP or Unemployedpinoys.com is a site offering members to work on a project dashboard, with a guarantee of encoding jobs for Filipinos to earn money. It sounds really like an easy thing to do, so I spend some time to check on this site. So members will fill up a form submit to their official email address unemployedpinoys@gmail.com & pay a registration fee of P350 or roughly around US $8.50.

I really force myself giving this site a chance, however there are some things that I found alarming, and I have no idea if it was intended by them, a rookie mistake or UEP is just not as legit as you think. I will leave you with your conclusions at the end of this post, but below are the things that I noticed from UEP.

1. Upfront registration fee. The domain title tells us that people going there need jobs/money, but this site asks for a fee before getting even started. I’m not saying that registration payment automatically equates to bogus or scam, but take note of popular job sites like Elance, Odesk or Freelancer, those sites are not asking for any initial payment. These sites operate on its own & was able to sustain the site without having the need to ask members paying for it. Besides a commercial site domain would only cost at around $12 or P500+ or unless of course their so called “dashboard” is also a subscription based from another provider, but still I don’t think that members should be shouldering the initial expenses.

2. Transparency. I have read their site info, but there was never a mention of actual founder/s of this site. This is real talk, famous online superstars are proud of their products or services, they are not shying away to tell to the world about them or the company they represent. They only put there Splunkeez Inc, I mean there is so little (or perhaps None) of available info about the company, that would make you believe that they have been operating for quite some time. And why it says City Province as their business scope, does it mean it is only limited to that area to operate, where as digital sites boundary can go from local to nationwide access? Other members brag about this DTI registration, but failing to see that business scope. How are they registered to DTI to begin with, like a local business establishment? Is it too much to say that if there is a problem with the legality of the company registration, they have no right to operate, much like establish a paid-to-do site?


3. They miss important site details. I don’t know about you but these are deal breakers for me:

  • Their FAQ page is such a comedy, I mean why would you even call it Frequently asked questions, if there are no questions and answer list? They also have a funny note at the FAQ….

“In Doubt of Registration Fee? Then do not join, we are not even asking you to =)” To top that, they have a note at their Pre-account access documentation saying something like this: UEP Dashboard is only for those with positive views in life (To avoid being embarrassed daw by your own expectation) So people outside UEP are considered negative minded? Right, the likes of bank managers, president, yuppies, profs, etc.

  • Wrong spellings which would mean it was not proof-read.
  • The Policies tab links to the same Join Us page, as of this writing. (para sa mga pilosopo, check the time/date element)
  • They have no Privacy policy or Terms and Conditions, legit sites should have these documentations ready. (again check the date of this post)

The items I mentioned above are missed badly by UEP, ang pinagtataka ko lang, if nag ooperate na kayo early 2014, naniningil na rin ng fees that time, baket ang small details about your own site ay hinde pa polished? Thus the creation of this blog post.

4. UEP social links are not working. As a nitpick, I always look for the things that majority of people wouldn’t dare checking. I saw this from their main site, at the very bottom, and none of the links are working. So aside from their fb pages, you won’t be able to reach them via other medium. I mean why do they have to put it there if it serves no purpose at all?  To be clear, para sa mga umaapila, I am not referring to their Facebook page like when it is established, I am talking about the social link from the UEP site. This is why I posted the screenshot below. In short, kung may FB link or other social info na pala kayo that time, baket hinde nyo na-hook-up sa sarili nyong UEP page? Ayan oh greyed out! Nakalimutan na naman? Kung FB link lang ang meron kayo, why also the need to put Gmail, Twitter and Youtube links? It causes confusion, or a nonsense aesthetic decorative element.


5. They are using a webmail as their official contact email address. I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER trust a company that uses free webmail like the ones from yahoo or gmail. (unemployedpinoys@gmail.com) It made me think that they could not afford buying their own mail account. Like where is the company branding there?

I am not saying that those who get paid with proofs are completely accessory to the scamming. It might be true that they pay some members, perhaps to gain initial trust and let people advertise the site, in the long run, UEP won’t last. And who knows, the money they use to pay some members is the same registration fees they get from the newly signed up members. On top of that, they have the P100 per referral which substantiates why getting money out of referral is quicker to earn than encoding jobs, while they are advertising that you pay them to get jobs, not refer people. They can easily get away with that “networking concept” by saying it is an optional feature. But who are they kidding, really?

Anyways, you believe what you think is fair and right for you, hopefully you find some sense on the things I posted above. I simply do not like the idea of wasting hours for a task but not getting the money you work hard for. I’ve worked with professional online marketers and so we are very much aware on what a good, legitimate site content is. Unfortunately with all the available elements, I classify UEP under non-legit category. I certainly welcome comments from UEP representatives. If this is really a legit operating site as you claim, then defending it must not be that hard.

FYI: Comments that do not answer the views at my post and trying to lure my blog readers to signup at UEP, will automatically be deleted. If you have the temerity to invite people at least have the respect to read the post. You did not come here by chance, then the least you can do is to READ. This is a review page, stop recruiting people here.



      1. Hello Ronelyn, thanks for dropping by at my blog. It is good that it works for you, kumikita kayo as you claim regularly, keep that up. The question is if it’s really a pretty neat job, why do you have to invite people, if you will simply earn from doing jobs alone? No matter what po kase, people would see it as networking/pyramiding.

        Would you also care to answer the points posted above, what can you say about that? Thanks!


      2. I have workmate who worked there too. And she will invite me also daw. Then sabi nya nag-eencode lang sila, may mga binibigay na oline works. Kaso ng nabasa ko ito nagdadalawang isip na tuloy ako. Even my boss worked there. Parang networking nga sya.


    1. Good day, tnx ky dapsy, actually pareho tayo ng pananaw regarding this site, na amaze ko nung una kc nga ang daming positive comments regarding this unemployed site online site, before nung wla Pa akung regular job, nag oonline jobs din ako, ang question kc dito kung legitimate job to, y they ask rgstratn money?dapat wlang ganun, dapat test files kung qualified ka sa job o hndi, or kung meron man tlagang rgstrtn fee for the maintenance etc ng server, domain,electricity, admin etc, dapat salary deduction dba? Alam nyo ang nkkta ko dito, tama 2ng dapsy, this is a networking and pyramiding scam, di lng natin napapansin maliit lng kc na halaga 350, wlang problema kht pa nga ung rgstration is 10,000 as long as salary ddctions, 32cents per row, ilang row ba meron sa isang short na papel 32? Tpos kung mkainvite ka 100per person. Eto tanung ko sa mga nagsasabi na kumikita cla ng 2000 a week, ung earning nyo ba a purely encoding lng o ksali ung komisyun nyo sa pag envite? Kung sa pag encode lng tpos nka 2k kau per wek, congrats,my work nga tlaga kau, pero kung ksali na dun ung pag invite, nanloloko kau ng kapwa nyo, sbgay almost 14milyun pa naman nw ung pilipino na wlang trabaho, marami pa kayung maloloko, palibhasa ung mga kumikita for nw dito wlang pakialam kung panu cla nanloloko ng di nla alam. Isipin mo lng sa 350, ung 100 mapupunta sa ngrecruit, pagpalagay na natin ung 50 napunta dun sa gnencde u, 200 ung mapupunta dun sa mga nanloloko. Hay buhay mahal na ng bïgas bawang etc nanloloko pa kau, saka ung site halatang di pinag aralan, buti na lng dapz na scrutinize, mas masarap kumita ng pera ng hndi ka nanloloko ng kapwa mo para kumita

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    2. I joined last September 30, 2014. Nakapasa ako ng isang report at first. Then yung second, hindi na. Then the third, hindi rin. Dahil may database error sila ngayon. Today is Nov. 27, 2014. Everytime na papatok ng thursday to submit the report, dun nagkakaerror ang database. Pero kapag ibang araw, ok ang dashboard. Kahit 350 lang yan, ilang kilong bigas narin mabibili dyan. Sa mga nagsasabing kawawa kami kasi wala kami kinita at kayo, kumita ng higit pa sa 350.. tell me now kung hanggang ngayon kumikita pa kayo.. or maybe, kayo ang may pakana nito, kayo ang mga scammers. And yes, kahit kayang palitan un pera, I just wasted 380 pesos (plus charge sa LBC) na sana pinambili ko nlng ng bigas para sa family ko. I search for articles like this before and I might have overlooked at this and haven’t read this.. Lesson learned.


    3. ate #Ronelyn Alberio nakit ko po un work mo sa uep katulad ng sinabi mo kumita ka pero parang tingin ko isang beses ka lang ata may ginawa dun kasi hindi na nasundan un post mo about UEP


  1. You’re welcome Jun. Actually it seems that UEP had seen this post, they made changes to their site relative to what I put here.

    They have updated their policy page, their only social link, facebook is now enabled, but their FAQ page is still useless. (as of this writing) About the registration payment, they changed it, users are not required to pay if not eligible to join their project, without discussing the eligibility details. (uncertainty again) Gmail is still, sadly, their official email account. (gah!) The No guarantee, No warranty policy applies in UEP, so imagine a project or a job that can leave you hanging is pretty vague, as it does not build any trust to continue. (site stability) They also removed their funny note at the supposed FAQ page “In Doubt of Registration Fee? Then do not join, we are not even asking you to =)” So kung hihimayin ko pala, nakatulong pa ang site na ito para maimprove ang UEP pages. 😀

    There were changes made, but not convincing enough to prove the authenticity as a legit pay-to-do-jobs website. You can take the plunge if you insist, but the fact that the referral fee (P100 per person) is bigger than what you earn from actual jobs, lumalabas na networking din ang concept, where you earn money from recruiting than the offered jobs itself.


  2. Thanks, appreciate it 🙂

    Oh and if there is any consolation for UEP, your background jingle at the Tour page is pretty cool.


  3. I agree with you. Paulit ulit ko binabasa yung andun sa site nila, there are some na hindi ko maintindihan bakit ganun. I just joined and right now i’m regretting it na. Sayang yung 350 ko. I’ve been working with the 1st task which is the business listing. Kung iisipin, sobrang liit lang nung 32cents per row. Like kahit nakaabot ka ng 1000 rows ang liit pa rin.Tapos mas malaki pa yung makukuha mo pag nakarecruit ka. 100 per person na marerecruit? Edi sana wala nalang encoding and whatsoever. Nadala lang ako dun sa positive feedback nung friend ko. Hay. Thanks for this info. 🙂


  4. Thanks Jehan for dropping by. At least that will save you from wasting your time working there. The dollar cents per job equivalent to X number of hours is maliit talaga, compared to recruiting people and that is how UEP pushes members, to recruit more para mas may kita sila out of the registration fee. The basics of Math and Peso sign, wag na nateng gawing komplikado pa.


  5. I can’t say sayang yung 350 reg fee ko. Kasi on my first week, I earned 800 pesos which is double pa sa binayad ko. It’s their website and they have rules regarding sa work. The new dashboard is not fully developed. I earn 5h to 9h every week and I can’t find no reason to regret it. UEP is for those who are interested to earn EXTRA money. In my opinion, about Odesk and Elance, these two are big websites that caters to anyone around the globe. While UEP is only for Filipino citizens. To tell you, Odesk and Elance, di basta2 makaka kita ng pera jan, kahit free registration un sites. Di ka makakahanap ng 9h every week kung di ka mag aapply sa mga freelancers. Additionally, ung mga freelancers sa Odesk and Elance, picky sila.


    1. Sana nakita ko ito bago ako nag Join 😥

      I have only earned P71 pesos during my 3weeks.. Masipag po ako, Promise! I have worked 8 hours every day researching and encoding and all i got is P71 pesos!

      Refund policy then was this “If you feel that in less than one (1) month, you are not satisfied with the small earnings you gain, or to what we can offer for you as a data researcher/encoder, we will refund to you, your PHP 350.00 in full. BUT! If you exceed One (1) month as a member and already started gaining income from the program, your Registration Fee is no longer refundable.”
      I requested for refund. After 4 months, hanggang ngaun wala parin! 😥 huhuhu

      Sabi nila saakin “Nagcheck na kasi ako ng file wala kasing official letter for refund pinacheck ko sa IT lawyer ng company.. and according kasi sa DTI 7 days lang yung dapat na consumer rights and hindi one month after na naideliver namin yung dashboard na may task at working naman yun yung nakalagay sa DTI consumer rights kaya hindi valid yung 1 month”

      They changed their policy! It is not fair! 😥 until now, im still asking for my refund. Malaking pera din kaya ang P350 😦


  6. Hey Metz, thanks for visiting! We believe we mentioned at the post that those who received their payments, just as you claimed, were not necessarily part of the scamming scheme, if there is any. However we have seen sites like this that pays initially but did not last — bottomline, site sustainability. Kung mapapansin mo rin sa post that we scrutinize the UEP site elements comparing it with other legit sites, regardless if it’s a startup, or as huge as Odesk/Elance, we did not go to that “members payment” side dahil alam naman namen na may nakatanggap talaga ng bayad. Hinde rin nag eequate that just because you received payment meaning na legit na ang sites right away, because ginagawa na yang scheme na yan all over the world, to make them look like legit. It is as if they let people to initially advertise for them, and they wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks for that. (which is galing din sa registration fees ng members)

    If you find comfort with UEP then good for you. While this may not necessarily fit for everyone, kase yung iba gusto jobs to do, more than recruiting people to earn. So the question there if the recruitment process offers more income than the jobs itself, what do you call that then?

    Elance/Odesk due to high competition as they cater larger scale service, mas mahirap talaga kumita, pero hinde ba yun ang concept ng pag earn ng extra, or real jobs for some — hard earned money, as opposed to easy money? (via recruiting)


  7. yung 350 ko natriple na sa uep! at isa ako sa mga proud member dito, cgro isa ka sa mga TAMAD na MEMBER kaya wala kang sinahod at kaya galit na galit ka.. hindi kasi pwede sa uep ang tamad na tao. ANG SCAM TERM sa mga ganitong company ay TERM na ginagamit ng mga TAMAD at WALANG pOSITIVE THINKING na tao. HINDI MASASAYANG ANG 350 ninyo sa uep kung gusto ninyo ng extra income join us guys..!!!


    1. A warm welcome to you Ruther, kahit pa sinabihan mo akong tamad. 🙂 First of all, I can say straight to your face that I have worked hard than you can ever imagine. That’s why I hate it when my time, my effort or money is wasted on nonsense. I even have the time to review the site you patronize so loudly. I beg to differ na those reviewing UEP, who find dismay on it are by default “tamad.”

      If you read the entire post, as well as the comments, you will know that we are not denying the possibility of members being paid. Meron kaseng ganyang marketing schemes, matagal na. I challenge you to do a research on sites na initially nagbabayad, then suddenly nag close or nag stop, leaving newly registered members in vain. (after accumulating X amount of money from them) Kung lalawakan mo ang iyong pang unawa, kung meron pang pwedeng i-stretch yan, you would even have the time to check on the UEP Site elements that I posted here. Don’t ever teach me of the term “scam” if you didn’t even know the term “read.” You won’t be concluding right away if binasa mo ang points that I raised here. Actually hinde lang pera ang binanggit ko dito, but members seem to skip the rest of it. 😉

      Totoo na hinde masasayang ang pera kung pinaghihirapan, pero hinde kase yan ang anggulo ng site na to. So pretty much you are reacting to a different topic. (defense mechanism perhaps?) This is why I would rather hear it from UEP founders, because members, who are blinded by monetary benefits, bark just the way you do. And please stop bugging other people’s pages, kung wala ka namang decency to comprehend what is on it. Have a great day ahead. 😀

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      1. Thank you Dapsy for the information. I was interested in joining UEP but I hesitated. Siguro sigurista lang rin ako, kaya binasa ko yung terms and conditions, but still hindi ako na-convinced may kulang kasi eh background ng company. So naghanap ako ng feedback from the people who joined UEP both positive and negative, pati comments binasa ko and also I found this blog. Thank you ulit Dapsy 🙂

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    2. just by reading the word “recruit”, you could tell that it is pyramiding, in my opinion it’s not really a scam because some people earn?pero registration should be free, pag nagapply ka ba sa job binabayaran mo sila bago ka magtrabaho?I was planning to join but then I’ve read that may initial payment kahit maliit lang siya compared sa ibang pyramding na company it’s still not legit, thanks for the review!and also comments for the members of UEP kinda shows na di nila madefend the fact na pyramiding ginagawa nila?and blogging isn’t easy money so dapsy tama ka ndi ka tamad, oh btw I have a blog check it out http://rainauds.blogspot.com/2014/07/top-5-ways-to-earn-money-online.html, just some tips to earn money online!,anyways great review!I just started a blog site hope you could help me with it ms. dapsy ^_^


  8. Naku good thing I googled that site and found this! 🙂 actually, I was on the verge of signing up but when I read the terms and conditions I kinda questioned the reg fee… I asked the girl who is my contact person but all of a sudden she no longer replied. Then came to my mind to see if it is a scam and here I am. 🙂 As in kanina-nina ko lang sya kausap! So I reported her fb accnt as a spam. nakakalungkot nmn kasi na ginagawa nila yun para manloko ng tao na naghahanap lang naman ng maayos na trabaho. 😦

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  9. Nung unang nakita q ung UEP, sabi q reregister ako, pero di din natuloy. I just remembered it this day and thought of trying again, pero buti nalang sinearch q din qng scam.

    Yung mga nagsasabi na hindi scam yung UEP, kung yung blogger netong site, naresearch nya at maraming napoint out, bakit hindi din kau gumwa ng ganun? Show us EVIDENCES not just saying you earned through DATA ENCODING just like the site promoted.

    Anyway, thanks Dapsy. 🙂

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  10. Thank you eroserose and lovel for dropping by at this blog. You chose to believe what you wanna believe about UEP, we simply pointed out the things that deemed suspicious for us.

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  11. nice blog Dapsy..@Ruther Fontanilla wag kang magbibitaw ng salita kung hindi mo alam kung anong ibig sabihin nun. kung TAMAD si Dapsy bakit pa siya magbibigay ng time para gumawa ng blog na to?

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    1. Good job Geri, may pagka investigative na rin pala ang peg mo 😉 Well it is always nice to be curious, it is one way to protect yourself, lalo na sa virtual world.


  12. Haist.. Marami na namang naniwala sa mapanirang, trying hard sa traffic na blog na ‘to… -_-
    Wala namang sapat na ebidensya nangupya pa talaga sa ibang blog d’yan.. Loser kasi si Dapsy @Geri Ibna kaya n’ya nagawa ang blog na ‘to.


    1. Hello Shirly appreciate your feedback, this is going to be the last time I will answer a nonsensical comment, but I think you need to hear these things from me. First off, between us this blog has even better credibility than you. Your facebook account’s url says a lot about you. (gagon.ginago) I mean what kind of person represents him/herself like that?

      Next, when you say that the intention of this site is siraan ang UEP, did you even check the elements of what I posted here? Did you even understand every parameter? How can I destroy UEP site, if sa kanila mismo galing ang mga elements na yun? Is it not true they ask for registration fee, is it not a fact that they have a referral system? So before you conclude na sinisiraan ko sila, matuto ka munang magresearch at most importantly magbasa. (Kaya maraming mga bobong tao, because they skip reading)

      Lastly, when you accused me na nangongopya ako ng gawa, this is a very heavy statement. And mind you, I am taking that seriously. I dare you to paste the link, to post the source where I copied the article from, because truth of the matter is, this post won’t even be at the top of Google search engine (Search SEO in case you didn’t know) if it has no relevance & if it was copied from another source. If you are unable to post your sources, then you have humiliated yourself by publicly admitting that you lied. Worst case, you are not even good at it.

      Dahil sabe sa PlagScan, that this post is pointed ONLY at my blog. Nuff said, now alam na ng lahat how twisted your tongue is Shirley.

      So for everyone out there, who’d rather hit the blogger, as opposed to understanding the context of this post, you better present your facts, cause I won’t back down. Again this post does not get to you voluntarily, you searched for this, therefore learn how to respect the confinement of this blog site. How about you write your own review? We are entitled to our own opinions. Others are simply better than the mediocre.

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    1. Thanks Shiela for dropping by. You choose what you want to believe about UEP. We are glad to help you in any possible way we can.


  13. Hi guys!
    Kindly visit this link too:

    tamakikraven dot wordpress dot com

    This article opposes Dapsy’s article.

    Hi Dapsy
    I hope you don’t feel offended with my article I just wanted to defend my employers which UEP. No harm intended okay? 🙂 I hope we can be friends too.



  14. @Keiraven1 What a great gesture to counter post my writing, this post must be that famous! Haha. I hope your intention is not to just get traffic going to your blog site, (I might take your comment down if that’s the case) but rather understand with all clear intention all the elements I mentioned here.

    Oh and we can’t be friends 🙂 because you clearly stated at the end of your post that “it is written to destroy the name or credibility of ‘The Daps Chronicles’ and it’s writer.” I don’t build friendships with that kind of people. That is hipocrisy.

    Of course UEP updated their pages, from the time this post was created, lol. Please read the earlier comments from this post.

    May gusto lang akong clear dun sa post mo about webmail and mail server. (your item number 5) It is absolutely wrong to assume that just because you see a contact form at the UEP site meaning that they have a mail server, because they DO NOT OWN Google, (gmail ang main email ng UEP diba?) hence hinde nila server yun. To run a mail server, it is required to use SMTP and custom domain email account. Uulitin ko contact form does not equate mail server, even wordpress has the capability of creating forms without having to setup mail server, see sample below:

    You clearly have a lot to learn, but that’s a good feisty start for you out there.

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  15. My most sincere and humble apologies for this line madame
    “it is written to destroy the name or credibility of ‘The Daps Chronicles’ and it’s writer.”
    I didn’t notice that I failed to place the word “not”. I have updated it already.
    Again, I am very sorry for that mistake.

    It’s not my main intention to get traffic to my blog. I just wanted other people to have a second thought about UEP. I clearly understand why you have written this article because I was once a person who did not believe jobs that asks money from it’s probable employees.

    Yes that’s true UEP have updated their website and will be continuing to update their website because it’s not completely done yet.

    Yes I want to clarify that to ma’am, I am not saying that they own google, what I am saying is that it is probable that they have their own mail server because they have their own contact form in their site and they are not using google docs’ contact form. In a google docs’ contact form it will always have this link ‘Powered by Google Docs’ but theirs do not have this.

    Also just this morning I decided to take a look after the contact form’s code and found out that they are using wpcf 7 for their form. With this I humbly accept that my 5th item is wrong and have updated it accordingly to avoid confusion.

    I also hope that you update your post regarding the DTI registration because the business scope is not about the scope of the business operation but is about the scope of the business name. If you try calling any DTI branch and ask if a business can operate nationwide even if their DTI registered business scope is City/Provincial they will be giving you a yes.

    “No matter what po kase, people would see it as networking/pyramiding” I beg to disagree UEP is not networking, network marketing provides products that can be sold by members, UEP provide any product. It is not pyramiding too because in pyramiding Person A invites Person B and earns money, then, if Person A invites Person C he will again earn money plus a pair bonus for having 2 people below him. If person B successfully invites person D then Person B will earn and Person A will earn too without doing anything. UEP does not do this because if my invite has successfully invited a member I do not earn from it. We invite people but it is optional work for us, if you do not want to invite then do not invite them and just work on your encoding task.

    Dapsy, again sorry for my mistake and I want you to know that I respect your opinion, your blog and you as a writer. I just want others to have a second thought if they would like to join UEP or not, if they decided not to then it is alright with me since it will always be their decision I hate being forced that’s why I do not force people into joining or believing me. 🙂


  16. Tamaki, 🙂 now you see the importance of proof reading, which is a requirement in creating a professional website na dapat nauna ng ginawa ng UEP, kaya it is wrong na ipagtanggol mo sila by saying tao lang nagkakamali, that must not be an excuse. You yourself suffered from that by dropping the word “NOT” — it clearly changes the tone. (Think before you click, unless it is intended.)

    Maraming klase ng forms, it is not limited to Google docs, therefore mali para hanapin mo yung powered by Google Docs, it is only an example. It doesn’t make sense na they are subscribing to a free webmail tapos magtatayo sila ng mail server of their own. (did you even know how much to put up a mail server? I guess not) Isang malaking kalokohan yang point mo na yan. Naniningil nga ng registration fee from members, tapos kaya palang mag maintain ng mail server, a very unlikely, weird concept. Mas maiintindihan ko pa yung walang perang admin na walang pang maintain ng server/services kaya naniningil ng fee kesa sa nagsubscribe ng webmail tapos may sariling server. (all the more dapat pagdudahan ang intention for asking fees ng UEP) Mabuti naman you made a research on your own. More than challenging others, it is best to challenge what we know.

    I won’t update the DTI post, I will only do that once I spoke to a lawyer friend, who knows about legality issues, where you clearly missed other points. Also I would request that any future points you wanna share about UEP, kindly post that on your blog site, (para magkaron ka ng traffic of your own) not here. Let’s stop confusing others on who runs this page, and respeto na rin, if you still have it. Salamat sa pagbisita. 😉


  17. Hello Miss Dapsy. I just wanted to give some proofs which I really did research before joining UEP.

    1. 350 php fee. So everybody is saying “trabaho ang magbabayad sayo, hindi ikaw ang magbabayad sa trabaho”. That makes me think twice before joining UEP. So they have point huh? Honestly, that makes me decide na wag ituloy ang pagsali. And I started to google TOP LEGIT ONLINE JOBS. And success, I found some common names that are always at the list of some articles. Tigerfish, Clixsense, Humanity, Clickworker. VirtualBee, AxionData etc. So I rush to their website and seeking for answers on how can I apply. Unfortunately, they also have fees. Some says it is for background checking, some says it is for your activation etc. So I concluded, even those top legit site have fees.

    2. The most important factor you should consider when applying or dealing with online income websites or dealing financial transactions online is to look for “legitimacy and trustlogo seal” issued by international Trust Verification Companies.

    So I did researches about what is legitimacy and trustlogo seal issued by international Trust Verification Companies. TrustLogo is a way to provide trust and confidence to your website visitors. The TrustLogo graphic not only provides a visual confidence boost in your legitimacy, but employs unique technology to allow website visitors to quickly validate your right to display a TrustLogo and to easily view your credentials, as verified by a trusted third party. By simply pointing their cursor at your TrustLogo, a real-time request for validation of your identity is made to the IDAuthority®. Your credentials are returned in a dynamically generated certificate providing peace of mind to your website visitors. Further credentials are made available should they be required by the visitor – thereby ensuring your customers have all the critical details at hand to do business with you. And I found out that it is the https thing on the website. So I immediately go to the official website of UEP to find out if it has https. And it has. So hooray !! But I’m not yet satisfied. So I did more research.

    3. Websites who has this certificates, must have their Company Identity, TIN no., and other Pertinent Documents registered thru authorized Business Government Agencies within their originating countries before being approved for issuance of domain trust certificates. Legit websites, after completing such business requirements, shall then be audited on its system resource and other facilities, and if possible, preferably not being hosted on shared hostings.

    And so I learned that, every legit website that collects personal information and running on business should have this “legitimacy and trustlogo seal or the https thing. So my next research is, how do legit companies get this thing. Is it easy to have? Or do they need tons of documents.

    4. DTI or SEC is not enough when the subject of business deals with online transactions. Always look for the seal and domain trust certificate before you transact or engage, or trust with any online entities, for you to become secured.

    Trust Logo Support



    1. Hello Alyssa thanks for sharing. Why are you comparing Clixsense with UEP, it is like comparing an apple to orange. Clixsense is paid-to-click or PTC, while UEP is paid-to-do site. A better comparison would be Elance, Freelancer or Odesk. Are those asking for initial fees? Establish lang naten ng maayos ha, those legit sites may have deducted fees from members upon payout, but we are talking about initial fee here. Para lang klaro sa mga nalilito, magkaibang elemento po ang payout (ibabawas lang ang fee after you reach a certain amount at maari mo ng kunin ang kita mo) and initial fee. (wala ka pang ginagawa, hinihingan ka na ng pera) Wag nyong lilituhin ang iba by comparing these two different pay methods.

      Nakita ko yang trusted certificate na yan sa UEP site they are bragging about it but that does not answer to the intention of the founders for putting up a site. It uses Https oo to secure the site and its data for example when processing payment etc. Kumbaga that is a tool to make sure that UEP pages are secure hinde mapapasukan ng malware or mahahack ang data when browsing and registered to their company of course. Regular trusted logo is below P500/month, therefore napakadaling kumuha nito, even Godaddy has this. It is only to make sure that the webpages are trusted, walang kinalaman to if the company has no scamming scheme.

      Anyone can claim that they are legit even show you documentations. Gobyerno nga ginagawa yan, may mga projects tunog legal, pero scam pala when you scrutinize it tapos mababalita na lang na nagnanakaw sa bayan. Has anyone know the UEP founder? Has anyone even research where the projects came from? Baka naman sa odesk or freelancer lang din yan, then they put up a dashboard para hinde halata and members are paid less. Ibig bang sabihin, makakita ka lang ng trusted logo site, eh buong puso ka ng magtitiwala sa kumpanya na lehitimo na sila despite of all other suspicious fraudulent activities? (kuliglig sound)

      Wala namang nagsabe ritong hinde sila registered sa DTI eh (in question ang scope) nor wala silang nababayarang tao. I believe magkaiba tayo ng concept ng word na “scamming.” Para sa inyo siguro mabayaran lang kayo, hinde na scam while I clearly defined that scamming is more than that. It is like saying sana nagpahire na lang kayo kay Napoles, na it doesn’t matter kung san galing ang pasweldo nya sa inyo, for as long as you are being paid. Bottomline, matatanda na kayo, you believe what you chose to believe.

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  18. Yes. We choose what we believe. And I choose to believe as long as they pay. Madami na akong nasubukang legit online jobs. Maliit lng talaga ang rate. Even those who are in top placers ng mga list sa google. Virtual assistant, data entry specialist, identifying what kind of calls etc. They pay me around 2k-4k every week. Not bad for my sideline knowing I have my regular job. Anyway, you cannot blame UEP Members that keeps defending UEP because UEP actually pay. And kumikita sila. So I guess that explains much. Thank you for your time maam.


  19. oooh.. too much tension here eh? People are coming in and keep bashing up your blog. Its still good you dont back down and continue giving us facts. To the UEP employees and employers, there are just too many fishy things going on on your site that we cant trust. Dapsy kept on pointing those up and she(?) really did a good job out there. Please give her more of your proof to the point that she cant respond to you again. haha… Good job Dapsy.

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  20. Hello Lovel, they keep bashing my blog because they are afraid that if UEP is to be taken down where they will get extra money from? Paranoia. Or perhaps wala na kase silang ibang makitang review pages, other than those trying to recruit them. Mukhang bilang lang kase sa kamay ang nagrereview sa UEP. Hanggang ngayon puro members lang nagpupunta dito, I wonder if the founders have time to even visit this review page….Wait, sino nga ulet ang mga founders?

    Error: Face could not be found

    Yun nga tulad ng nauna ko ng punto, they get monetary benefits out of it, therefore it’s kind of expected that they behave like that, without realizing the point of views of this blog. Ang sa aken lang naman, I will answer to the best of what I know and presented facts, nasa kanila na yun if they stick with UEP or not. Kanya kanyang objectives kase yan, I will continue presenting things that I find suspicious, and nobody can stop me from doing that. 🙂

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  21. Agree! Magaling lng po sa simula yang UEP .. Masasayang lng ang oras at hirap na nilaan nyo sa pag.encode.. Hindi po nila chini.check ng mabuti ung report na sinasubmit natin at wala rin proof ung mga invalid rows na sinasabi nla .. kalahati lng ang vina.validate nla sa report mo … kung meron kang 1000 rows , less than 500 rows lng ang valid minsan “INVALID REPORT” pa.

    ito proof ko:


    kung chini.check nila mabuti ung report eh sana nakita nila ung contact number …

    na.submit ko na ang revision ng report na yan pero hanggang ngayon wala pa rin ang income summary ko .. san na ung sinasabi nlng 4 to 5 days? halos 2800+ rows din un..

    Scam po talaga yan promise ..

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  22. to shutdown this argument. if it’s a scam or not. the best way to find out is to GO TO THEIR OFFICE @

    The HRD
    AS-MAG St,
    Roxas City, Capiz
    5800, Philippines

    as stated on their website.
    (try experimenting on google map and be amazed.)

    then look for the founder himself, kapag nakita ninyo siya, then you’re lucky, if not use your brain so that you won’t be blinded.

    as for the DTI, I’m a student of Ateneo school of business and I have my own DTI Permits, 2 to be exact as part of my school requirements for business law subject but I don’t have naman my own business, it’s just for school purposes.

    in short, any adult can acquire DTI regardless of who you are as long as you have a legal I.D. driver’s license in my case and P200 if it’s only in the barangay, P500 if it’s only in the city, P1000 if it’s Regional and P2000 if it’s National (wala namang pakealam ung DTI if the business if not operating or not).

    How about looking for BIR, BUSINESS PERMITS, or other LEGAL CERTIFICATES?

    *BIR – it is where you pay you business tax. (regardless if you’re a freelancer, corporation or company)

    then payment through LBC? is LBC their partner(I can’t see any proof about that)? or they just buy the service like any other person who wants to send money to their loved ones.

    ***pero I bet sa office pa lang arguement collapse na.

    1. Send some pictures of your office. why? doon ka pupunta para maghabol kapag wala ka nang pera na nakukuha.

    2. Send some pictures of your founder. why? sa kanya ka maghahabol kapag wala ka nang pera na nakukuha out of all your work.

    3. Try working without RECRUITING anyone. Just do it for 2 months and you’ll be amazed kung anong mararamdaman mo and everything on this Blog will make sense.

    ***kailangan kasi ma-experience nyo ung katotohanan bago kayo matauhan.

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  23. Oh, I wouldn’t dare going to a non-existing place…or somewhere in Capiz 😉 Thanks Vienzent and Arkangel for your insights.


  24. I saw from someone recruiting via fb, medyo nagka-interest ako, but of course I need to do some research first and dinala ako sa blog na to, which is very helpful, I tried to search the office of UEP gamit ang google map. Taraaaaan! wala as in wala! Buti na lang nabasa ko to, thanks Dapsy. Anyway, may work naman ako sa odesk and I earned naman for my family, so, I think maging kuntento na lang siguro kung ano ang meron tayo….:)

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  25. It’s funny that I registered here just to leave a comment about UEP lol..
    Ok, Here’s my story, I joined the site almost a month ago, Although I read thia blog prior to joining I still gave it a try, the problem is, I only realized the flaw of this “job” right after I paid the 350 fee. It goes like this, to earn money you need to encode (in excel of course) lists of different businesses and establishments in your area/vicinity. I was stunned and asked the UEP group (in facebook) regarding my situation that what if I live in a very rural area and there are a very few businesses, does that mean I wont be able to earn high? because I can’t encode much! Then a member told me that if that’s the case, I shoul just focus on the recruitment task (100 pesos per referral), And I was like “what? ang ending ko pala referral din” after I realized it, I lost interest in doing the tasks. Now I emailed their HR for a refund (they do allow refunds) but till now there’s no reply. Still waiting for it.
    Oh just to make it clear, I’m not a spy na naninira lang sa UEP, I’m just stating my experience. UEP is good and will REALLY pay you if you live in cities and urban areas. But if you’re located in a small barrio or municipality, don’t expect much.

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    1. Thanks tsukihime0206 & Juan! 🙂

      Agree ako totally sayo Julie, we always have a choice on how to earn money. Others prefer earning the clean, hard way, may iba naman easy money. The choices we made clearly define us.


  26. Binasa ko yung buong thread takte hahahaha
    thanks dapsy dahil sayo nag sign up pako dito sa wordpress, kahit tumblerista ako =))

    OKAY SO GANTO, ang ganda ng feedbacks na naririnig ko. ang daming ganto ganyan pera pera pera legit legit legit

    so ako naman si, sige nga….. nag research ako ng nag research, no joke siguro 2hours before ko nahanap tong blog mo.

    tas nung nakita ko sa title palang ng blog mo “SABI KO NA EH”
    i was so close to register sa uep na yan takte sila

    sobrang kahina hinala website nila shet (sorry sa words)

    ako ay di hamak na teenager lamang, pero lakas nila mang goyo sa mga salitaan nila.
    na ganyan nako sa frontrow, royale, uno
    malakas tlaga sila magsalta sa tao.

    naghanap lang ako ng isang blog tlaga about saknila, thanks to you daps.

    at sa nagbigay ng link na to, about sa scam shizzz



    ayan tignan nyo, tas shut up na guys pls.

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  27. Hi! Tulad nga ng sinasabi ng iba, maraming salamat at naisip mong isulat ang post na ito. Kung anuman ang nag udyok sa iyo na isulat ito, sigurado isa itong experience that dont want others to feel.
    Bad thing, nakapag register ako sa uep. Good thing, i havent paid. And will no longer be paying. Kasi nga nabasa ko ang post na ito. Di ko lang alam kung pano ako mag oopt out sa uep? Nakapag lagay na kasi ako ng personal info sa site na yun. They might use for something evil when the time come na di na sila kumikita. Inputs, anyone? Thanks!
    Btw, while waiting for anyone to respond, ill go around dun sa initial page you see right after joining, baka may makita akong unsubscribe button of some sort.
    Again, thanks!

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    1. Hi Marie thanks for visiting, yes unsubscribe would mean removal from their mailing list. No assurance though that your personal info would be removed. I hope it will not be used for any other purposes…ok na yung selfie images (malay ko baket kinokolekta yun ng UEP, haha) but addresses & other personal info sana hinde nga talaga magamit sa masama. Or better yet, search for their documentations, pag may nabasa kang hinde nila gagamitin ang members info for any other use, print/screenshot it, so you can sue them pag nilabag nila yun…but that is, if you can even find the owners of the site, haha. Sabe nga ng matalinong taong kakilala ko — “Mahirap hanapin ang taong ayaw magpa hanap.”

      Ang alam ko kase sila ang may Confidentiality agreement wherein members must not reveal info about the UEP site, their technology, clients, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong, pero wala silang pinangako na iingatan nila ang data ng members. Pakibasa na rin ang Information Rights from their Standard Terms and Conditions. (hinde ko alam ang sakop ng personally identifiable info) Mas mabuti pong kung sino ang may pakana, sila ang mag explain sa inyo, masyado na silang sinuswerte if I would further elaborate 😀


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  28. From tsukihime0206 “It goes like this, to earn money you need to encode (in excel of course) lists of different businesses and establishments in your area/vicinity.”
    Natawa ako dito.. I mean, encoding different businesses and establishments? For what purpose? Hahaha clearly just a diversionary tactic to make UEP employees think they are really doing a task/job then if you get tired you go to the 2nd option on how to earn money, referrals… This is just my honest opinion about this line.
    Hi Daps –

    For starters, I, too, was brought here to your blog due to the same reason as with the comments before me — verifying if UEP is really legit.
    Instead what I found is drama.. hehehe :p
    Kudos to you, Daps! Keep shedding light to those dark paths people might want to go through. 🙂

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  29. Hi Erwin, thanks for checking out this post. Mukhang yun ata ang promise na task ng UEP, data entry in an excel file. Good point ang sinabe ni tsukihime0206, na if minalas ka at ang location mo ay konti lang ang offered jobs therefore mauuwi ka rin sa referral.

    At syempre wala rin namang UEP member ang may pakialam na makakaisip tanungin ang mga bossing nila or mag research kung totoo nga ang demographics concept na yun, or pautot lang para mauwi ang members sa referral. And therefore yes, we think the same thing that it is simply a marketing scheme.

    Btw, saan yung drama part? Haha. All this time I thought this is a phlegmatic-comedy blog thread. 😉


  30. Hello dapsy!
    It’s nice to read your blog before joining on that task (take note, I signed up to have wordpress account just to leave a comment here) Well any ways dapsy has a really BIG point there, just like what I think when I was browsing the whole site. Membership registration is for what?  Aside from that  given the fact thats is a networking tactics, i cant even  consider myself having a good wealth using the others money without doing worth jobs. (Real and Legit)
    I won’t go anywhere earning 2000 pesos a week since the so-called encoding jobs are only amounted to a few cents. You’ll only make “real money” from their optional tasks if you have recruited other members. Well, there is really an “encoding job.” I’m not telling it’s a scam. But oh well. I think it’s a networking job.
    dapsy right its a networking behind! maganda lng yan sa una pero pag nagtagal tagal isa pa yan sa pproblemahin mo.

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  31. I am a already a member of UEP and i have been working in odesk for a very long time already. Scam or not, UEP is just a total waste of time. You will earn small amounts of money while working almost 8hrs a day. The pay is too low while you spend too much time researching and encoding. Unlike in odesk that they will really pay u based on your work. Sa UEP kasi they will evaluate the works tapos sasabihin na “valid X number of rows” so nasasayang yung effort s kk encode pro hindi valid. True the site can be helpful for those na wala n talagang pagkakakitaan and no other things to do. But as a part time job for an extra income, parang ubos ang oras mo kaka part-time lang. Sa 350 ko, 12php lng n earn ko. I don’t want to spend all my time doing encoding and not being rewarded accordingly.

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  32. And the plot has thickened … since I last left a comment. Useful post. Revealing information. Insightful opinions.
    Natawa ako sa posts about their address and ‘yung pag-disclose ng personal info sa third party. Tsk tsk.



    sarap pakingan sa tittle banner need is internet and katotohanan ang work talaga ay manlinlang ng mga Pinoy na unemployed ang ma hire nito ay bobo kasi ang work nila mang hire ng unemployed din tulad nila para kumita di to naktutulong hinahatak pababa ang bawat pinoy na walang trabaho stop this kind of bullSh**T pyramid networking scam.


  34. Hi daps! I came across your blog because I am researching this site for an hour now. Not for me, but because some of my friends in facebook has been posting that they were hired on that site. with a Yehey! as if it’s a relevant milestone in their lives and blah blah blah. Being an online freelancer for 4 years, it was my first time to encounter that site.

    Thank you for the detailed scrutiny, because honestly sa membership fee pa lang na 350 ay hindi ko na tinuloy binasa, dagdagan pa ng pagre-recruit o refer or whatever. Thanks to your effort, pero ako hirap pa rin na i-explain sa iba na, online jobs are not like that. It’s not supposed to be like that. Never have I paid for a membership fee. There are membership upgrades but it is always optional… and it’s paid online for God’s sake.

    Hindi ko naman kasi ugali na i-post pa ang paypal transactions para sabihin na .. eto ganito ang legit. Hindi ko kailangang magyabang para ipakitang concern ako sa 350 pesos nila. Basta I’ve said my piece and this article is a great thing to send to them at basahin. Kung masipag silang magbasa.

    Andun na tayo sa maraming pinoy ang unemployed kaya catchy ang mga ganitong job opportunities “kuno”, pero sana maging masipag din ang mga unemployed pinoy na busisiin mabuti ang mga pinapasok. Malaking bagay ang 350 at hindi mo yan mapupulot kahit tumambling ka pa pabaliktad. Di ko rin kinatutuwa na marami ang nahuhumaling sa networking/pyramiding o kung paano pa nila ito nire-rephrase para maging tunog propesyonal. Parang nadadalian kasi sila sa job description na mag-refer pero common sense lang naman… ginigisa lang sila sa sarili nilang mantika.

    Maganda sanang may website for freelancers na exclusive for Pinoy dahil nga ang kulang lang sa’tin ay opportunity, kaso marami pa rin talaga ang mga oportunista na gagamitin ang kahinaan ng mga taong desperadong kumita ng pera.

    Sa mga naghahanap ng online jobs, wag masyadong gullible. Alamin ang tamang halaga ng iyong kakayahan at talento. Wala akong alam na trabahong kailangan mo munang magbayad para makapag-apply. Pag dating sa online jobs, kumikita ang mga website kapag may na aaccomplish kang work dahil dadaan sa kanila ang payment at ifo-forward sayo kaya hindi nila kailangan ng obligatory membership fee. Sa bawat trabaho mo ay may cut sila, nasa policy nila yun. Kaya kung masipag ka, parehas kayong magbe-benefit doon, hindi lang ang company. Pati ikaw, dahil magiging maganda ang working background mo online, at magiging tuloy-tuloy ang trabaho mo at habang nangyayari yun, nagkakaroon ka ng chance na taasan ng taasan ang professional fee mo. Kahit anong online jobs kapag umpisa maliit ang rate, natural at naguumpisa ka. Pero 2k-4k in a week sa UEP malaki na yun? Dahil sa pagencode ng minimum of 8hrs? Parang hindi naman yata makatarungan na ganun lang ang binabayad sa kanila. Malaking pera pero hindi yun ang sapat na bayad sa ginugugol nilang pagod at oras.At kapag sinabing online jobs, dapat qualified ka to do a certain job, dapat maraming klase ng job hindi lang isa.At ang bawat aapplyan mo, alam mo kung ano ang kailangan nila, kung kaya mo bang ibigay ang needs nila, kung saan mapupunta ang gawa mo, sinong mabibigyan ng credit and magkano etc.

    Marami kang kapaki-pakinabang na magagawa sa 8 hrs. ng isang araw, kung unemployed ka at determinadong kumita, maging masipag ka sana sa pagsaliksik ng mga bagay na papasukin mo. Kapag kasi sa mga kumikitang kabuhayan na kailangan mo munang magbayad, ganito kasimple ang magiging kahahantungan : Nagbayad ka tapos kikita ka, mag re-refer ka at kikita din sila, hanggang lalaki kayo, dadami ang nagbayad ng mebership fee, lalago ng lalago ang miyembro, paakyat ng paakyat ang perang pumapasok sa kanila sa tuwing may nagmi-miyembro.. tapos pag umabot na ng mga ilang milyon… magsha-shut-down na ang website. Hindi na matawagan ang mga contact nos. na nakalagay sa dating website. Wala kang masisi dahil hindi naman kilala ang founder. Hindi ka makapag-habla dahil walang accountable. Tapos sasabihin ng mga nadenggoy… OK lang kasi 350 lang naman. Sana wag maging ganon. Sana.

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  35. Thanks to all who have recently visited this post, we hope somehow this helps you. Like what we keep on posting here, the intention is ilatag sa inyo ang mga facets that perhaps you won’t notice initially when you come across regular sites. It is up to your discretion if you will continue with UEP or not.

    Executive Bum, you made really good points there, those who got real job online do not simply advertise what they have, because hinde nila need mag refer. The idea of scrutinizing a website prior to registration is something we cannot teach them to do, dapat kase yun may pagkukusa talaga. Kanya kanyang motibo kase yan eh. This goes for UEP and generally sa pagpili sa buhay.

    Actually an ideal job hunting website for me is showcasing what a member can do, it’s like a hub of your qualifications and let others find you or you can apply then may filtering ng applicants. At dahil hub, wala kang dapat bayaran. Pag ganun kase, makakasiguro kang employer ang hahanap sayo who badly needed your service. You should be paid based on what you offer them, hinde maliit na bayad, lalong hinde na kelangan ng extra on the side like referrals. The reason I knew about this it is because I’ve been working from home for years now, (regular work ha, may time in/time out, hinde magkandamatay ka na kakawork para sa baryang kita), stable naman, I met my bosses khit pa sa kabilang ibayo sila ng mundo, at nababayaran ako ng walang kupit base sa core skills ko. (website + internet marketing kaya may konti akong alam sa web elements) For me big deal ang TRUST, para magtagal ako sa gantong trabaho. It should work both ways sa side ko and sa employer ko. Masarap magtrabaho sa isang bagay na gusto mo, may decent kita ka, at alam mong marangal dahil nascrutinize mo na ng husto.

    So yes all this country need is an opportunity, pasasaan ba at magkakaron din talaga ng authentic job sites locally dito sa Pinas.


  36. need nila ng encoder or typing skilled bakit hindi ko nakita ung BASIC na hinahanap sa mga ganito uri ng trabaho.. [WPM] kaya gumamit ng MS WORD o ms excel..
    tapos isa pa.. sino ang main MAN o may ari ng business na ito??
    walang hanggang trabaho? madami contact na nag papa encode at madami sila natatanggap na online JOB??
    teka madami daw ako tanong?
    masasagot lang ito kapag naka register na ako at nakapag padala ng 350 pesos?
    SAYINGS! :ung mga nagdududa andyan lang kami kumikita na !!
    pwede ko naman sila.. i challenge ehh bigyan nila ko ng typing job day 1 to 1 week ko gagawin para mabayaran ko ung 350 na registration.. kahit 2k pa un kita sa kanila sobra..
    then the next salary ay akin naman :))
    IF MABASA nila ito [uep members] pwede naman nila ko imessage WPM ko is 60 to 70 d pende if legit ang job mas bumibilis pa 🙂
    baka mamaya ung trabaho na encoding maubos sa dami ko ma recruit nyahaha.. nawalan pa ko trabaho..
    last na ito…
    paki sabi nadin doon sa nag rereply sa PAGE niya mag hanap sila ng proof-reader na mag sasabi sa may hawak ng page na kapag ang words ay tagalog wag naman ganito reply
    AQU ang message mo “aqu pede kita i member..”
    w8 mo lang ung dashbord mo ma activate
    doon palang palpak na un nag rerecruit ang kailangan job encoder tapos ung recruiter mali spelling 🙂
    ulitin ko if willing kayo na invite ako willing ako mag trabaho wag lang bayad muna bago trabaho ha AYAW KO MAG RECRUIT


  37. @ dapny, ow, napikon ka pala sa word na gnamit ko, ganyan tlga pag my crabmentallity. Atleast ang uep ay nagbibgay ng trabaho sa mga unemployed pinoys and they really helped those who are in need para jmagkaron ng sideline and infact! Yes may sumasahod dito ng 2k by just encoding! The main point here at ang gusto ko lang iparealize sayo is Nakakatulong ang uep para sa mga walang trabaho, e kayo ba?? cge na dapney! Gumawa ka ng sarili mong company at bka sakaling makatulong karin sa mga walang trabahong pilipino!!! Legit or not NAKAKATULONG SILA IN TERMS OF FINANCIAL!


    1. Ruther, still you have not learned the definition of “read” — it is Dapsy, not dapny (ang layo ng N sa S, ano bang keyboard ang gamit mo).

      Next, not because sumagot sa reply mo meaning pikon na, just imagine sa dami ng nakaintindi ng post na to, sa dami ng nareplyan ko, do you honestly believe na pikon lahat ng andito? You better check yourself for your intention in posting here. About crab mentality, this post was not intended for paid members, because there is a level of bias on your side, natural binabayaran ka nila eh! But for those who are objectively scrutinizing the website, that is an even playing field. This post talks about the ELEMENTS of UEP WEBPAGES, as far as my memory is concern, deadma ka sa mga punto that we raised here, ang mahalaga lang kase sayo ay PERA, PERA, PERA. Given that you don’t know anything about websites, why bother commenting here? Is there any sense of obligation on your side to defend your employers? Why, have you met them personally? Or nahihiya kang aminin ikaw ang founder? (aminin!) Andun na ako, malapit ka ng bigyan ng loyalty award ng UEP, but again I am talking about the totality of UEP operation. Hanggang ngayon nga deadma kayo kung sino founders, deadma kayo kung saan galing ang projects, deadma kayo that Google map cannot locate UEP address, deadma kayo sa referral. Ang dami nyong hinde pinapansin na points, yet sa pera, ambilis nyong umalma.

      Argumentum ad hominem.

      Thanks Ruther for such a wonderful idea, darating tayo dyan, if I have enough money to sustain my own website, server, (para walang singilan ng initial fees sa members) with all the legal web elements, sure I’d be glad to offer such free service. I’d be ecstatic to find out if magreregister ka sa future site ko khit magsama ka pa ng alipores. However I will require my future members to “read.” Game ka dun? 😉

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  38. better to hear if it states “apply now, pay later” and that might really helps to encourage some unemployed people. And it’s not really good to hear you earned some cash by luring other people’s innocence. Can’t bear to buy or eat foods, supply to family especially kids with the money you’ve earned from innocent people.

    funny, just droppin’ by, loved the posts, read ’em all. from top down to made me post.

    “In ancient times they used abacus for accuracy like building a pyramid, today they used online/websites for innocent people to build a modern pyramid.”

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  39. Hello Dapsy!
    Salamat sa blog mo ang dami kong natutunan. Isa rin ako sa nag-research muna sa UEP kung scam nga ito o hindi. Halatang bogus na kasi sa simula pa lang eh. Kaya nung makita ko yung blog mo about it as a scam eh nagtuluy-tuloy na rin ako sa pagbabasa nung mga comments nung iba pa. And I’m one of those na hindi na susubukan pa ito.
    Bilib ako sa tiyaga mong sumagot sa mga comments nilang lahat Talagang sinusuri mo isa-isa at matiyagang sinasagot. Kaya naman napuri ko iyon eh dahil sa balak ko ring magsimulang gumawa ng sarili kong blog site. Nagsisimula na akong magsulat pero di ko pa pina-publish. I hope you don’t mind na silipin pa nang husto itong site mo to pick up some ideas.
    Anyway, I just dropped by to say hello and to tell you I like your site.
    Kind Regards…

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  40. Unfortunately, I joined UEP, because of the fact that I trust the one who recruited me, and I’m not saying that that person is not trustworthy, UEP isn’t. So, I tried it out, but the moment I read the first task, I realized this is so impossible. My doubts became even stronger when I read that there is a P100.00 reward for every person you successfully recruit. So, this is not an online job, i said to myself. But I stilltried to finish that 1st task, but to no avail, I couldn’t add more. It’s not realistic, because a place like ours (Province), it’s impossible to list down even just 500 businesses. Even if the validity of that task would be like forever, businesses don’t just grow overnight. And so, I decided to refund my registration after about a month, because it was one of their assurance that you’ll get your money back if you’re not satisfied. I e-mailed that Frances Claire, and all I got was “Processing of refund is 25-30 days”. That was May 27, 2014…and anong araw na ba? No one bothered to tell me about the status of my request, till now. Is it fair? Hindi diba? I told them that they should be TRANSPARENT in everything. Regarding the type of tasks they’ll be giving, their real Policies, whatever. So that when someone is interested to join, she’ll know from day one what she’ll be getting, kasi nga we paid for it to be a member diba?
    This is a good read, especially to those people who are thinking of joining UnEmplyed Pinoys. You should be aware that this community has lousy policies, even the people managing it are lousy as well.

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    1. Thanks for your valuable inputs. In other words even their refund process is vague. Refund, isa yan sa mga pinagmamalake ng mga patriotic members and sablay pa rin pala. At tulad ng usual this comment would be skipped by them.

      Thanks for sharing everyone.


    2. I believe this blog is not here to bring down UEP, kaya sa mga loyalista diyan, you relax okay? These are based on facts, and on my part, it’s my experience. Yes, you get paid…. I just hope you get paid because of your encoding jobs, and not just by recruiting “innocent and ignorant” people, sorry to say. I too didn’t use my brain when I decided to join UEP. Kaya Dapsy, keep up the good work. Let’s all help people see and think clearly regarding UEP.
      So, to everyone, if you’re looking for a legitimate ONLINE ENCODING JOBS, try ODesk maybe, or Freelancer. But, if you’re looking for an online job wherein you’ll be able to use your “mambobola” skills, your “bulaklaking” words, and any sugar-coated lines, in recruiting people, then join UnEmployed Pinoys.
      PS: That refund thing of theirs is crap. 25-30 days of processing, is like a thousand years for us humans. 😀

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  41. Hey, Dapsy.

    This crusade against UEP is on going and now they’re taking to FB groups and recruiting people. I had one person scream foul when they said they’d refund her ‘350php’ and still did not receive it. Fight on!

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  42. awts.. la n makapigil ke dapny- *ahem! dapsy! hahaha! I saw this blog last June and am still coming back to see more UEP defenses.. kaya lang ung mga narecruit na ng UEP mismo e ngsasabi nang scam yun.. tsk tsk… nice try keiraven.. sya na ung me pinakamagandang script.. kaya lang di tumalab ke dapsy. haha!!! more!! more!!

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  43. Thanks Dapsy ,for sure madaming tao nakatulong sa review mo.
    ako kasi naghahanap ng part time jobs pero I’ll make it sure na legit ba, o ginogoyo ka lang nito. sabihin na natin na Hind pa talaga ako marunong pero ang daming kahina hinala sa uep. Una, mag wwork ka, Hindi ka bumibili. Bakit may 350? Kung mag hhnap palang ako ng work kelangan ko na ng 350? kung magiging pilosopo lang ako, ssbhin ko talaga, ‘kaya nga ako magttrabaho kasi walang pera.’ , sabihin na natin maliit lang yun, pero ilan na mauuto? 10? Aba, 3500 na un. pyramid tlg.Pangalawa, sana sinabi nlng part time ‘advertiser’ or recruiter para naman malinaw , kung exposure hanap nila.
    Binasa ko tlg ung review mo at ganun din mga comments. Grabe , nagka 2k lng kala mo sino na, at dun sa mga nagsasabing nakakatulong ang UEP , congrats! Pero stable ba?binola lang kayo sa pera , Santo na. madami nauuto sa pera, kaya kahit gaano pa kahaba ,o detail I post dito mga proof,magbubulag bulagan tlaga sila. Buti nga nagpost ng gnito para mag warn lang, eh kung palaban tlg, go magbayad ng 350! Gamitin ko nlng to sa mga requirements na hinihingi ng mga HR, such as NBI clearance . Take note, Safe pa. Kpag ba may complain kau sa UEP, san kau magrereklamo? Email? Sana mag reply. Hahaha. Kaya ko nahanap tong review kasi may doubt ako sa UEP at sinisiguro ko lang na Hindi ako mauuto at magbayad.well, nasa sa akin pa din naman kung magbabayad ako, pero gusto ko pa din may concrete evidence sa pinaniniwalaan ko,
    Keep up the good work and More power to you! 🙂

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  44. Nice blog madam hehe im not into this things iba naman ang field ko of work at never akong nag register sa mga networking activities or any chance that would make your life easier by just doing this things such as recruiting ma uubos din ang mga tao kahit billion pa yan.kinsa ang mga bisaya diha mka intriga ang jud ni nga blog 🙂

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  45. hello Dapsy. thank you so much for this blog post. I’m currently looking for an online part-time job (i’m corporately employed,btw), and came across several posts connected to this unemployed pinoy. I got interested, but, as with anyone who has brains and knows how to use it, I also tried to check for it’s legitimacy, and voila, came across your post. i’ve actually spent about an hour or more reading the other comments here, and they are truly entertaining. let me just point out a few things, that I think are being overlooked by some.
    1.] that “recruiting” people to earn is not pyramiding, or networking – sorry guys, but by recruiting per se, you are building a network. if some would point out that you don’t have to sell anything, then that’s even worse! imagine asking someone to join, to pay P350, and then lure them into “online jobs” to earn money, or if they want to earn bigger, then ask them to recruit other people again… and on, and on, and on… then it’s actually better if there are products to sell – at least you could use them if you fail to sell them 😛
    2.] I am alarmed with this statement:to quote RUTHER FONTANILLA:
    “Legit or not NAKAKATULONG SILA IN TERMS OF FINANCIAL!” – ’nuff said!
    3.] For those who earned the 2k in a week, please elaborate on HOW you earned that money.. how many encoding jobs have you done? how many lines? or better yet, ‘fess up and tell us HOW MANY HAVE YOU CONVINCED TO JOIN?
    4.] Easy money? yeah right, it really defined you as a person. you’re no different from the crooks out there.
    5.] for those who have already paid, then read this post – okay lang yan.. 🙂 don’t hope na rin muna na mababalik pa sa inyo yun.. baket, sa tingin nyo ba marerecover pa un multi-billion na nakick back ni Napoles and Friends? hihi.. isipin nyo na lang, baka matindi lang ang pangangailangan nila, and you’re in a better position to help, albeit, unknowingly.
    Anyhoo, I just hope that more people would take this blog post in a positive, helpful way.. If you have benefited from the said online job, then good for you. to each his own.. and for the rest of us, at least we know better.. 🙂

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  46. Thanks for sharing your insights everyone. It is a collective effort. Makakatulong to para sa mga taong in doubt with UEP & for them to decide if they would like to continue or move on. For those who are still confused with the definition of scam, ayan I created a post to basically define what covers scamming.


    Kaya mali iassume na mabayaran ka lang, hinde na agad scam. Because the way it is defined is from the one doing the act of deceiving, from his intention of putting it up, not necessarily the recipient of the money. (members) Remember it is scam if the intention is fraudulent by nature, also if the act or operation is to deceive/trick people. (hiding the real intention of the deceiver with no face)


  47. Uhm.Di po Scam ang UEP at yung invites na yun it’s optional pwede mo di gawin sa kaka encode palang yun ang pinaka ginagawa dun eh encoding nasasayo kung gustom o mag invite optional yan at madami pa sila extra icebreakers na pwede ka kumita upto 3500 kung nanalo ka dun sa contest nila basta maspiag ka mag encode kikita ka dun kahit lang invites para sakin sulit nga 350 ko eh.At napaka matulungin ng i.t dept nila agad agad inaaksyunan ang dashboard if may mali. sana ma edit tong blogg na to kasi pag cnabi mo yan parang cnabi mo buong UEP at Buong members nila nag iiscam di naman to tulad ng ibang networking eh like SWA na yun sure scam haha..nung una nag research din ako about sa company na to at legit naman pra sakin kaya tinry ko tyaka 15 yrs. old palang ako kumikita nako sideline dahil sa UEP 🙂


    1. Pag binayaran ba Michael, meaning hinde na scam? Yan lang ba ang alam mong definition ng salitang scam? Pakibasa sa comments iho yung scam post para sa maintindihan mo pa lalo.

      Oh and I just trashed a comment from Hazel someone who didnt bother reading this post, bashed the sound of the name Dapsy (wala ng yatang ibang masabe sa discussion naten) and she didn’t even realized that this is a Pinoy post kaya nga reviewing for UEP eh. (sa dami ng nagtatagalog sa comments only stupid can missed it)

      Again anything na walang kinalaman sa post will be automatically removed because we only want interesting and healthy discussions here. We encourage feedbacks but personal attacks are FORBIDDEN. (Magbasa kse ng comments para alam na we do approved UEP members comments) We abhor cat fights. 😉 We challenge you to participate intellectually unless of course you are trying to be comical.


  48. ako ay isang member din sa uep and im proud of that…binibgyan nila ako ng sahod sa pag encode ko sa mga task na binibigay nila and im earning 1,000-1800 a week…bakit niyo nasabing scam ito? in fact pasalamat tayo kasi binibigyan oportunidad yung mga taong hirap makakita ng trabaho ngayon…sabihin niyo sa akin kng makakapasok kayo ng trabho ng hindi kayo gagastos.. sa mga clearances pa lang kulang n ang 350 niyo… advantage pa nga ito sa mga home based nag wo work kasi di na sila gagastos pamasahe nila, outfit pa ,,,meal sa labas… kung ndi kayo kumita sa ibang nagpasok sa uep..siguro tamad lang kayo mag research and mag encode… may trabaho bang instant money agad hanap niyo? eh mang holdap nlng kayo… do the illegal thing kng gusto niyo madalian…ang masasabi ko lng UEP rocks.. and as long as splunkeez information technology exist.. i stand there way…tnx


    1. Herbert the problem here is recipient kayo ng pera ng UEP therefore lageng yung MONEY angle lang ang kaya nyong sabihin. Talagang kakampihan nyo sila no matter what kase binabayaran kayo. Wala na ba talaga kayong makkitang iba from UEP other than you are being paid? Paano yung ibang points na binanggit dito na FRAUDULENT activities na ginagwa ng UEP, deadma na lang ba? Tsaka katunog mo yung isang commenter dito kung saan pinalalabas na tamad yung mga narereview sa UEP. (Clue: Ruther Fontanilla)

      We posted sa comment thread, if binasa nyo, why we see UEP as scam. All I can say is you have been deceived by them, for the founders personal gain, at hinde mo talaga makikita yan kase itatago nila yan by paying money to some members. It is like building their own army na magtatanggol sa kanila when people try to question them. Naiintindihan ko ang need mo to protect the source of your money, albeit, I do not necessarily agree na hinde scam just because nabayaran ka. Kung akala nyo na ang scam is only kapag hinde ka nababayaran nagkakamali kayo…years ago ginagawa na ang gantong strategy sa US kaya kumita na ang ganitong scenario. (Pati UEP kumita na rin sa lake ng hype nyo multiply by P350 each member)

      This post defined scam as ANY FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY used to trick ppl, to hide its ultimate goal of gaining larger scale of moolah. If this statement is hard to swallow then it means you are aware of the scamming schemes, but chooses to continue. You are no longer a victim, but rather accessory/promoter to the scamming.


    2. I was doubtful at first pero hinayaan ko dahil alam ko 350 lang bayaran.Infact this is totally a scam and for a pinoy website like this..totally humiliating!!baket I joined 2 international web affiliate and they are so generous they RETURN MY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE FOR 2500.Ive research them so well BUt since im a filipino and joining a filipino web like this is one reason baket di tayo umaasenso sa panloloko sa tao….I will not stop informing this even to ABS CBN this kind of issue.READ THE TERMS 7 days and i have no reply…


  49. (From the trashed comment)

    Comment 1:

    Dapsy(What kind of a name is Dapsy??? LOL) ahahaha your name really start to sound like a dog’s name.

    Comment 2:
    wahahahaha…. ano to?? Panira?? whhaahaha

    Comment 3:

    Comment 4:
    Oh ano Dapsy?? Napahiya ka.. itong Blog mo ata ang spam eh.. whahaha

    Comment 5:


    1. There you are Hazel 🙂 Nasaktan ang avatar ko when you said I sound like dog’s name hehe. (Don’t you love pussy cat?) 😀

      If you hate your comments being deleted then stop giving “basurang” comments lalo na flooding. I can’t keep up with that level of talk of yours. Btw mali yung url ko na nilagay mo and halata rin na hinde ka nagbabasa ng comments para sabihin mo na only positive feedbacks inaapprove dito. (And I wonder, lahat ba ng loyal UEP members hate reading?????) The blogger has all the right to moderate comments found nonsensical, illogical, stupid, inappropriate and absurd. It isn’t my fault if yours fall on all of those categories.

      Just because you can’t beat the points we raised here meaning you have the upper hand to say anything against the blogger. Ano ba talaga ang pinunta mo dito kung secure ka naman pala sa UEP? Are you trying to convince yourself that UEP is legit? Nagrereview ka ba ng UEP or abogado ka ba nila or gusto mo lang awayin ang blogger? Lol. Since naghahanap ka ng kausap, I will spare your ignorance for now.

      Ano ba ang role mo sa UEP organization at wagas ka makapagtanggol? Ano rin ba ang ginawa ng blogger sayo to do personal attacks on name, saying “kabobohan”, spam ang blog na to etc (do you even know what spam means?) Why should we listen to you if you prefer beating the blogger as opposed to answering the posts? Anong assurance that you even care on what we will have to say if wala ka ngang respeto sa page na to? Other than being paid by UEP can you answer the vague info about them like their intention for putting up the site, their membership schemes and have you proven that their office location even exist? Ok yan muna for now. We wanted to get your insights on that with the hopes of no basura comments. Wag ka sanang tumakas sa mga queries na to.

      Lastly bring manners with you, hinde ka payayamanin ng UEP by posting personal attacks here. (unless of course nagpabayad ka) Kindly spare this blog site from your illicit behaviors. Thank you.

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  50. Hello Ms. Dapsy, nice po ng blog, sayang now ko lang ito nakita, nakapagregister and nakabayad na ko sa kanila..sayang ang 350..hehehe (daanin nalang sa tawa) pero ganun talaga always sa huli narerealize ang mali. Buti nalang nabasa ko muna mga comments dito before I start my first task, atleast walang masasayang na time and effort. 🙂 Thank you!


  51. Comment 1:
    Ayyyyy!! nagalit si LOLA Dapsy… ((What kind of a name is Dapsy??? LOL)
    Natamaan ata sa last feedback ko kaya pinost nalang para maka ganti.. LOL.
    Sino nag sabi na ang UEP ay ginawa para pampayaman? LOL obvious na obvious ang galit mo sa UEP at WAGAS din.. hahaha Don’t scrutinize other `peoples job para di rin ma scrutinize ang pag ka crab mentality mo. At wag mo bilugin ang ulo ng mga tao… see what you’ve done? Ang mga bumayad na at nag pakita ng interest sa UEP ay nag si atrasan na? kaya tuloy sinabi nila na SAYANG! LOL ka.. Hooray for you! Happy ka na ba sa mga blog na to na wala naman puntahan kundi sirain ang mga tao na may hope pa sa buhay??? Good luck nalang sa career mo.. And for your information, Hindi ko pinagtatangol lang ang UEP. Pinagtatangol ko ang lahat ng members ng UEP na umaasa na may hanap buhay pa sila kahit papaano. Ikaw puro ka panira and your the best at doing that sa mga nababasa ko sa comment ng iba. Kaya CONGRATS ha? Keep it up! 🙂 Para naman sa mga nag pa member na and nag tiwala sa UEP pero nag bago ang pananaw dahil sa VERY GOOD na Blog na to, Try nyo muna bago kayo mag fully decide na sabihin ang word na “SAYANG”. For all our information… we are all given the privilege to refund our 350pesos kung ayaw nyo talaga pag patuloy within 1 week time.

    Again, Congratulations Dapsy(What kind of a name is Dapsy??? LOL) because of your arrogance and hate ang daming dreams pwedeng masira.. Keep doing it and hopefully you will get your REWARD! 🙂

    Cigurado ako e dedelete naman tong post na to.. LOL

    post mo nalang at wag ka nang mag comment kung puro lang naman Justification sa mga mali mo ang sasabihin mo.. at wag na wag ka mag sorry kung meron ka man na realize! (that is kung may konsensya ka!) masisira career mo! sayang naman. Di mo pa natatangap reward mo eh. E.pray ko pa kay Lord na e bibigay na sana sa yo. OK??? HA!!!

    Comment 2:
    ano na?? alam ko gising ka pa.. 2:41 AM mo ni replyan ang message ko last night.. tagal naman mag respond nang blogger na to.. zzzzzzzzz
    Comment 3:
    And by the way… DAPSY(What kind of a name is Dapsy??? LOL) How brave of you to scrutinize and pick your fingers on other peoples nose….. You don’t even post your real name… Kahit sa facebook account mo Dapsy parin.. Post mo dito real name mo para naman makilala ka namin. LOL ka.. wag mo takas an ang request na to… Unless kung takot ka na ma reveal ang identity mo.. yan ba ang tamang qualities ng writer? to hide their identity??? LOL …
    Comment 4:
    But I personally think a real writer always does not hide their identity.. So tell us your real name, your location, your achievements, your educational background, etc. Are we talking to a cat here??? LOL It is better to know the writer and read his/her articles than hiding behind a picture of a cat only to find out its a dog. hahaha


    1. Good morning! Mukhang hinde na yata napagkakatulog ang isang to lol. At delikado ang lack of sleep, because it will hurt your cognitive process, that controls alertness, concentration, reasoning, and problem solving. Sabe nga sa isang pag aaral, kapag kulang ka sa tulog, may difficulty to learn efficiently. Kaya pala….

      The problem with you Hazel is you are not used to talk to people with sense. I have merged your 4 comments, it seems you have lack of understanding sa term na “flooding.” Also you have a problem in logical reasoning:

      Dapsy: Lastly bring manners with you, hinde ka payayamanin ng UEP by posting personal attacks here.
      Hazel: Sino nag sabi na ang UEP ay ginawa para pampayaman? <<< Ano daw?

      Hazel: Happy ka na ba sa mga blog na to na wala naman puntahan kundi sirain ang mga tao na may hope pa sa buhay???

      When I posted this blog post, kung talagang nagbasa ka Hazel, I scrutinized the website, in other words, the page that was created by UEP, anong bahagi sa webpages nila ang siniraan ko? I mean how can I destroy something that was created by them? When you said bilugin ang ulo ng tao, is that an accusation na ang mga taong nakarealized na may mali sa UEP ay mga sunod sunuran sa blog na ito? You will be in great trouble with that claim I am telling you, sa susunod baka hinde lang pusa ang sumagot sayo. Meow! Naniniwala ako that the people who realized that UEP is not for them, have the answers already at the back of their minds prior to reading this, they want to simply validate it. How about you let your FB friends decide for themselves, post this blog link to your timeline, and let them consider if they will read this or choose to signup to your UEP dashboard? I mean if you are confident about UEP, you must not be afraid, right?

      Hazel: Pinagtatangol ko ang lahat ng members ng UEP na umaasa na may hanap buhay pa sila kahit papaano.

      Sino ba ang umaaway sa members? Kung nagbasa ka kase talaga ng content ko, wala akong sinasabe about members, actually I am encouraging members to try UEP if they want to, para sila ang maka discover themselves. Ang target ko rito ay ang makers ng UEP, hinde ko nga alam baket sabat ka ng sabat kung member ka lang naman…Ang hinde welcome dito ay ang mga UEP members na bastos kausap, hinde nagbabasa pero kung maka conclude wagas, mapilit sa kanilang beliefs pero ayaw sumagot sa mga challenges, walang modo at spammers. Sinasagot ng maayos dito even if we are on opposing beliefs for as long as may breeding kausap.

      Hazel: Again, Congratulations Daps because of your arrogance and hate ang daming dreams pwedeng masira.. Keep doing it and hopefully you will get your REWARD!

      If you call my mild refutations as arrogance, mas masasaktan ka pala sa mga bagay na hinde ko pa napopost here. LOL. You came here with the intention of attacking me, not even considering my post, tapos flooding my comments, demanding for answers on wee hours, calling names, not answering UEP related queries, demanding to post my personal info —- Ate, ano ang tawag mo sa lahat ng yan?

      Hazel: post mo nalang at wag ka nang mag comment kung puro lang naman Justification sa mga mali mo ang sasabihin mo..

      Did you just ask me to approve all of your comments and wag akong mag comment sa sarili ko mismong blog? Haha, now that is arrogance! 😀

      Walang kwentang patunayan ko sayo kung sino ako dahil walang kinalaman yun sa UEP. Besides hiningan ka ba ng P350 upon viewing this page? Haha If you have that energy to ask it from me, moreso you gotta find the founders of UEP! Uulitin ko ang post na ito ay about UEP title pa lang alam na do I need to fully expound that sayo? Therefore naniniwala ako that the reason why you come here is to flaunt your ignorance, and to divert the topic para mwala ang attention sa UEP. At syempre tactics yan ng mga na offend sa post na to. Besides lemme educate you a little why it is not good to post your real info right away lalo na sa internet:

      1. Identity theft
      2. Not because you can post meaning you will. (Daming biktima sa katangahang ito)
      3. Even great writers have their own “pen name” research mo if wala kang alam sa bagay na yan. (Hiyang hiya ang Google sayo)
      4. Crazy people, lalo na mga mahihilig sa cat fight LOL are all just lurking around the internet will attempt to waste your time, just like what you are doing here.
      5. Writing a blog or article is about what you know not just to flaunt your name. In other words mas gugustuhin ko ng makita ang pusa avatar with witty writings than seeing Hazel Catolico na walang sense ang pinagsusulat. (See the difference) Posting your facebook profile does not make you any smarter either.

      So why would I follow your request kung bastos ka ngang deadmahin ang request ko about UEP. Sino ka ba sa inaakala mo to run a show on this page? Wala ka ngang macontribute na discussion about sa pinamamalake mong UEP umaasa ka pang pag aaksayahan kita ng panahon?

      Dream on and move on from your personal vendetta girl. This is not your battle, (baka Davao team leader ka ng UEP haha) if only you have been objective sa topic naten dito. By now you know that your comments were tagged as spam. Just so you know, this isn’t personal Hazel, we are only stating what we believe is true, we thank you for spending your wee hours to post multiple comments, tulad ng sabe mo nga, sa VERY GOOD na Blog na to. 😀 Thank you for viewing this page. 🙂

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  52. Ms. Hazel Catolico:

    You are concerned about the real name of this blogger, but you don’t even care to know about the owner of UEP? Seriously, no need to personally attack anyone here. Why don’t you just make your own blog and tell everyone about how nice and true UEP is, and we’ll do our own thing.

    And may i remind you, I for a fact joined UEP for a month. And I wasn’t happy so I decided to get my money back, since you had your money back guarantee. May 27, 2014 was the day I emailed Frances Claire that I wish to refund my registration. She only said 25-30 days of processing. What day is it na ba? So, tell me, in behalf of UEP (since you are defending them to the nth level), how long is that 25-30 days processing?

    Instead of attacking (personally) other people, defend UEP by answering all our questions. That’s all. Thank you.

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  53. *slow clap*… nakakatuwa basahin yung mga comments dito.. especially those “defending” UEP.. mahihiya ang AFP sa defense mechanism nyo.. Dapsy, never mind the pussy cat’s claws, you’re shredding them to bits with brains anyway.. 🙂 hay tao nga naman, ang brain po ginagamit ha, hindi yan palaman lang sa skull.. 😛

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  54. Hi Miss Dapsy.. Thanks for providing me a clearer picture on my doubts about UEP. Buti na lang nakita ko tong post mo. Buong hapon kong binasa yung mga comments dito at talagang nag-enjoy ako wahahah! Kahit noon pa marami na akong nabasang articles that tells about the illegitimacy/inaccuracy ng mga data entry job offers. They too ask for money but for a different purpose.

    “Please do not let them fool you into purchasing any type of start-up kits, or other packages to get started.” – http://www.examiner.com/article/online-typist-jobs-do-they-really-exist

    My “DOUBTS” are telling me na ang mga data entry jobs ng UEP ay nagsisilbing front para may masabi silang meron nga naman talagang data entry na nangyayari, but the ultimate source of their gains are through recruitment. Yung nakalagay kasi sa mga posters e home based data entry lang tapos kalaunan e nakalagay na sa isang post na nagdadagan ng parang recruitment na. Dun nadagdagan yung mga doubts ko tungkol sa company. I was concerned kasi muntik na rin akong maengganyong sumali dito but good thing I made my research first before taking another step. And this blog has realized the questions in my mind. Salamat po sa katalinuhan nyo! ^^

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    1. Thanks po for checking us out, actually more than what I have written, kung mapapansin mo, other commenters also shared what they know, so basically the credit goes to them, para makatulong sa mga UEP reviewers.

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  55. To Ms. Hazel,

    You started the flame and now you get burnt tsk. Dapat po kasi wala ng personal attacks, I am not sure if maawa po ako sa inyo because it looks like na knockout po kayo dito, pero kayo po kasi ang nagsimula. nganga na lang UEP patriots pag my time.

    Ty Dapsy for a very informative post, pati sa ibng info on how to protect ourselves online.

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  56. i am a member of UEP and i’m proud of it. Kumikita po ako and because of that nakakabili ako ng things ng daughter ko, kahit sa part time ko lang. 🙂 Kahit po nabasa ko ang buong thread ng napakahabang post na to, i still believe in UEP. Anyway, thanks for sharing na lang, but I have to be brave, like taking the risk. Naibalik naman na po yung reg fee ko na 350 e :-), nakamahigit 1k na po ako dito kahit 1month pa lang akong member. UEP rocks!


    1. Thanks Malds sa time mo visiting this page. Sabe nga kung saan ka masaya dun ka. 🙂 Good for you!

      Ang sabe naman namen dito, kung saan ang tama o may integridad, dun kame. (based on gut feel and facts)

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  57. miss dapsy, sabi po ni mr. google, scam is a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people, pero i don’t see UEP as deceivers of people who are unemployed. Maybe because UEP is not for them

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    1. Ms. Malds, may other definitions pa po yan, if you really want to search for the truth about scamming, meron akong article na ginawa about it.


      At sana rin po kung ginaganahan na kayong mag check ng definition ng scam, try nyo na rin po ilocate ang address ng UEP sa google map or find their founders, ilagay na po naten ang searching skill to the highest level. 🙂

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  58. 🙂 thanks po miss dapsy for this information, pero ok lang din po ba sa inyo kung hindi ko pa din iwan ang UEP? It’s my source of income po kasi, anyway you gave me ideas what is really a scam po


    1. Of course po! Contrary to others belief hinde po objective ng blog na to ang paalisin kayo sa bagay na pinag desisyunan nyo na. If you want UEP go lang. Ang sa aken lang po ay ibigay ang mga facts para sa awareness about UEP. I am sure ayaw nyo rin po magpaloko, but we have seen networking schemes even before may it be large or small scale, tricking people that it is a job site. Ang decision to stay or not with UEP, ay definitely not on my hands, it is up to your discretion. Those who are insecure with what they know lang naman ang nagsasabe na sinisiraan daw naten ang UEP para maglayasan ang mga members dun, as if walang decision making ang mga taong nagrereview about UEP. (Clue: Hazel Catolico)

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  59. i was really encouraged na sana na sumali, nakapagpasa na nga po ako ng resume sa isang member nila. buti nlng po nabasa ko to ngayon 🙂 thanks po! actually my classmate invited mi to join also sa online job nya na in 10mins lang nakaearn ka na ng 100/day, but sad to say may membership fee din na 1500. reklamo mama ko kasi baka scam daw. oppose nman agad ako kasi nga may legalities na pinakita sa site. kaya ayun naghanap ako ng ibang site, then i found uep. i was really happy to see na 350 lng tung reg fee kaya go sana ako, kaso nabasa ko po ito ngayon. sobrang thanks po! thank you po talaga. hihi. wala pa kasi ako experience sa online job kaya i wanted to try. i hope po may masuggest kayo na pde ko pong masalihan. thanks po!


  60. Helpful! I was looking for another at-least-source-of-extra-income and I found UEP that offers a very typical job for Home Based Job workers. Well, first, It seems to be interesting since most of its members are showing-off more about their jobs and earnings from doing UEP Jobs and etcetera. As a professional, You would need to least consider those things and look for the Company’s Legitimacy. Aside from that, You would need to pay for an initial expense to get the said job offer and do referral things just to earn more money.
    It’s so unprofessional that they would say at the end of their FAQ na :
    If we’re in doubt of their offer, then don’t join it, cuz we’re not asked to.
    It’s still your decision guys whether you join it or not.
    *Thanks for this short review. – Changed my mind. Saved. 🙂
    **Kudos for a very informative review.

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  61. Hi! I totally agree with you. I am a part of UEP, pero parang walang thrill sa work. I mean, pare-pareho lang kayo ng gngawa. Same tasks for all, and para san yun? Gagamitin ba nila lahat yun? And parang pag chine-check nila yung ginawa mo, kaunti lang yung valid rows. I mean dba, chinechek ba talaga nila or random lang or automated? UEP is not a credible job, mga blogs pa lang na gngwa ng members, ang informal masyado huhu. Yes, pwede kumita pero more like a networking activity.

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    1. +1 ako sa sinabe mo on UEP blogs. It is not tastefully done, nor informative nor entertaining. May isang article dun showing off her boobs pra lang sabihin na loveless sya. Yes you read that right at ok lang yun sa UEP staff. Hinde kelangan ng quality control whatsoever or boundary of pro and personal blogs. Sabagay the main site itself is not formatted professionally, what else to expect from members who are asked to make blog posts.

      About sa UEP task baka nakatanggap sila ng batch project na puro excel file encoding parang sa Odesk. Kung san man galing mga projects nila they have very poor checking system. Manual checking na nga prone pa sa errors….parang trip trip lang ang pag validate ng rows. (Haters in 3, 2, 1….)

      Also just noticed today, the address at the footer of UEP site ay iba sa address sa Contact us section.

      1). The HRD
      AS-MAG St,
      Roxas City, Capiz
      5800, Philippines

      2). #53 BLDG C, Roxas City,
      Capiz, PHILIPPINES

      Maaring branch yung isa (tsk nagbranch pa), or lumipat na sila ng office, kuno. Pero iisa lang common ng two addresses na yan, both cannot be located sa Google Map. Try nyo lagyan ng pang 3rd na address baka mahanap na rin, haha! Anyhow, tikom ang bibig nila dito, none of the UEP defenders are talking about it, para lang makaiwas. And perhaps the UEP defenders mismo ang mga founders, walang may gusto ng accountability nagkahiyaan ng umamin 😉


  62. Hi Dapsy,
    Thank you for providing us this helpful review of UnemployedPinoys.com . In fact, I almost fell into this con scheme and almost parted my PHP350.00 until I was led to this blog and was educated of the semi-networking/semi-MLM scheme that they employ. After reading this, I decided not to waste my money with them considering that ROI is very low unless you do the MLM (scam) part.
    This is also to inform everyone that there’s a spawn of UEP that’s been making the rounds on some Facebook groups – they have the same method of operation as UEP, and this is to warn you all about this
    Yukiro Database Services
    Don’t tell us you weren’t warned!

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  63. Thanks for sharing Rey! If that Yukiro Database is also UEP, ibig sabihin marami pa silang gagawing schemes para iba ibahin ang name services nila. Baka umaaray na sila sa UEP domain sa dami ng nagpaparefund na workers nila kaya sa FB pages na lang muna sila nag ooperate for Yukiro. Or pwede rin naman na they are formerly known as Yukiro then nag UEP name sila.

    Basta rule of thumb, any data entry services asking for initial fees, you better think twice. Lalo na if P350 ang amount, haha.


  64. Thanks Daps hahaha nakakatawa ung nabasa ko si RUTHER -_- , tamad daw ung blogger e bat nag tsaga sya mag sulat nito at mag research about sa UEP buhay nmn talaga oh buti nlng d pa ko nag sign up thanks ng marami sau daps, nga pala meron ba talagang legit na mga ganitong trabaho online ung d humihinge ng rgstration fee etc. kng meron paki inform nmn ako salamat gusto ko kse ng real online job hndi ung kagaya ng sa UEP na kelangan mag recruit ng mag recruit para kumita. Gusto ko real home based job. Again Great Job Daps marami ka natulungan dto sa blog na to isa na ko.

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  65. Hey Dapsy, I just want to share this. Finally at nag-reply na sila. After 123456789 Years. 😀

    Unemployed Pinoy Kasiako
    9:58 PM (12 hours ago)

    “under review yung documents mo sa legal dept. under UEP’s attorney this is to check if qualified ka ba sa refund as you can remeber sa aming policy within 1 month lang upon activation of dashboard at hindi kumita within 1 month din ang qualified kung nag file ka kasi lagpas one month na after ng date of activation mo under review kapa kasi hindi na yun qualified and i-checheck sa agreement na kung saan nag agree ka kaya nirereview pa account mo.. Try mo din recall yung date of activation ng dashboard mo at date kung when ka nagfile ng refund pag lagpas one month sa activation date tulad ng nai-explain ko possible na hindi ka qualified and we have record naman din sa aming policy kung saan nag agree ka..wait mo lang..”

    April 8 na-activate yung dashboard ko, Nung May 27 ako nag-file ng refund ko. Oo, that’s more than a month. And it’s in their (new) policy:

    “All new members, or Members who are less than a month after joining http://www.unemployedpinoys.com, AND did not earn anything at all from the system, are allowed for an option to Refund their Annual Membership Fee in Full, but they will never be allowed to join again to http://www.unemployedpinoys.com including other projects Splunkeez I.T. may launched from time to time.

    Refund when granted, shall take about 25 days to 1 month for processing.”

    Pero I believe that I’m still qualified to have a refund, and as I remember from their old policies, it was not limited to members who are LESS than a month only. Can anyone furnish me a copy of their old policy? I didn’t get anything from them, so it’s right and just that they give me back MY money. Pero, honestly, sa tagal ng processing nila, qualified or not, wala na kong pakialam. Abuloy ko nalang sa kanila yun. Hindi pala ako qualified, hindi nalang sinabi agad. It’s their social obligation to answer back AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and give results the soonest possible time. I just want everyone to be more careful in joining UEP.


  66. Hello Kristina, thanks for posting this. Not sure ah pero lumalabas na ang mga taong zero balance lang (no income) at within 30 days from the time of activation ang makakahinge ng refund. Yung sa case mo more than 30 days na so pinattagal lang nila then sasabihin nila sayo na sorry we cannot process that kase blah blah blah….

    The problem there is kahit pa siguro pasok ang isang member dun sa two conditions na yun for refund, pero sa tagal nilang mag reply, lalagpas pa rin ng 30 days. Delaying tactics. Tama wag mo na kunsumihin ang sarili mo sa P350, mas valuable ang pakiramdam na at peace ka kesa following up from them. We cannot expect na may matino silang proseso on refund, dahil sa umpisa pa lang ang dami na nilang sablay.

    May nakita ako sa new terms nila na nagsasabeng 7 days na lang….so binago nila process nila para walang magparequest ng refund? LOL. Teka iba pa ba to sa member’s refund nyo na 30 day period?

    Galing sa Program Policies

    Galing sa Standard Terms and conditions

    Para kaseng parehong “Registration Fee” ang sinsabe dyan pero magkaiba ng period terms. Confusing. Very inconsistent. Yung attorney nila ang dapat mag explain sa inyo. (Ang dami ng pera may pambayad na kay atty!) Sa mga UEP members, print or screenshot nyo na ang terms and conditions nila, bago pa baguhin yan ni attorney! Haha. (May aalma na naman dyang naninira tayo ng UEP kahit yung screenshots sa documentation mismo ng site nila.)

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    1. Yes Dapsy. I am very much aware that it was beyond 30 days from the date of my dashboard activation. They should have told me the moment they found out that my being a member was more than 30 days na. Diba? Hindi na patatagalin pa, so that no time was wasted. Actually, it wasn’t really about the money. I can still earn it. What I wanted to prove was that they have the lousiest service ever. And I did. I want other people to be enlightened, and be informed so that they know what to expect when they finally decide to go on with their registration in UEP. Looking forward to more mind-opening posts of yours (esp. on this topic). 😀 God bless us all. 🙂

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  67. Actually i was about to join and be employed as online part time data entry specialist of that site UEP…i even have few exchange of information thru mobile text messages from one of the member giving me instructions or let’s say giving me a brief idea of the job and the registration fee per see and on how it works …Curiosity bothers my mind….So i seek and ask and consult to a friend who is also working legit online …and so i ended up here on your blog @dapsy and that how you enlightened my mind and directing it into the right perspective. ‘Tis i created a twitter account so i could follow you intently and be aware.Thank you so much.

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  68. I registered after I read the blog post of a certain UEP member and facebook testimonies of some but when I received the confirmation email, this message was enclosed ” This message may have not been sent by: unemployedpinoys@gmail.com “. I had doubts immediately and searched for scam reviews and I then I saw your blog. (I wish to include screenshots but I can’t since I just registered and I can’t find the plug-in because there is none on my dashboard. Noob me 🙂 ) I tried and looked for ways to unsubscribe but seems like there is no option to do that. Good thing I didn’t pay yet. Bad thing they have my name, my address, and my mobile number.


  69. Hi Ms. Dapsy!
    Thank you for your blog. Really helps for those people looking for extra income by means of online jobs by authenticating the credentials of the employer specially UEP. I was very interested of joining UEP until I reached you page while verifying if they are really Legit. Well luckily I found your page. Nung una I really have no idea about this work at home thing (this is my first time). And really disapointing when the INVITER (name is Jaypee phone #09192067486) from UEP reminds me about the 350 pesos registration fee. So nagstart na ko magdoubt about it. Then I asked him para saan yung 350 registration fee? He replied na ang 350 will be use for the tracking number of LBC? WTF! Binabayaran na pala ngayon ang tracking number? I asked him about the assurance of this job and he replied “tignan nyo nalang po yung TESTIMONY”. So from testimony lang pala nakukuha ang assurance ng job? And what if every members of UEP made their own testimony? Ofcourse all good comments ang makikita ko. Then I asked him kung meron silang MAIN OFFICE he replied to me “NASASAINYO NALANG PO KUNG MAGTIWALA KAYO”. For me its really a BS answer. Instead of putting up your company for giving me a proof for assurance he gave me a very nonsence at di ka tiwatiwalang sagot. How can I trust and believe? 350 is 350 di po pinupulot to. To all dependers of UEP come to think of it Ms. Dapsy is so right, are you guys really enjoying what you are earning? I can tell this is a real SCAM. Bakit? This is like a problem solving guys.
    Registration Fee: 350 – New recruits
    LessCommission:100 – for the inviters
    Remaining Bal: 250- to UEP (Pretty owesome right?)
    So its very clear that this UEP is earning really much from recruiting only. Sad to say very unfurtunate from those “employee” kuno cant invite people? E di NGA NGA since I heard na PALPAK ang Encoding “KUNO” na job nyo? Or really its only a FRONTLINE to attract people to sign up? Marketing Strategy huh?! Im not mad personally I am just so worried lang sa mga Walang Malay na KABABAYAN nyo na NAGHAHANAP NG PAGKAKAKITAAN na HINDI dapat PAGKAKITAAN. Who ever the founder and the employee of UEP SHAME on you. FYI your not helping filipino people to earn money thus you letting them to become SELFISH. Sana bago kayo mag invite make sure your happy of what you are really applying for. And I doubt it because you are recruiting. Hahaha! Do you really encoding? Di nga? I bet your just recruiting. Open your eyes guys! Bakit tila ata panay ang iwas sa mga tanong ni Ms. Dapsy
    To Jaypee for sure mababasa mo to. And I hope matauhan na kayo.
    Thanks Ms. Dapsy! More power!

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  70. Salamat ng marami daps sa matalinong post tungkol sa UEP, sana dumami pa ang lahi mo! gusto ko lang sabihin sa mga tagapag tanggol ng masasama, anong tawag sa inyo ngayon? ang kupal mag comment pero olats sa mga tanong sa kanila =)
    f nakakaoffend ang word ko pasintabi po sa iba, para lang yun sa mga mukhng pera. tenk u


  71. guys thanks for the info was just thinking to join here, pero the registration fee doubted me first,kaya i researched about the legitimacy of this.. imbes na skills and hanapin is fee agad.. i have an online job before and it never asks for any reg fee …. buti na lang may mga blogs na ganito…:)


  72. Thanks for those who made their recent visit on this post. Sorry I’ve been busy lately. Hello Ms. Sheena if you check their comments you would know na members na po rito ang iba so yes they have tried UEP kaya they were able to share their experiences.

    Try nyo rin pong mag research and sagutin ang mga pending questions about UEP bago nyo iconclude na judgemental ang mga posters dito. Thanks!


  73. I’m planning to join UEP. And based on your blog, I don’t think we can call it a scam. It pays for what it states basically, no strings attached. Hindi ka naman niloko and pinilit so it’s not a scam. But good point taken as to why you would have to pay for a registration fee. But hey, Odesk, Elance and Freelancer are paid directly by the customer before they pay you. UEP is just asking the fee to maintain your account. I don’t see any problem. You know, meron kasing softwares na per user ang license, so maybe ganun yung sa kanila, I dunno.
    Plus,I don’t see any problem if Gmail man ang gamit nila. Would you believe, Mang Inasal used Yahoo Mail as their corporate emails before they were acquired by Jollibee? 🙂
    Anyway, we are free to choose to join or not. Your points are taken with consideration. But as long as nobody’s being scammed, I think this is okay. Marami lang din sigurong dapat pang i-improve yung site lalo na at dun nila nirerefer lahat ng gustong sumali 🙂


    1. Hello Lichi, thanks sa pagbisita mo sa aking munting blog. Malaya kang ipahayag ang opinion mo or reaction about this post or what you think about UEP in general. I doubt that you are about to join UEP, your tone suggests that you are already part of it. My WP admin says that you have been here previously. Weird day WP.

      Scamming is not limited to force of action, even influencing and using social media can also lead to scamming. It is more than you ever thought it is, as scamming is defined as using fraudulent activity or tricking people to do something for them. About using webmail as primary contact for a business site, that’s just me, (that’s why this is my blog site) I believe I used the pronoun “I” as it pertains to my preference in subscribing to a company site. I simply do not believe in free mails if you are representing a company. Since you use Mang Inasal as an example, UEP & Mang Inasal must have something in common….(or not?)

      Mang Inasal uses yahoo as their main contact before they are bought by Jollibee Corp.
      Mang Inasal made it known that their young founder is Edgar “Injap” Sia II.

      UEP uses gmail as their main contact.
      UEP founders…..yet to be found…together with their registered office…


      And how sure are you that UEP have not/will not/never scam anyone? UEP must be lucky to have you on their side, hinde ka pa nga member as you claimed, yet you give them huge justification. Yes, it is in your discretion to go ahead with UEP. Thanks for your time.


  74. Very helpful talaga ang blog na ito ni Dapsy. It helps people know more information bago nila pasukin ang ganitong “online job” (kung ito man ang tawag nila). I thought of not commenting on this blog kaso na inspire ako na ivoice out ang saloobin ko din sa muntik nang maging member ng UEP, hehehe! So i created a wordpress account (lol). Pasensya na mukhang haba ng comment ko. Salamat in advance sa pagbabasa.
    Two days ago, I was also informed about UEP kasi interesado ako sa online jobs and I wanted to give UEP a try. Sa una, parang ang gandang pakinggan na opportunity kasi mag eencode ka lang than you’ll earn money. Nagresearch muna ako online for any reviews about it and majority ng nakikita ko are positive feedbacks and puro advertisements from the EUP members na nanghihikayat na sumali ka. Nagtaka lang ako bakit kailangang referral system ang gamitin dito bago ka makapasok? I mean sa pagregister pa lang, may babayaran ka munang P350 at dapat merong nagrefer sa iyo?. I have encountered a lot of online jobsites like elance, freelancer and odesk and hindi naman ganito ang kalakaran. However, naisip ko baka nga naman iba talaga policy nila so I gave it a try a while ago. (haizt) Nagregister ako but unable to go further kasi di pa ako nagbabayad ng P350 hahaha! Until sumagi ulet sa isip ko magsearch further ng forums and thank God nakita ko ito. I actually want to know what are the insights of non-UEP members, former UEP members and even current UEP members bago ko ipagpatuloy ung pagregister. Mahaba haba man ung discussions dito, worth it naman kasi talagang maipopoint out ung facts na dapat malaman.
    Upon reading the thread. Ito na din natutunan ko..hehehe! I can say na di nga naman masisisi ang mga current UEP members kung ipagtatanggol nila ang UEP kasi dun sila kumukuha ng additional income. However, hindi rin talaga maikakaila na may “something fishy” kay UEP kasi bakit mo hihingan ng pera ang taong nangangailangan ng pera (trabaho)? Sabihin na natin siguro na maybe para sa maintenance ng servers nila pero bakit?? (tama ba na inference to?hehe, diko na kasi maalala ung main reason ni UEP bakit may fee) Regardless of the reason, considered ka naman ng business entity bakit mo pa ipapashoulder ang ganung fee sa mga workers mo? Kaya nga nagtayo ka ng “business” kasi alam mong you can support your company and no need to ask money from your applicants before they can work for you. Furthermore, parang lumalabas na mas malaki kikitain mu dito if magrerecruit ka pero kung dika magrerecruit, then it’s fine. Medyo tiisin at sipagin na lang sa pag encode para makakuha ka ng bayad sa trinabaho mo. At isang “nakakatakot” na katotohanan is bakit wala nga naman silang maipresentang founder? hindi ba dapat kung magtatrabaho ka sa isang company or any kind of job is you must be well-informed of whom you are working for? Paano nga naman kung nagkasablay sablay at di ka na nakakareceive ng swledo mo? Sino hahabulin? ung nagrecruit sa iyo?? Bakit naman eh pare-pareho din lang kayong workers, na wala nga lang “employer”. Bakit kapwa “employer” sisisihin mo?
    As per the UEP members, mukhang tama naman na may perang ipinapasweldo sa kanila as long as masipag ka magtrabaho and/or magrecruit. Pero ung trabaho naman na iyon is mukhang hindi worth ng time, money, effort since mukhang walang maayos o sapat na sistema para sa pagcheck ng outputs ng workers nila, taz mababa pa pala ung sahod. Unless talagang sipagin mo para malaki talga makuha mu sa payout. Sahod wise, parang okay naman kay UEP kasi mukhang meron narereceive naman ang members pero when it comes to CORE VALUES ika nga like professionalism, being truthful, transparency, reliability, etc. hmmmmm…mejo di pasado.
    Legit or scam, salamat at naisulat ang blog na ito. Nasa tao na kung maniniwala sya dito o ipagpapatuloy nya mag apply for UEP. Facts and experiences were already given by people who experienced being with UEP. As for me, diko na itutuloy application ko. This is my final decision. 🙂

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  75. Good AM sa lahat… Medyo nag compute compute lng ako ng konti.
    Ang sahod per line sa UEP ay Php0.35centavos lang (tama po ba). So…
    1000 lines(excel) x .35 = Php350 (ano to 3-5days) f**k
    5000 lines(excel) x .35 = Php1750
    Alam ba ninyo kung gano kahirap bunuin ang 1000 lines ng excel…pano pa ang 5000 lines or 10k lines…awwww…
    In my opinion lng po..sa tingin ko magaling lang yung gumawa ng site nitong UEP eh. (Maganda kasi sa paningin ang site nila.)
    ***350 per member***
    100 = recruiter
    250 = UEP
    (250 x 10recruits = Php 2500)
    (250 x 100recruits = Php 25,000)
    (250 x 500recruits = Php 125,000)
    Awwwwttttsssss… Easy money para kay Ms. Jovelyn Padua (kung kanino mo ipapadala ang 350 LBC Pera padala).(hahahaha ang kulit eh nohh..)
    Gasino nga lang naman na swelduhan kita ng 800 pesos a week kung nakaka uto naman ako ng 500 na tao sa loob ng isang linggo.
    Kanina lang sa FB group ko..ang dami na kagad na uto nung isang member dito…Oo sige kumikita kau ng 800-2k a week…pero sino ba talaga ang kumikita dito kada recruit….kung lahat na lang sana ng tao sa mundo eh recruitment ang nasa isip..eh di sana lahat tayo yumaman na..(gets nyo ba yung point ko.) Recruit kita., recruit moko..bigyan kita 100 bigyan moko 100 hanggang sa kumita sa downline..KALOKOHAN.
    Mapakapag create na nga din ng magandang online job site para kumita na din ako tulad ng founder nitong UEP.. Sakin siguro USP(United Scammers Pilipinas).wahahahaha…tapos ang membership fee na bayaran eh meet-ups para hindi sila maghinala..hahahaha…
    Makapag AfterEffects na nga lang….haiiizzzzzz….

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  76. Hi Dapsy. I saw about this “business” in Startup PH group and I really hate that it has penetrated that awesome group… geez. Anyways, I just want to add just one point that hopefully can help those who are actually still thinking about it. They use Splunkeez Inc to represent their business, but there is no such Splunkeez Inc registered in SEC, you can check that on SEC website. However, as per your post, it seems they have DTI registration. That is however not enough document for their type of business. You see, businesses that has membership or registration needs to be registered in SEC which requires the incorporators to have a trust fund of i believe (correct me if im wrong) atleast 1million na pwedeng habulin ng memebers if ever the business shut down. So fo me, that site is not legit. Yeah it pays and it work for some, but for those who are earning, you are just being an instrument of a crime. Good luck with that.

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  77. Good day bigla ako napa sign up dito to share my current exp with UEP
    I have already paid the 350php sa kanila then my 1st task sa encoding is
    Comp parts. This task is for two weeks. Sa unang week nakapag pasa ako
    ng 3200 raws ata then sa after a week nag 6k na raws ata nagawa ko.
    Eto na nag email yung uep moderator bayun (nasa spam message ko pa nga eh)
    na “invalid descrption” daw
    Then yung nag recruit sa akin is very accomodating talaga sa akin at mabait
    nag timbre na nag iispam daw yung pinadala ko.
    Then ako nag email sa kanila to ask them king ano talaga
    Yung error ko. Imagined It take them dayssss to answer my question
    and two words lang sinabi “Invalid description” lang ang sagot bwahaha
    If i will compute thats a 9k lines thats almost 2.6k din yun and
    Hindi biro yung oras na ginawa yun. So up to now wala pa rin silang
    Malinaw na sagot or talagang mga bano lang sila or nalunod lang
    Sila sa dami ng pinasa ko or NASCAM yung 350 ko hehehehehe.
    Ok lang yung 350 eh pero yung oras na nag type ka then yung
    Electricity na binayad ko sa meralco yun ang masakit. Sa edad ko
    Na to ngayon lang ako sumali sa isang blog ba to. And thank you
    Thread Starter to give headstart sa mga iba nating kasamahan na
    Naghahanap ng mapagkakakitaan.
    I know uep will read this or the defenders of that orgy.
    Hehehehehe some other day magkakasalubong din tayo
    Thanks again daps pasensiya na kung taglish hehehhe

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  78. Hello everyone, thanks for sharing your experience with UEP from the recruitment flow up to row validation, even the SEC registration, this is for everyone to know na this blog does not intend na siraan ang UEP, tulad ng press release ng mga defenders, but for them to know that there are members who have worked on it, but find the site disappointing from their registration processes, income validation or even refund. Now we can attest na we are not just speculating, but the fact that the site is disorganized in all aspects, kayo na ang mag isip what it leaves you when you work there. Sa mga members, we will never take away the fact na “kumikita kayo” I mean if that is the only goal you have in mind, then you will of course continue with UEP. But if you have that kind of integrity to work in a place you feel safe, not cheated on, not part of any ridiculous company then the next step is to find somewhere better. Have a good day everyone!

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  79. Dapat kailangan ma stop tong ganitong gawain nila
    Kasi in the future marami pa rin sila maloloko. Actually
    We have future project in roxas city kasi contractor din
    Ang family business namin maybe i will try to meet them
    Personally if they are existing talaga.

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  80. Hi Dapsy, thanks for posting this one, I’m glad I Googled it first before I decided to give it a try. I’m thinking baka kagaya din to ng spiralbux na PTC site, nagbabayad sa una, yung problema, HANGGANG SA UNA LANG. Dati kasi they paid me $10 when I was still a standard (free) member, plus daming ibang members na nangrerecruit to upgrade to ‘Golden’ member worth $120 kasi they’ve been receiving and posting payment proofs of at least $200 in a few weeks, That should have sent ringing bells in my head, pero kever lang ako, ayun nauto ako at nagpaupgrade. Mind you $120 is soooo mahal! Ayun nga, eh gusto ko easy money, kaya ayun, basag! Ang dami pa namin nagupgrade. Ang ending hindi na nagbabayad ngayon! Laslas. It’s been months already, and I have almost $400 pending in my account. I doubt if babayaran pa ako, d na ako aasa. I’ll base it on experience and tell people to stay away from that site! You can check their site FAQ and I tell you, you can’t even comprehend their English grammar! As in on a scale of 1 to 10 where in 1 is extremely well and 10 is nganga, I’d rate it a 10!

    Back to the topic, I know UEP pays for NOW, but you never know in the future days/months to come. I can’t deny that I’m skeptical about those sites that rely upon RECRUITMENT. I’ve been burned once, shame on me if I’d be fooled twice! Registration fee pa lang, nako, alams na! Gusto kasi ng mga Pinoy easy money. As for me I’ve been slowly building up my blog (blogger) and so far, revenue is good! 🙂 There’s no such thing as easy money, hard work will always be rewarded.

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  81. they already email me “This is to inform you that all your reports are all invalid due to inappropriate description.. Our system did not accept your report” ayan ang sabi nila hehehehehe.

    Maybe they cannot pay all of the lines I generated. I just emailed them to refund my 350 hehhehehe kaso di na ako namamagasa na babalik yun.

    Sana wala na silang maloko na tao guys kawawa naman sila.


  82. All invalid due to inappropriate description…just wow! Sinasabe nila na it is user error, hhaha papayag ba naman ang members to claim that? P350 registration is no match pag sinuma total mo ang oras na nilaan mo sa kada line when you encode. Just imagine how many poor souls ang hinde nila na credit na trabaho?

    Baryang kita, kinukupit pa. Ginugol na oras para maka P100 for encoding is too much. Talagang mapaparecruit ang iba…isipin mo share mo lang sa fb in a minute or two pag may kumagat na 5 may P500 ka na! (Alam ko naeexcite ang UEP defenders pag money talks eh!) Kaya the reg fee and recruitment process alone is money bank for UEP….kung nakikita lang ng ibang members is money for themselves then that is greed without seeing the big scamming picture.

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  83. Just browsed the site today and was really interested in applying, til I’ve read the registration fee for my dashboard. Who pays for a Dashboard @ 350 which is just a extension to the site? This really reminds me of UNO also. Pyramid Scheme anyone?


  84. After few email conversation with them
    Hindi talaga nila maprroved kung ano mali ng error ko
    I said to them na cooy paste lang naman yun and
    Kahit tawagan nila is legit yun. Huwag daw ako
    Panghinaan ng loob at marami pa daw na task
    And 7 days lang daw yung refund.

    Maybe i will promote their website as one of the
    Scam website.


  85. Question no. 1 : Pano mo nasabing scam ang UEP?

    >>Scam ang isang trabaho,website etc kung hindi nila nagawa kung ano ang mga nakasaad sa Terms and Conditions nila. Hindi po itinago ng UEP na may upfront fee na 350 pesos. In fact, pinagduduldulan nga nila ito sa lahat ng gustong sumali. Malinaw pa sa mata mo na nakalagay..may bayad po ito. Sabi nila babayaran nila ang mga members kung mareach na ang 200 pesos..nabayaran naman ako sa mga trabaho ko…so..asan ang scam?

    Question no. 2 : Pinilit ka bang sumali?

    >> You join at your own risk. kasimple.

    Question no. 3 : Pyramiding ba?

    >> Nakakatawa..Hindi mo ba alam na lahat ng kumpanya involve ang pyramiding scheme? sa call center may referral bonus..kaya nakaka enganyo mag refer. sa ordinaryong kumpanya, pag kulang ang tao kailangan mag refer..pyramiding scheme yon.. Baka ang ibig mong sabihin e pyramiding scam? Iba yon. Ang pyramiding scam e yung wala ka nang ginagawa kumikita ka pa rin..unfair naman yun..kumikilos ang nasa ilalim mo ikaw nagpapakasarap pero kumikita ka pa rin. sa UEP isang beses ka lang babayaran sa referrals mo at yung referrals ng referrals mo e wala ka nang kikitain dun..swerte mo naman.

    Kung naiinip ka, naliliitan at natatagalan ka sa sweldo e di humanap ka ng regular job..maginvest ka ng pera pamsahe, pamedical at magbayad ka ng tax.

    Simply put, huwag maghanap ng wala at wag magreklamo sa kung ano ang meron.

    I will promote UEP so long as I see them fit.


    1. Good afternoon Maricar, thanks for viewing this page. 🙂 Sige himayin naten yang mga points that you raised.

      Maricar: Scam ang isang trabaho,website etc kung hindi nila nagawa kung ano ang mga nakasaad sa Terms and Conditions nila.

      Me: Sino nagsabe that scam definition is limited to this thing alone? You cannot base scam within the terms and conditions, simply because the INTENTION of the UEP makers is not included there, alangan namang ilagay nila dun na they intend to fool Filipino workers. Where as paulit ulit na nateng sinabe that scam could mean any fraudulent activity, created to trick people. Baket namen sinabeng tricky ang UEP? Una hinde mo kilala kung sino ang may ari ng UEP, pangalawa may mga trabahong nirereject na walang basehan, pangatlo, they claimed that it is demographic based job, so they advise na mag refer na ang ilang members (please read the top comments, may isang member nagshare about it) The referral is directly related sa registration fee, of course the more members mag-register, more P350.

      Maricar: Pinilit ka bang sumali? You join at your own risk. kasimple.

      Me: That statement does not support UEP legitimacy, parang sinabe na sa drugs, pinilit ka bang mag drugs, hinde diba? Sa sugal, pinilit ka bang mag sugal, hinde rin diba….But it does not say na komo hinde ka pinilit, ibig sabihin hinde na masama yung object na pinag uusapan, (drugs and sugal) in this case, UEP. It is like saying sa members, “kasalanan mo niloko ka ng UEP, kaya tanggapin mo kase walang pumilit sayo.” This is why review sites, or blog articles are created, para ipakita yung mga bagay na hinde agad napapansin ng nakakarami.

      Maricar: Pyramiding ba? Nakakatawa..Hindi mo ba alam na lahat ng kumpanya involve ang pyramiding scheme? sa call center may referral bonus..kaya nakaka enganyo mag refer.

      Me: Hinde pyramiding ang sa call centers! Walang BPO ang maitatayo sa Pinas kung pyramiding sila, dahil pinagbabawal dito yan. You simply cannot compare call center and UEP, let me tell you why:

      1. Call center offers you fixed jobs, may contract ka, may fixed bimonthly salary pati bonuses, ang UEP per production job, ibig sabihin may validation pa sila bago nila sabihin kung magkano ang mai-earn mo.

      2. Call center does not have registration fee, therefore hinde questionable ang referral kase walang benefit ang company from new people, kelangan lang talaga nila ng workers. Sa UEP kaya in question, kase may bayad bago ka muna mag trabaho. So kung marami kang kaibigan na marerefer, marami ang magbabayad ng P350 sa UEP, tama po ba?

      3. Sa call center kilala mo ang manager, ang hr head, ang IT personnel, may opisina kang pinapasukan. Sa UEP, missing in action ang mga bosses kilala mo lang ang nagrefer sayo, walang may accountability, pati address hinde pa sure hinde matagpuan ng Google map, nakadepende ka lang sa dashboard na pwedeng mag close anytime.

      4. Sa call center fix ang mga documentations nyan kase may nag aaudit sa knila like ISO etc. Sa UEP, walang mag auudit sa kanila, DTI lang kaya nilang ibigay na info, ang refund process nabago from 30 days ngayon 7 days na lang, ang sarili mismo nilang documentation ay confusing sa mga members.

      I could go on and on if you want. Bottomline, we cannot compare a legit and non-legit industry. About networking/pyramiding, this concept was gotten from the idea na may isang tao or isang grupo lang ang nakikinabang (tip of the pyramid) while the bottom people (frontliners or members ang nagpapakapagod mag refer, mag encoding, etc) Bukod sa payment sa inyo, ano pa ang iba nyong proof na legit ang UEP? Isa pang tanong ko sa business side ng UEP, sa tingen mo ano ang role ng big boss ng UEP, if members ang nagrerefer, members nagbibigay ng P350 para pang site maintenance kuno, at kayo rin ang nag eencode para kumita? You think the founder is looking for partnership companies na magbibigay ng trabaho sa mga UEP members or fixed lang kayo sa pag eencode? It is something for you to think about, para mas maintindihan mo why we see the big boss as the “tip of the network.” Kung hinde naman sya naghahanap ng ibang task, anong assurance mo na unli-jobs ka sa pag eencode if more than thousands na ang members ng UEP? Imagine P250 mapupunta sa UEP (P350-100 para sa nagrefer) and let’s say meron na kayong 5,000 members (wag naman sana), lumalabas na meron ng 1.25 million pesos na ang gumawa ng site na to, in just one year! Daig pa yung mga friends kong Chinese na magagaling sa pera.

      Maricar: I will promote UEP so long as I see them fit.

      Me: Perhaps you meant, you will promote UEP as long as they are paying you. Kelangan lang magpakatotoo tayo sa mga intention naten, kase for you to say that UEP is fit, on what grounds? You have not fully established that. So far, wala kaming nakikitang elements from UEP of being fit, legit online company.

      We are not here to stop whatever you have decided about UEP, matagal na nateng sinasabe yan. Pero sana pag isipan nyo ang mga questions that we raised from this page, pati mag react na rin kayo sa mga experiences ng co-UEP members nyo about the UEP processes. Thanks for your insights.

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  86. Yes “we” could go on and on…but at the end of the day simple lang naman ang pinaglalaban namin… We work for the tasks (UEP for that matter) and we get paid for it…Kung hihimayin natin lahat ng pros and cons e mauubos ang oras natin…What we are just after is to get paid for what we have worked for..after all yun naman ang reason kung bakit kami naghanap ng online job.Ngayon kung scam man yan or what that is yet for us to find out. Again as I have reiterated, I will work for them so long as I see things fit. Now if things don’t turn out ok then thank you, your purpose had been served.


    1. “What we are just after is to get paid for what we have worked for”

      Tumbok ang punto mong ito, we know you will not be interested with the rest of the info or rhetorics here, because all that matters to you is just being paid. No prob if you wish not to answer the inquiries, we kind of expected that, dahil wala ng iba pang anggulo ang capable of answering by the members, you will simply lost interest with the discussion if it does not have a peso sign on it. We believe we have mentioned for the Nth time, na nasa inyo ang desisyon, wala naman talga sa amen. Alam nameng hinde kayang pagbaguhin ang isip ng isang tao, lalo na there is monetary benefits underlying. Sabe nga “hinde na mahalaga kung saan galing ang perang pampasweldo ng UEP, pera pera lang yan.”

      Nandito lang kame to make you think, (or reviewers/readers ng blog namen not necessarily You) if not think twice about certain things on UEP, mga bagay na ayaw idiscuss, ayaw pansinin or pwedeng iwasan ng ibang members/founders from UEP. Thanks sa pagbisita sa aking blog. 😀

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  87. There are a lot of reasons why we think its legit apart from merely getting paid. We just don’t think its worth the argument. An average person desperate enough to earn a little extra wouldn’t want to know who the founder is, the owner, the auditor and the rest. I appreciate your thoughts but again, we don’t need it yet. Happy Blogging.


  88. I really admire yung mga taong they can express their feeling in writing.
    Me I cannot express lahat but I know the feeling na argabyado.

    And up to this moment I am calling them to discuss why my 9,000 raws
    are invalid. Also in email I told to them that I can call in my own expense
    And the girl mock me na mayaman ako (because I will call them). Siguro
    naman kung kanino man nangyari sa inyo yung experience ko is
    mag iisip kayo and wala ka naman mahinging tulong sa kanila because
    unreachble thru phone.

    Hope this is Isolated incident na nangyayari sa loob ng UEP. And kung
    Legit sila there will technical support to address the queries. They will
    answer whenever they want. I dont know ilan ng members ang pumasok
    sa kanila and ilang percent din ang may ganitong scenario. Sa iba ok lang
    yun kasi they are paying ng maayos or tinatanggap nalng nila kung ano
    lumabas sa tawas.

    Sa iba they consider legit but to me this is big big scam.

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  89. Maricar, as much as we would like to juice out information from a member who seem to defend UEP better than the others, then you will just retreat, because you thought it is not worth the argument??? Haha great exit plan right there! I mean you have the audacity to come here and waisted few mins to post a comment, with full awareness na mahihimay ang comments mo, then biglang kakabig na it is not worth the argument, sayang ang intention mo if poor execution. With your 3x comment you could have shared the “lots of reasons why UEP legit premises.” Seriously, nanghinayang ako sa pag approve ng comments, lol. thanks anyway 😀

    @mananabas69, tingen ko nanghinayang ka talaga sa time that you spent in completing that 9000 rows, syempre sayang din ang pera na yun kaya we understand how this can frustrate or that agitated feeling if you are not getting the kind of response from UEP. Sa scenario kase na binigay mo ang sinasabe nila is user error, mali daw ang description mo, sila lang ang makakapag sabe nyan sayo, pero ang maganda is itanong mo or huminge ka ng sample na VALID ROWS, at bigyan mo sila ng screenshot if tama naman yung ginawa mo. I cannot help you with the approval ng UEP, I mean I am questioning their legitimacy therefore hinde rin ako naniniwala na meron silang matinong checker, if you know what I mean. Perhaps have their staff, to assist you on this. Pero funny yung unreachable number ng UEP, haha naman, baka alam ni Maricar yan, matulungan ka nya 🙂


  90. Its not about that..Its just a heads up to my co-members to know when to stop when trying to prove a point. I don’t want to sound too opinionated when I know this is your blog.I’ve said what I had in mind, argued a little and proved a point so there. 🙂


    1. @Maricar, ok sige na nga hehe rumerecover pa, sayang ang 4th comment, still nothing? Hahaha kidding, wala nga palang pilitan sa blog na to. 😀

      Alright then, we would assume it would be your last comment since that retreat. Have a great afternoon! Chao!

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  91. @mananabas, that’s for you to find out. 🙂 hinde ka dapat iblock if you are seeking understanding why your 9000 rows are all invalid right? wala bang documentation ang encoding job kung ano ang valid sa hinde, like samples? were you able to find staff, not just members ng UEP?

    kung hinde….well yan na nga ba ang sinasabe ko. tapos mag reretreat pa ibang UEP people, how can they help their colleagues? ika nga, dun ka na lang sa UEP fb page magreklamo. LOL.

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    1. Wow nung nag google ako ng unemployed pinoy pangalawa na tong blog na to na lumabas sa google search after nung website nila. Papaano ba mauunahan yung website pag sinearch yung name nila.


      1. @mananabas, depende kase sa keyword na ginagamit for searching, tsaka yung number of hits. (SEO) Of course yung domain nila mismo andun nakakabit yung unemployedpinoys therefore sila talaga ang magta-top when you do a search. However when you search for UEP scam, then mine gets at the top because of the blog post title.

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  92. Ayun na post na ako dun sa FB nila then i browse a couple of members n parang same ang problem na walang lumalabas na income sa dashboard nila hehehehhe blackout din at nag hahanap na sasagot na staff ng UEP. Waiting waiting game muna.

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  93. Hahah… dami ku tawa dito mam… yung nag comment ng negative at nagawa ng blog dito ito yung tipong mga taong tamad gusto nila na kikita sila agad ng malaki at magtrabahu lang ng walang registration fee..walang bayad. OO sa odesk nga walang bayad pero hindi ka basta2 makapasuk dun isa akung freelancer sa odesk kaya alam ku gaanu kahirap pasukin yun pero yung sinabi nila na scam yung UEP natatawa aku sa inyu paanu naging scam eh kumita naman aku,kami marami kami kumita dito. matatawag ba yung scam?.. mga bobo sila.. hindi nila alam yung salitang scam siguru… lahat naman cgurung trabahu mai capital need ng puhunan kahit mag apply ka mai gastus ka pa rin yung pamasahe mu papeles mu kain mu… lahat ng trabahu mai kapital.. po..engit lang kayu kasi hindi kayu kumita mga tamad kasi..eh.. kumita ba kayu sa pag panglait nyu sa UEP? …baguhan pa aku sa UEP pero malakin na kita ku dito…wag kayu mag comment of gumawa ng blo na hindi nyu alam ang salitang SCAM…proud to be uep member,,, UEP ROCK hahaahahahahhaha….

    DAMI KU TAWA DITO…GOD BLESS SA inyu…kami kumita kayu hindi….


    1. 😀 Hello Venstil, mabuti naman napatawa ka ng VERY GOOD na blog na to, sana lang hinde ka kinabagan. Ok now, let us go to the serious matters, may mga gusto akong ilatag sayo dahil tulad ni Ruther, sinabihan mong tamad ang blogger. (What is wrong with these people, ang sipag ko kaya sagutin ang mga tanong nyo, kayo ba masipag sagutin ang mga tanong ko? 😀 tatakasan nyo na naman ako dito)

      Unang una, I will not tolerate foul languages here by saying BOBO SILA, hinde kase lahat makaka digs ng ganyang level of speaking. I mean you wouldn’t want being called as MORON, don’t you? Fair enough.

      Venstil: OO sa odesk nga walang bayad pero hindi ka basta2 makapasuk dun
      Because mataas ang competition sa Odesk, meaning only qualified workers ang matatanggap, hinde ka dapat magtaka dahil worldwide ang competition dun, but at least it is a legit online site. Now hinde rin naman ibig sabihin na pag madaling makapasok, like UEP, ibig sabihin eh legit yung site agad agad, therefore walang bearing yung premise mo na yun.

      Next, does anyone here mention that UEP IS NOT PAYING? Kung ang tinatahak mong reasoning is because you are being paid, kaya hinde SCAM, then you are barking at the wrong premise. Sa dinami dami ng mga inconsistencies at questions namen about UEP, yun lang ang napuna mo, eh paano ang mga fraudulent activities sa UEP? Deadma, kase nabayaran ka, kumikita ka kahit na may possibility that the income you get is from fooling other people? Then you should rest your case, because hinde mo masasagot ang ibang rhetorics dito puro pera lang ang magiging laman ng arguments mo. Sabe mo nga baguhan ka, binabayaran ka, ibig sabihin bias ang judgement mo, what makes you qualify to answer on UEP’s behalf or even weigh our side? Would you care answering kung sino ang founder ng UEP, why they have lousy website elements, saan sila located baket hinde makita sa Google map, at paano mo masesecure na UEP does not have any scamming intentions today and tomorrow?

      Lastly, salamat sa pagbisita sa page ko, I wish to hear better rebuttals from you. I will await for your response, sana walang takasang magaganap.

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    2. Hhehehe ako natatawa sa iyo proud member ka nga ng UEP then may pa god bless ka pa. Yan ang nakakalat sa website nila pero taliwas sa mga ginagawa nila. Bakit takot sila makipagusap sa member na nagbayad na ng 350 para lang maliwanagan kung ano ang problema.

      Ayan dumadami na defender ng UEP hehehehehe. Baka dito nabayaran din pag post mo sa pag dedepensa sa mga nakataging nilalang sa capiz. Magkano per word?
      Tanong lang yan huwag maging malikot ang kaisipan o mapikon kaibigan.


  94. As of this moment wala pa rin sagot sa staff ng UEP. I already posted sa FB page nila and continues calling to them. Isa lang nag entertain sa akin pero nung nagtanong ako sa kanya if employee siya sabi niya hindi. At iisa ang sinasabi mag email lang daw at mag antay ng sagot. Maybe I will stop na lang sa pangungulit sa kanila kasi It is a waist of time and resources.

    Lesson learned. Sa lahat ng makakabasa nito it serves a warning to all na dont waste your time and the 350 php for registration. Please huwag nyo na sila pag aksayahan ng oras at pera.

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  95. Thank you for this!! 🙂 I thought it was all in my head. I wanted to join and register. The job offer was really enticing but I had second thoughts when they told me I had to pay, so I researched and found this blog. After reading the post and the comments, I was enlightened and decided not to join 🙂

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  96. Hehehehe sabi dun sa fb ng admin ng UEP huwag daw dun magpost sa fb nila. Hindi daw makakatulong yun. Maybe ayaw lang nila mapahiya sa public kung ano talagang meron silang systema.

    I even email the admin and asking if they are scammer getting money to the registration then suddenly leaving the members without any tech support.

    Thanks again daps sa blog na to 🙂

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  97. Well that FB page looks like a blog feeder, it is not created to help members, and just saw two comments being removed after refreshing their page, like a blink of an eye, hehehe very funny.

    Sa malamang nga madeadma ka if your approach is asking them if they are scammer, I mean sino ba ang direktang aamin that they are? Sabe nga ng magagaling na members… “they are being paid” — so if magkaproblema ka sa UEP, problema mo na yun. Lol. Perhaps ask the defenders how to get in contact with the UEP support group, if there is even an existing one. May ibang defender dito loudly posted their fb accounts, maybe they are willing to help. 😛


  98. Good day Miss Dapsy!
    I registered but, doubting the site, I did some research and was lucky enough to see your blog. Thank you very much for taking the time to write something about this, it was very helpful, on my case.
    As a student po kasi, we ought to get really “captured” by posts promoting part-time jobs then sadly, malalaman na networking lang din pala ang puno’t dulo nito kinalaunan. I guess that works for other people but, yung credibility sa pagoffer nila na “encoders” ang hanap, nakakadismaya lang kasi nakakasayang lang sa oras – and I do value my time.
    Again, I would like to thank you for your time and effort on informing us and raising your concern. God bless! 🙂

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  99. @mananabas, here’s an update found this info from their UEP FB page may isang member din nag ask about it, send an email daw to francesclairedp@gmail.com (hrd daw nila….sa kanya ba nakapangalan ang perang padala?) or use the widget in your dashboard to contact them. feedback ka na lang for anything, thanks.


    1. Yah nakasagupa ko na yan si frances sa email siya yung nangaasar sa akin na mayaman ako kasi kinukuha ko yung number nila to call them personnally. Di yata nila ako matawagan that time kasi ala ata silang pangtawag sa globe hehehehehehe. Then nangako na tatawag sa akin nung susunod na araw pero wala naman. I think hindi naman siya hr the way she closes the conversation na magconcentrate na lang daw ako sa 2nd task ko at parang kalimutan ko na lang yung unang task ko. Yung widget kapag yun ginamit mo si madam frances dun pero mga 3 am sila sasagot. Una nga naisip ko baka nasa amerika sila kasi puro madaling araw sagot nila hihihihihi.
      Bigla na lang hindi na nag email siya simula nung nag appear ako sa FB nila hehehehe


      1. @mananabas so iisang personnel lang nila ang pinasasagot nila for complaint, validation at refund lageng si Frances? Hmm alam na! I wonder what the defenders can say about your experience heheh deadma mode lang daw muna kase nabayaran na sila. Hindeng hinde ka tatawagan ng UEP kase wala ngang may gustong umamin na staff sila ng UEP yun pa kayang accountability na tulungan ka sa problema mo. I feel bad about that 9,000 invalid rows and when you try to confront them about it, you get shrugged off by them. I saw this from one of their pages, may mga taong binabanggit baka ito na nga ang mga ulo/staff ng UEP:

        Abner Mapacale – https://www.facebook.com/abner.mapacale?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
        Frances Claire Dela Peña – https://www.facebook.com/francesclaire.delapena?fref=ts
        Richard Dela Cruz – https://www.facebook.com/richardUEP
        Feel free to send queries and other concerns also: len0718@yahoo.com

        Pasahan na ng bola yan pag ganyan! LOL.


        1. Finally they told me the reason kung bakit invalid yung data ko. Fame daw labat ng pinasa ko hindi daw nila makontak yung phone number. Papaano magigiing fake yun eh dinownload ko yung pricelist ng PC Options, DynaquestPc and Cdrking. Naka pdf lang then translate lang sa excel. It is simple copy paste procedure. Then isang tawag sa phone sa kanila if exisiting yung line and inquire if the price posted ia valid.
          Sabi ko nga dun sa kausap ko sa FB si madam genalyn. Papaano nyo matatawagan yun isa isa eh pantawag nga sa member nyo di nyo magawa. Simple logic lang. Iisip lang ng palusot pang grade 1 pa tapos sa row 4 pa nakaupo tabi pa ng basurahan.
          Tapos sabay sabi na babalik na lang daw yung reg fee bwahahahha
          They think they won the battle by deactivating my account. The war is not over.

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        2. Thanks for sharing. Tahimik dito walang nagrereact sa sinabe mo. Hahah. Mas mura daw kase reg fee kesa sa 9,000 rows mo, ang gulang sa pera ano? Pag sa money computation lumalabas ang galing nila. Hinde na lang sinabe sayo na “brad mapapagod ka lang penge na lang ng P350 mo.”

          Gawa ka fb community page to expose mga kababalaghan nila. Laban o Bawi yata yang portion nyo sa UEP eh hehhe.

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  100. Hello! Good morning Dapsy ! first of all salamat po sa blog na ginawa mo at sa lahat nag comment , diko alam kong ilang oras ang tinagal ko para matapos basahin lahat ito, , 🙂 2 or 3hours siguro . hehehe
    Isa ako sa mga member ng uep , One month na din ako dito sa uep, nakatanggap na din ako ng sahod pero nang naging aware ako sa paligid ko kong bakit ba may nag sasabi na scam/spam ang uep. Kaya agad ako nagsearch at itong magandang blog mo po dapsy ang nag appear. . Siguro hindi ako naging aware dati bago ako sumali sa uep kasi yung friend ko ang nag suggest na itry ang uep, so nagtry ako ng walang pagdududa. at sa one month po ay maganda naman ang nangyari sa akin . Pero dahil sa may sabi sabi na scam po ang uep para po akong natakot kasi may lima na akong referral at ayokong ako ang pagtuonan ng galit nila, so i do research about this.. salamat po dapsy atleast naliwanagan ako,, manganda parin naman kita ko kong encoding lang ang gagawin ko kasi mas doon ako naka focus .. so ngayun narealize ko kong scam man o hindi ang uep ang maganda kong gawin ay hindi na lang ako mag iinvite , i still continue my encoding task , for safety narin para sa iba ayoko rin nang may madamay , hindi na ako mag iingganyu na sumali pa ang iba,kahit may proof man ako na nakatanggap ako ng sahod tulad po ng sabi mo dapsy marami talagang bagay na hindi maipaliwanag ng uep..thank you po once again . ( talagang hindi ako natulog dahil gusto kong basahin lahat ng comment ninyo, hehehe, morning night po sa lahat)

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  101. @huami20, thanks for visiting our post and for sharing your thoughts. The decision is yours to stay with UEP with or without referrals, salamat din for the attempt of understanding what we presented here. 🙂 Good morning!

    X’S: Likewise, we did not expect that comments will flood for UEP post. Lol.


  102. Kaboom!!!! Baby…. UEP kick me out. They already deactivate my account. I dunno yung reason maybe yung pagtanong ko sa kanila sa FB nila hehehehe. Ang ganda pa naman ng isang logo nila Join and be a freeman ba yun. Kaso bawal pala kinukwestyon sila. Hehehehe one of the message nga dun sa akin spammer daw ako sa fb nila. Ok na siguro matawag na spammer huwag lng SCAMMER. Boom Sapul! Magandang lagay to dun ah hehehehehhe. Actually I forced to do that to get their attention and I get their attention to the fullest hehehehehe kaya ayun Boom Kickout! Yung account ko.

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  103. Oo nga no sana nanghingi or solicit na lang sila. Tapos ginamit nila yung mga biktima ng bagyo hehehehe. Tahimik din sila sa FB eh tsaka yung kausap ko rin na admin adminan or hr hr-an nila di na sumagot hindi na nasagot nung sinabi ko na ni pantawag sa member ala kayo mag inquire pa kaya sa mga supplier.

    Hmmmm ok yung fan page na sabi mo ah. Pero try ko kausapin ko rin utol ko kasi may kakilala siang kapwa media niya yung mga researcher sa isang tv show nanaghahanap ng topic na gagawing investigative journalism. Long shot pa naman yun hehehehe kapag kinareer ko na lang sila siguro.

    Ok lang ba yun sa FB page nila ako bumawi. Siempre iniisip ko kung macybercrime law ako nila. Oo nga no kasama ba ang scam sa cybercrime????


  104. Paano ka masa cybercrime, sila nga ang questionable in terms of origin, owners, etc. The fact that they get money from you, they should be the one explaining their process, or why they will cancel your membership without due process kung sila pa nga ang may dapat bayaran sayo. They will not charge you takot lng nun that authorities will dig deep about them sa dami ng irregularity sa knilang site. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what UEP is made of. Sila pa nga ang malalagot sa BIR, if they are collecting fees tapos hinde pala registered, haha! (UEP BIR ah, wag nyong gagamitin ang DTI, magka iba yun!) UEP has a lot of explaining to do. LOL. Mga UEP defenders bka gusto nyong damayan ang beloved company nyo pg nagkagipitan na? Kuliglig sound.

    For now ang pwede mo lang magawa is to write your own experience sa blog or in a social networking community (not sa FB page nila, you will be blocked right away) to inform/educate/warn people about UEP.

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  105. salamat dito ms. dapsy plano ko din sana magregister UEP pero nagresearch muna ako and nakita ko itong blog ninyo. . nirocommend to ng girlfriend ko kasi sabi nya mukhang ok daw pero wala talaga akong tiwala kasi sa una palang bakit nga naman kelangan mo agad magbayad una palang natawa na ako dito pang maintenance daw ng dashboard kelan pa tong maintenance na ito until now ba hindi pa sapat yung naipon nilang fee at pag kiniclick ko yung sa right upper part ng site parang sa settings icon “the site is underconstruction parin” hahaha until now wala pang improvement e nakailang 350 na sila

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  106. We had a fair share on UEP experience and I wrote that here:

    Actually, you inspired me of writing my own UEP adventure after seeing you’re the only one who have shared your thoughts against all those supposedly “good” reviews out there.

    Also, I’m one of the admin of a very popular FB page here in Cebu and I see a lot of them posting their ads. Of course, I delete them on sight 🙂

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  107. @saintevil thanks for dropping by. Tama ka research muna bago go ahead with UEP and the rest common sense & instinct. 😉

    @mac thanks for sharing similar insights and yes we do have the obligation to scrutinize what we find interesting or suspicious as a blogger. It feels great to break social norms from time to time. 😀


  108. Good day!! Update lang guys nung nag check ako ng email hehehe andun na yung details ng 350php na refund ko. Hehehehe parang napa isip ako bigla bat binalik ano to suhol para mag stop ako ng pag babash sa kanila. Actually yung UEP is monitoring this thread. Yung words na bash sa kanila rin galing nung nabasa ko sa isang member lang nila na pinakita ung screenshot nila. Yung kausap ko nga pala sa fb hindi siya empleyado kaya pala kung makapasalita wagas sa pag dedefend. And she compare kung sa odesk or elance bagsak na daw yung work ko. I just answer her na ang mga employer sa odesk is clear ang instructions and can contact easily.

    Ang style talaga nila is hindi haharap yung taga UEP puro mga die hard defenders lang ang nakikipag communicate to mask their identity.

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  109. @mananabas, kelan ka nag register sa UEP? We just wanna know if sila mismo ang lumalabag sa kanilang policies with their inconsistencies and inexplicable course of actions. Kase if you are more than 7 days from the time of registration, ibig sabihin ang rules nila mismo ang binabali nila, dahil only within 7 days ang refund. (samantalang yung iba pending for months, tapos ikaw inofferan ng refund, lol) Sabe sayo mas mura kase ang P350 kesa sa 9,000 rows mo hahaha, if rate is 0.35 x 9,000 you should have gotten P3,150.

    I will never trust a group or company who are contradicting their own set of rules.

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    1. Nicheck ko sa txt message galing sa uep dated july 8 yun. Activataed yung dashboard ko. Hehehehhe malinaw they broke their rules.

      Di ko na nga iniisip yung 350 na yun kasi lahat ng nakikita ko is pending for many months na.

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  110. Hahahahaha ginaWan pa talaga ako ng isang blog nung nakasagupa ko sa FB ng isang nilalang na babae. Eh papaano magiging repitition ang data kung kinuhanan ko is 5 supplier ng hdd. Eh isang 1tb of hdd is 5 na agad ang price ko na iba iba. Tapos papaano sa malilit na item like flash drive browse ka lang sa cdrking hindi ka malula sa dami ng nakapost dun. Nagulat lang sila papaano nagawa yun at madami. In the end they cannot pay.

    Todo explain pa siya duon. Mga nag mamalinis na mga tao huwag lang ako mauna sa impyerno kung hindi ako ang hahambalos sa kanila bago sila itapon sa kumukulong apoy.

    Hindi sila nahihiya pinapakain nila sa pamilya nila galing sa pangloloko.
    Tama talaga si mac sa blog niya all of instructions is misleading to mask the true identity of pyramidding or networking.

    @stranger malaking popcorn na kunin mo samahan mo na rin ng icedtea para masarap kasi sa blog niya na ako mag cocomment. Kung baga dadayuhin ko na sila sa baluarte nila.

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    1. They can lurk anytime they want, or post comment kaso nagsisitakas pag may tanong na sa knila because they cannot refute the inexplainable actions of UEP. Sabe nga do not go in a battle which you know nothing about.

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      1. Hehehhe kaya ako na dadayo sa kanila basta hinamon ko sila ng walang burahan ng comment.

        Kaso hanggang ngayon ala pang sagot. Ganoon naman sila eh hindi nila matanggap na may ginagawa silang mali. Ayaw nila patawag na Scam ok lang un. SEMI SCAM na lang kasi hindi naman lahat naniniwala eh kaya ok naman na semi na lang

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    1. Yes established na ang kanilang referral system, that is why all the more kaduda duda ang intention ng registration fee. Natural sa dami ng sasali, madami rin ang kita out of it.

      Dun sa link na binigay nyo, mas malake pa ang ang referral kesa sa research and encoding. In plain words, mag refer ka na lang, wag ka na mag encode! at sa kada refer nyo, kikita ng P250 ang UEP, lol.


  111. Thanks for this blog.. buti nalang nagresearch muna ko, unemployed pa kasi ko until now at naenganyo ako sumali dito may mga nagsasabe na SCAM daw meron naman totoo daw mahirap pag-isipan eto kasi 350 din halos minimum na dito samin sa batangas. mas maganda pa mag-sikap at mag sipag nalang tayong mga kapwa ko pinoy para guminhawa buhay natin. wag tayo umasa sa mga online job..


  112. para sakin lng anu nmn ang 350php registration fee. kung susubkan mo.
    kung mbubuhay ka lng sa pangamba walng manyyari sayo.

    kung maloko man kmi.. isa ka sa mkakaalm kgad..pero ayaw ko muna mgslita regarding sa scum ang UEP anggat dkupa ntrtry ang system nila..

    if we find na scum nga sya well its our fault..
    atleast i tried (snubukan ko) d ako ngpadala sa sabisabi lng..
    take note 350php fee for dashboard its not a big deal to spend.

    walng mangyyri kung negative minds ang papiralin.
    tanong kulng dapsy nascum knba ng UEP ? para gumanyan.

    pasintabi lng ahh..dapsy


  113. Hello Comtech, thanks for taking time to comment. Ganito kase yan, let me give you a simple analogy:

    Kung nagnakaw ang batang hamog ng P20,
    Ang senador ay nagnakaw ng 10million itinatago sa government projects kuno,
    At ang UEP ay mang sscam ng P350 sa mga pobreng unemployed

    Ang tanong is ano ang common denominator ng 3 yan? Magmamamatter pa ba kung magkano ang amount na ninakaw?

    Lahat yan ay panloloko/pagnanakaw regardless of the amount. Scam is not dependent on how much is acquired from you, but the intention of the owner for putting up the site, why referral fee is higher than the actual encoding jobs itself and other suspicious information about them. Naghahanap ka nga ng trabaho tapos hihingan ka ng P350, nagpapatawa ka yata.

    So if may napapansin ka na ninanakawan ang katabi mo, tatanga ka na lang ba? Not even giving warning to other people? Perhaps, that is what you would do, but not on my case. Sa aken kase kapag may fraudulent akong napapansin, bubusisiin ko and give warning to other people through this blog post. Kung pinaninindigan naten sa social networking sites na may power ang boses/idea naten, baket kapag ganitong eye opener on scamming, kinokontra even if there are proofs and resources to show you otherwise? Not because binusisi ang UEP means negative minded na, pwede rin naman na sinasampal na sa mukha ninyo ang katotohanan, pero pilit ka pa ring lumuluhod sa kanila. (figuratively)

    Lastly, No hinde ako aabot sa puntong maii-scam ng UEP, that’s why I wrote this post. With all their site elements and the basic company info, hinde nila maprovide, sinong matinong tao ang magpapaloko pa if their credibility is already in question? Basic common sense, which is nowadays not that common.

    X’S: Scam po hinde scum. Pero pwede ring scum kase it means “worthless”, yun nga lang sayo galing yun, hinde po sa aken 😀


  114. wow! Thanks Ms. Dapsy! (you just saved me from wasting that 350pesos^^ and my time) binasa ko to up to the last comment! and natawa ako sa SCUM comment haha.

    @Comtech Yahjjs: kung lahat ng tao ganyan ang mindset like yours (in your case a “willing victim” and walang “informed decision”) aba ayoko ng maging tao ! (my goodness) and ang 350pesos malaking pera pa din yan. (mas gugustuhin ko pang i-pang taya na lng yan sa lotto at least my chance ka pa and nakatulong ka pa! or i-kain mo na lang) i hope your mindset is not a contagious (nakakahawa) disease. ayokong manglait but your comment depicts your lack of common sense – pasintabi lng ahh..Comtech Yahjjs

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  115. Hi ms. Dapsy! Thank you so much for all the information! I was about to take the risk. Good thing I had a second thought. I searched for reviews for Yukiro Database company. Everything you said here makes sense. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’ll definitely share this to my friends. GOD bless!

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  116. sad kasi bago ko pa mabasa to nakapagregister na ko pero buti na lang di pa ako nagbabayad .. muntik na ko dun ah nadala ako sa sinabi nung nakausap ko dun .. sana naman di magamit yung personal info ko sa masama 😦

    thank you rin po pala sa blog na to

    pano ko kaya mauunsubscribe yung account ko ? 😦

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  117. I was like o_O after reading this blog! Haha bukod sa revelation ng flaws ng UEP .. Ang haba kasi siryusly hihi xD ang dami ko pong natutunan Ms. Dapsy! Binasa ko lahat eh astig niyo po at di kayo nagpatalo at naipaliwanag ng maayos ang mga punto niyo sa mga UEP members na nagttry hanapan ng reason kung bat ganon bat ganyan, hanga din naman ako sa mga UEPians na talagang pinagtanggol ang UEP dou’ parang hindi ko nabasa talaga ung founder nila. Haha o baka po inaantok na kasi ako kaya wala di ko nabasa kung meron -.-

    Actually nakapagregister nadin ako sa UEP and Ipinadala ko pa sa friend ko yung pera para maactivate na un dashboard ko agad dahil may malapit na lbc sa kanila. Good thing hindi pa naibabayad!!

    waaah naiiiyak naman ako siryusly di po madaling magkapera! -.- at swear kung hindi ko nabasa ang blog na to malamang nakipag battle din ako sa fb. Isa rin siya sa nagcomment dito stating na kumikita siya at may proof sa fb niya which is nakita ko kaya naengganyo ako na sumali. Nagtataka ako dahil kung pagkukumparahin mo un sa assigned task sakanya at ung sa referral at blogs eh halos di na siya nageencode -.- now i know na kung bakit!

    grabe salamat po talaga ng marami!! waaah yung pera ko pa naman na un may pag gagamitan ako, nagkataon lang na umasa din kasi ako sa UEP kaya inuna ko muna.

    Sana marami pang makabasa ng blog na to ^^ kahanga hanga. Mula ngayon magbabasa na ko ng mga blogs mo ma’am Dapsy tutal naman blog mo ang reason kung bakit may account ako dito.xD .. Haha saka po baka may iba pang kahinahinala e. And about sa pagsali sa mga ganun, simula naun magiging mabusisi din ako at alert. 🙂

    well congrats to US na mga sigurista at napadpad dito na ngayon ay naliwanagan na hihi.

    Daebak Ms.Dapsy
    Godbless 😀 annyeong!

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  118. hahaha.. buti nabasa ko tong blog na to.. ok na pala ako s Odesk. naku.. buti nlng i didn’t withdrawn my money from Odesk to invest for UEP.. parang tumahimik na mga UEPians ah?.. talo na?

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  119. Basta bottom line is when something looks too good to be true, researrch and investigate muna para hindi maloko. Im perfectly comfortable sa Odesk. Mas marami pang options regarding sa mga job contracts. Basta matino ka magtrabaho, clients would prefer to keep you long term.

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  120. Hi dapsy! sayang ngayon ko lang nabasa ang blog mo. nakapagjoin na ako sa uep and unfortunately nakapagbayad na ako. sa experience ko dito, nung una ko makita yung first task ko, parang ang hirap ng encoding task, too much time and effort ang kailangan tapos ang liit ng kikitain mo. naisip ko not worth it. so i decided na magsearch ng reviews ng uep kasi nga plan ko na i-deactivate yung account ko at kaya nakita ko yung blog mo. kaya tama pala yung mga naisip ko. sayang lang huli na ang lahat. wala pa naman akong 7 days as stated in their policy na within 7 days lang ang deactivation from the start ng dashboard activation mo, makukuha mo yung refund. pero parang di na ako umaasang makukuha ko pa yung 350 ko. hay,

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  121. Thanks everyone for taking time to read this blog post and threaded comments. We are glad to provide information sa inyo about UEP, if nakatulong sa inyo it is our pleasure. =)


  122. better sana kung naging member ka, anyways as an employee of that company, as from my experience and even before the regeneration of the site.I FIND IT LEGIT! IBA PO KASI PAG NAGING PARTE not for a short time. regarding MONEY transactions from the pre-membership,BAWING-BAWI KO NA EH!

    -from a UEP’s Employee sight 🙂


    1. Good afternoon Psyche glad to hear feedback from an employee. I do have several questions from you at dahil empleyado ka all of these should be easily answered by you:

      1. Who is the founder of Splunkeez Inc?
      2. Where is the office based? Apparently there were two different addresses posted on UEP site, both hinde makita sa Google Map while our residence kitang kita ang bubong ng bahay ko…why is that? Saan may problema, maling address or maling engine ng Google map?
      3. What can you say about members not being paid correctly? They are offered refund by UEP as they are scrutinizing the validation row process?
      4. How are you closely related to the site owner to know his intention? Masyado ka kaseng sure na hinde money scheme ang UEP.
      5. Bukod sa you are being paid what other documentations you have to show they are registered. Anong company or sino ang nagbabayad ng tax nila?
      6. May kilala ka na bang nakapag refund successfully?
      7. Baket barya per rows pero P100 per referral?

      Kung hinde mo masasagot ng buo ang mga questions na ito what gives you the right to claim that you are PART of UEP, not just paid by them? Aantayin ko ang sagot mo ha. Thanks for taking time to comment. =)


  123. You bet that right mananabas, they always do that. They have nothing on their plates, they run as far as they could when confronted. If there is any consolation, the rest of us here, is having fun with their mediocrity.


  124. O kitam wala na siya siguro hindi nag back read dada lang ng dada makapagtanggol lang hehehehehe mga walang sustansya kausap mas masrap pang $&$@/$. Kung magka GOD bless kala mo mga banal. Dapat lagay na lang nila MAY “TANING” be with UEP.

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  125. Hello po Ms. Dapsy!!! Salamat talaga at pinost mo tong blog na to. Hahahaha! I’ve been looking for a home based online job kasi for the past few weeks. Halos lahat na siguro ng nakikita kong sites sa Google at Facebook na nag-o-offer ng trabaho online inapply-an ko na. Dahil na rin sa sobrang pangangailangan eh naengganyo ako dito sa UEP. Andami din kasing mga testimonials, proofs at etc. na nakakalure sa attention naming mga walang trabaho o palaging nasa bahay lang. Mabuti nalang at nagresearch talaga ako. Kaso lang nakapagawa na ako ng pre account pero mabuti na rin na hindi ako nakapagbayad dun sa Php350.00. Salamat naman po at nagtiyaga kayong magresearch at magimbestiga tungkol sa site nila 🙂

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  126. Hahaha! nag aantay pa po siguro iyon ng mga sagot na manggagaling sa mga kamag-anak niya o sa friends niya..di pa ata nasasagot kasi ung tanong nya sa FB which is” saang parti po ba scam ang Unemployed Pinoys ? open for answer”

    Kung meron na siguro sya nafish na answers from others na magsasabing hindi scam, then probably that’s the time babalik at makikipagdebate ulet..hehehe

    Anyway, from what I can analyze sa mga arguments ng UEPians wherein may nakukuha silang pera dito, is that may nakukuha sila kasi marami sila narerecruit compared to actually working on tasks.

    Ikaw ba naman kung papipiliin ka. San mu gusto? recruit one person and you’ll have P100 agad o type 12,000 rows for P0.32 per row. E di dun ka na sa madaliang pera. Ba’t mu pa papagurin ang mga daliri mu sa pagtype sa kakarampot na payment taz may possibility pa na mainvalid, di ba?

    Dun ka na lang sa pagrecruit.. mambola bola ka lang, at pag nagmember eh presto! my P100 ka agad.

    Paano kaya kung dumating sa punto na ung mga current avid defenders ng EUP eh maranasan ung masamang naranasan na ng mga naging members?
    Will they still be so heroic to be defenders till the end?

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  127. wow, i was looking for reviews about UEP, inaasahan ko is favorable sa kanila so i can join and earn extra money, at I FEEL na mas MAGANDA AT MATINO ANG NABASA KO ABOUT UEP… BUTI nlang nabasa ko ‘to… whew, muntik na akong maloko… THANK YOU Dapsy!

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  128. (clap..clap) i enjoyed the show it took me 3hours para lng basahin lahat to wew sakit sa leeg worth reading nmn.. nkka thrill bshin huehue parang nasa court of justice lng.. kala ko nga may mkaka defend at masasagot lhat ng katanungan i wla nmn disappointed tuloy to easy for dapsy lng no sweats … abang mode nlng bka mmya may abugado mag defend para sa inaakusahan (lol) . dba pag tlgang legal yung business nila pwdi nila to eh report ? i mean i not saying ilegal sila they were just BIAS to their employee laki kaya cguro makkta nlng pag nag kataon ..

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  129. Hello sa lahat ng recent visitors, pasensya sa mahabang comment thread dito, like you, no one expect it to be time consuming upon reading, hehe. I believe may pending discussion pa tayo with UEP employee, I am disappointed to once again be left alone with my premises, but what can we do? 😀 Have a great weekend everyone!


  130. Salamat miss daps.. naliwangan ako bago sumali… mas maigi p mgaaply sa trbho atleast yung 350 pesos pang medical n yun malalaman m kung fit to work or my sakit kana. Saka masasabi ko lang ayw mgpakilala mga tao sa likod ng uep kasi HINDI LEGAL! Nagpapayaman sa pamamagitan ng panloloko! Phihirapan p MADLANG pipol
    Mgencode e ang gusto talaga nila mgrecruit mga member nila! Ewan ko bakit ganto tau mga pinoy. Parang cybersex lang wala ng pakialam khit babuyin n katawan nila sa net BASTA KUMITA LANG NG PERA! Hayagang niloloko n tau bsta pera khit c satanas p kaharap sasambahin!…. MARAMI SALAMT TALAGA SA BLOG NA TO. Siguro kung di ko nabasa to bka buo pamilya ko ngppkahirap mgencode sa barya kita!. Mas maigi p nga magtrbho sa company. Ndi pwede ireject gnwa m at d pwede d k pasahurin. My hahabulin kp. Pero dyn once nag shutdown server nyan. TY. Maglalaro n ng GOLF sa america founder nyan. Haha salamat talga marami.. fyi: kung wala k tyaga wg k pumasok sa gnyn trbho. Babagsak k recruiter. Karamihan po ngpost sa SULIT.COM yan ang pinopromote… kramihan sa member nila ngrerecruit nlang d kinaya mgencode.. salamt

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  131. Salamat Dapsy sa blog mo. Muntik na rin akong nagbayad sa UEP na to buti na lng nakakatulong maging skeptic minsan. Kaya search muna hanggang na land ako sa page mo. Sa totoo lang hirap talagang maghanap ng pagkakakitaan online na LEGIT. Siguro sa 100 mga 3 o 1 lang ang legit diyan. Pag may mahanap ka na legit pagtiyagaan mo na kahit barya barya lang. Ok na ung meron kaysa wala. So guys sa mga naghahanap ng work online na LEGIT at kung creative kayo din lang try niyo Squadhelp.com. Around 80,000 na rin kinita ko dito since naging member ako 2012. Check niyo na lng. Legit to mga guys kaysa naman sa UEP na yan na muntik ko na sanang idagdag sa mga sites na pagkakakitaan ko eh hindi pala. Goodluck……and thank’s ulit Dapsy sa blog mo na nakatulong sa marami.

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  132. Naku may bago nnman silang pakulo 1pilipinas.com hehehehe 1pilipinas scam ang labas nito. Beware guys kung makalapa ng pera yung mga taong sakim na yan.

    Medyo nakikilalanna siguro yung website nila kaya nagbago na sila ng pangalan hehehehhehe. Eh di paparegister nnaman nika SEC at BIR yang pangalan nila as one of the rising start in scamming

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  133. Ahahaha! Tama ka jan @mananabas.

    Tried to check their site 1pilipinas and saw already there’s a UEP tab on it. It may look like a news site however these news were actually just copied from legit online sites such as http://www.interaksyon.com, wheninmanila.com, and the like. The contents of the article are the same but they just edited most of the titles.

    Nagkukulang na kaya sila ng mga inuuto kaya kailangan nilang mag put up na naman ng additional site?? Taz gagamitin pa talaga ang mga balita as “front” na naman katulad dun sa encoding nila?? Or hiyang-hiya na sila sa UEP kaya magtatago muna sila sa palda ng 1PILIPINAS??

    There were other tabs/links (tama ba term? hehehe) placed on their site such as 1Pilipinas, About Us, Sitemap, Contact, Log-In, Create an Account!, Become a member, Legal, Privacy policy, terms of Use but NOT EVEN A SINGLE ONE WORKS??!

    We must indeed share at ipakalat itong blog ni Dapsy para mailayo sa kapahamakan ang ating mga kababayan sa mapang-utong sistema ng iba nating kapwa Pilipino na tanging ang iniisip ay pansariling kapakanan at pagiging gahaman sa pera.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this info! If they are copying published contents or site elements it would be a violation of plagiarism. I wonder how would they react if that 1Pilipinas site gets reported. Padami na ng padami ang problema nila. Are they saying that their UEP articles are comparable or as satiable as reputable news contents? 😀 They want traffic to their site but it is done recklessly. Such a dismay.

      Now I leave it to the discretion of the UEP supporters bahala na kayo sa justifications nyo. LOL. As my hunch is right, they run or hide as fast as they could pag nagkakagipitan na.

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  134. Eh dun sa luma nilang site hindi nila natapos yung modules eh. Dito pa kaya sa bagong taguan nila. I doubt after 2 months nyan gagawa nnman sila ng bagong lungga nila heheheheh. Proud pa sila sa panggantyo nila at todo marketing pa sila. Hay naku kung puede lang talaga tapatan ng isang kademonyohan ng isang kabuangan din ginawa ko na.

    Daps as of now I am working home based and it is legit talaga kasi may pre employment stage at interview from managers thru skype. Sana marami pa tayo matulungan na mamulat ang ang mata at kaisipan nila tungkol sa walang kwentang nilalang na namamahala ng UEP.

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  135. Thanks Dapsy for this post, mabuti nagresearch muna ako about UEP. Sa tingin ko kumikita naman talaga sila sa UEP.Kaso sana mas naging transparent ang website ng UEP, saka sana ung may bayad na website like (.com), para naman hindi free yung gamit nyo na mail server(gmail,yahoo) hindi yung typingpinoy.tk, sa mga nakakarelate sa post ni Ms. Dapsy for being professional.alam ko maalam sya sa mga terms..Sana makita to ng mga nagrreview sa UEP, ang kitaan kasi anjan na yan, ang pt ni Ms. Dapsy ay kung hanggang saan tatagal, gayong sa umpisa palang may mga mali na agad.

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  136. Thanks Dapsy for this blog..Keep it up! Don’t mind the haters because you are doing the right thing! Buti n lang naisipan qng magresearch bago mgsign up sa UEP, your blog just saved my ass from getting tricked!

    The UEP people are now using other venues to get referrals! I am a freelancer and looking for another project in odesk to augment my income and on the process I stumbled upon this job post and applied “Data Encoder and Home-based researcher”. In less than 24 hours I got a response from the client asking me to add her on skype, that is where she sent me a message telling that she is a member of UEP and that I need to pay P350 to become a member and to start working. I am really skeptical that is why I did some research and I am so glad I found your blog! Thanks..

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  137. @dapsy babalakin ko sana basahin ng comments dito kaso sumakit ulo ko sa mga komento ng ibang tao na may mababaw na pagiisip, 350 php is no joke, I would rather spend it to my games rather than spend it to a pyramiding scam sites.

    i noticed while doing a DDOS on UEP websites most of their clients dependent sa invite incentives most of their earning is from invitation itself, 10% of their total income is from the date encode entry lang. Does this means na mas priority lang ng UEP ang manginvite ng manginvite instead of handing out the jobs?

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  138. Hi Daps! Thank you dito sa review. Kaso late na nakaregister na kasi ako. Haha. Sana totoo yung ibabalik nila yung niregister mong 350 pag nag deactivate ka. King titingan kasi lugi ka sa bayad sa task nilang binibigay. 915 valid rows a day para maka 300 ka per day sobra naman ata.

    By the way Daps may mga alam ka ba na legit talagang online jobs needed lang talaga. Haha. Thank you in advance 🙂

    Don’t mind the haters and the bashers you’re just doing what’s right. More power to you and God Bless! 🙂

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    1. Hey everyone thanks for visiting this blog and sa patuloy nyong pagbasa at pag comment. We appreciate it.

      @paul, I no longer work for any online part time jobs, because my full time job (website related) is good enough for what I need, kaya hinde na ako naghahanap pa ng mga sidelines. Mas maganda subukan mo yung mga suggested na like Odesk, Freelancer, mataas man ang competition but you know it is a legit site you are dealing with. You can also try the one suggested by the poster here, Hallen Jovero regarding squadhelp.com, I haven’t tested it yet, however free registration naman yun so you do not have to worry. Happy hunting!


  139. Hi Dapsy,

    Kung babasahin mo mga comments nung mga members ng UEP, ang bobo nila. DI nila gets yung mga points na sinabi mo. Pati yung tone ng comments nila pang kanto. Di ka mananalo sa mga taong ganito. Just ignore them na lang 🙂

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  140. Hey Cooldagul, thanks for your comment. Wait, hinde ba mananalo, teka ano ba yung contest: Paano maging off topic, or paano maging nonsense or Paano maging loyal sa UEP? Hands down, I will never win, haha!

    Kidding aside, they are simply at the other side of the premise, siguro hinde pa lang nila narerealize or hinde nila madigest yung points dito, just because they are being paid by UEP. Alam mo naman iba dito, tumatanaw ng utang na loob, kaya kung binabayaran ka nga naman ng UEP, you will tell yourself not even dare checking them out, may benefits kase eh. Hinde naman siguro masasamang tao ang lahat ng members ng UEP, nagkataon lang na they get something out of it, yung iba dun victims of inexperience kaya naparegister, at yung iba mediocre when it comes to scamming. But that’s alright, ang intention naman ng site na to is for people to see for themselves, in due time makikita rin nila if may katuturan tong link na to.


  141. Thanks Ms. Dapsy for this. I was curious about this UEP because a friend on fb keeps on spamming info about UEP so I checked their website and it is really misleading. I was looking for some certain details about what the job is, and the website couldn’t satisfy my questions.

    I also read the comments above, and those people claiming to be UEP employees use “balbal” language. They really couldn’t understand your points on this blog ( not sure if they don’t understand english or they have problems with comprehension ).

    Hindi mo naman siniraan yung UEP, and no hate was felt on the article.

    Sana lang matulungan ibalik yung 350 nung mga ayaw na maging member.

    And pano siya naging company? Nasan ang Mission and Vision? lol
    Ano ang sinusupport nila with data encoding? Why do they need a list of businesses establishments? Hindi malinaw yung trabaho, that alone is really fishy.

    Buti pa nga networking may product eh, and they have proofs tapos you know the people. May mga boss at paperworks for processing your membership. May seminar pa!

    with UEP you don’t know who you work for, just plain UEP, that’s it! Website lang ang meron sila. Hindi mo nga alam katungkulan o kung sino yung pagpapadalahan mo ng 350 eh.

    These are just my 2 cents so, yeah, reader discretion is advised.

    Thanks again Daps! This is really helpful!

    My search for home based job continues..

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  142. WOW Great Blog! I read the whole thing hahaha. i ended up doing some part time job na ESL tutor instead. This so called UEP and focusing on recruitment is based on the “MLM, Networking” schemes. I agree with Dapsy to check the credibility or feedback on the site, business, company or anything before joining. Di naman niya sinabing “GUYS WAG KAYONG SUMALI” but instead “believe what you want to believe” kc nga its your own choice. Kahit naman sa jobstreet nagreresearch tyo bago mag apply, so goes with this.

    Trending rin naman sa mga taong asa MLM, Pyramid, Networking to say Legitimate ung kanilang company. Again i am not saying UEP is pryamid, MLM, Networking. all i am saying is that one thing common with all of those are kahit na badmouth na sila all the time, “PUSH PARIN NG PUSH”

    Ang mahirap pa sa mga ganito is that when they try to protect their company that they are in, they use harsh words like BOBO, TAMAD ka KASI, DI mo kaya mag”PUSH”. walang tiwala.. mga ganun ba.

    i suggest if looking for Parttime jobs, go for sites that are already known for this. Yes mahirap payment schemes, some ask for paypal. BUT your looking for extra WORK for extra income. KAYA NGA WORK EH KC WORK IS HARD regardless if kahit anung WORK yan paghihirapan parin.

    Nakakatawa rin ung They are not liable nor they can share your information to a third party… this is beyond me! hahahaha

    i am not saying UEP is not legitimate… but i agree with DAPSY…

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    1. Wala cguro kase walang umaamin kung sino ang owner ng site. Ang web info nila hidden para hinde makita ang location. It is enough for me to inform people with the hopes that it is a preventive measure.


  143. Wow buti na lang nakita ko yung blog mo miss dapsy. nakapag-register na po ako actually but i haven’t paid the 350 yet. pinag-iisipan ko na din tlgang magbayad pero blessing in disguise na hindi ko maalala web address nila, kasi napunta ako dito sa blog mo. thanks very much again.! 🙂


  144. Hi Dapsy! I just finished reading the comment thread… All I can say is wow!!! and thank you for those information… I was about to sign-up in UEP but you’ve cleared things up. I am now a new member of your fans club… 🙂 I admire intelligent women like you.. You rock Dapsy!


  145. @Lorraine, you are welcome! 🙂

    @Joey, yes we have someone from this thread researched on Yukiro and it seems they are a former or extended name of UEP. Same amount P350.

    @Brent, uy thanks! More than just being aware, I think we owe it to ourselves to investigate, spill it out whenever something is fishy, lalo na if it would involve our time and money.


  146. This is one good criticism @Dapsy ! You really know what you’re saying based on the scam alert facts pointed out. Especially sa comments. Sinubukan pa nilang patahimikin ka with the use of technical terms which they don’t know you’re also good at. Na-curious lang din po ako about sa UEP. I was posting an Article Spinning Job Opportunity in one of the FB online job public group pages and I got several comments verifying if it’s a UEP-related job or not. Obviously, there are a lot of people who are smart enough to double check any online job opportunities that would require them to risk their TIME and EFFORTS. Fortunately, your blog is included in the top 5 results in Google with the keywords “unemployedpinoys scam”. (Well, I’m not saying that it is automatically 100% scam but at least people will ‘hopefully’ feel the need to do more research about it before spending anything.)
    In the end, people hear what they wanna hear. In this case, they believe what they want to believe.

    Basta one obvious fact why people TRUTHFULLY claim that UEP really pay big cash-outs is because ALL OF THEM got it from INVITES. Other than that, I encourage everyone to do some research about any sites that pays big time due to INVITES and do take note of how these sites are doing now, especially the MEMBERS.

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  147. thanks a lot i knew na dapat tlga akong mag hinala sa kanila everything in their site sounds really suspicious to me… any way buti nalang may mga taong kagaya mo na nag lalabas ng katotohana regardless sa mga tatamaan nya npaka helpful ng gnwa mo pra sa mga taong aasa sana sa knila and you really help me prove my doubts sa kanila thanks and may GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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  148. Sa sobrang tuwa ko sa pagbabasa sa comment section napilitan ako mag login 🙂 very informative yung blog 🙂

    sabihin na nating hindi scam yung company nila at legit ito… para matapos na lang ang diskusyon at hamon ito sa mga UEP users/ Loyalists maari bang pakisagot yung mga simpleng tanong na iniwan ni miss dapsy

    “1. Who is the founder of Splunkeez Inc?
    2. Where is the office based? Apparently there were two different addresses posted on UEP site, both hinde makita sa Google Map while our residence kitang kita ang bubong ng bahay ko…why is that? Saan may problema, maling address or maling engine ng Google map?
    3. What can you say about members not being paid correctly? They are offered refund by UEP as they are scrutinizing the validation row process?
    4. How are you closely related to the site owner to know his intention? Masyado ka kaseng sure na hinde money scheme ang UEP.
    5. Bukod sa you are being paid what other documentations you have to show they are registered. Anong company or sino ang nagbabayad ng tax nila?
    6. May kilala ka na bang nakapag refund successfully?
    7. Baket barya per rows pero P100 per referral?”

    eto na lang po.. for the peace of mind ng mga nag iinqure…

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  149. @vanesa. you are welcome!

    @channe, thanks!

    @joash, thanks for taking time to comment. that’s true, people will believe based on the kind of mindset they have. if they believe it is legit because they are being paid, it is up to them. If I believe it is a scam because of several questionable factors which are mostly unanswered, then I also have the right to stick on that belief.

    @DJ, thanks for your initiative, sadly I bet even those who registered, are not that willing to have time reporting UEP to NBI, they would rather spend it to other productive things.

    @bryan, thanks for dropping by. actually you already have something on your mind about UEP.

    @melvin, we appreciate your comment. up to now pending pa nga ang mga yan, I wouldn’t be surprised amagin yang question list na yan. lol.

    @tootie, no hinde tayo aabot sa puntong magreregister and magpapaloko, we just have to connect the dots, sa simula pa lang may napansin na agad ako. I was about to register, then something stops me, just by looking at their website. Kaya hinanap ko yung mga “something” na yun, and everything is history. 😀


  150. Dapsy, alin ba dito yung sinasabi mo na scam? Yung recruiting ba or yung pagbayad ng 350? Or both? Yung iba kasi na nag post, may kinita daw sila. Yung iba naman, umurong dahil nabasa yung article mo. Ano ba yung point mo? Paki-summarize para maintindihan.

    Wag mo na pabasa sa akin yung mga nakaraang post mo. Gusto ko makita yung latest na isasagot mo.


    1. @tootie you are asking for an obvious answer. Yung mga options na binigay mo mismo ay nakalagay din sa thread na to so paano ako sasagot ng bago? Initial fee, recruting, company founders, intention of the site, proseso mismo ng UEP, addresses, site contents, validation of rows….baket bago ang hanap mo if those were never addressed? Make your stand clear wag ikahiya if you are on the UEP side. Mahirap if you are masquerading your own belief. Initial post pa lang binigyan na kita ng lima tapos nagpapasummarize ka pa, you are asking too much from me, it is as if you are telling me you do not intend to read….pangitain yan pag ayaw magbasa. Kasunod nyan ayaw makinig. Yan lage ang trending.

      Besides umurong ang members because they have the reasons to believe to. Do you have any issues about that? How about UEP members who find na walang kwenta ang UEP may issue ka rin ba dun? Thanks for your comment.


  151. Miss Dipsy, pasensya na pero mali kasing sabihin nating “SCAM” agad. May point ang mga UEPian. Hindi PA ito “SCAM”. pero para akin ito ay isang uri ng “Misleading”. Nililito nito ang tao by means of giving them a impossible job para mapilitang itake ang optional task.

    And the UEPian, isang tao lang ang binibigyan nio ng comment. paano yong mga anti-UEP, di ko sinabing mag-away ang pro at anti. ang sa akin lang ang interaksyon sa pagitan ng anti at pro ay dapat maganap. Plus Miss Blogger ay parang isang Host lang ng debate. Siya ang pinukpok niyo samantalang anjan ang Anti na may hinaing sa mga pro. Sa kanila kayo dapat magpaliwanag ng mahusay at ang tanong nila ang sagutin.

    Anti., Ganon din kayo dapat.

    UEP,Hands up ako kung baguhin ang registration at referral system and focus in handing professional works. kulang na nga sa Technical. We`ll see kung isa kayong late bloomer na Modus. UEPian dont react here, you`re not entitled to comment by this statement for Uep.

    Take note Miss Dipsy, some of the comment are might came from a Cyber Ghost. Maaaring may Identity theft jan. Kaya ang kausap mo ngayon ay maaaring nakausap mo na dati.


  152. @luis, thanks for taking time to comment. we appreciate the initiative that you are trying to be a moderator, it would be nice to have your stand rather than trying to be safe. Whichever way you wanna call it, scam, not scam or misleading, I have my alerts / premises posted why I call it such scam, learn to respect that. They have fraudulent processes, whether you agree or not, it is sufficient enough for me to call it scam by its purest definition, where money is involved, intention for pushing members to take the recruitment task is the ulterior motive.

    No matter how much we say here, people will believe what they wanna believe. This is for the perusal of those trying to scrutinize UEP. Like it or hate it. Nothing in between.

    About the cyber ghost, tell me something I didn’t know. WordPress never lie, IP addresses were logged here. I am aware na bumalik balik dito ang lurkers. May iba nga nagccreate pa ng bagong accounts just to post a comment. 😀 I don’t mind anonymity at all, because what you know will define you: from rebuttals, to grammatical construction, to logical flow — what is even more important is getting your messages across.

    X’S: it is actually Dapsy, not Dipsy, those vowels are like a hand apart, may it be from desktop or mobile. I have been reminded of someone from this thread, never a claim that it was intentional on your part.


  153. Was about to pay the 350.00 and found this. Took time to read everything but good thing I still read your article.

    I totally changed my mind and will not push through with the membership.

    Thank you Dapsy.


  154. Hi,

    Dahil andami na namang nauuto tong UEP scammers sa buong Facebook, I decided to take the matters into my own hands by going head-on with that someone who’s actively luring innocent people to their scam moneymaking scheme that is UEP by posting his recruitment pitch to all Facebook groups possible.

    And notwithstanding the consequences, I decided to post the seven questions directed to UEP peeps asking how legit their business is, and someone named Eloisa Micah Aningat Munar-Guabes answered them…after seeing her answers, it is to be constured as an attempt for UEP scammers to save their faces (note on one of the comments that she even called me “kampon ni Dapsy”, meaning sikat na sikat na ang blog entry na to sa mga UEP scammers”

    Here are her answers, as per posted on https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202681495506774&set=a.2647425713123.2117254.1480081023&type=1

    Q: Who is the founder of Splunkeez Inc.?

    A: Those are confidential INfos unless those people who are asking
    will set an appointment for Business Investments and other
    Business Venture Agendas with Splunkeez Information
    Technology, if that is the case, they can call us or visit our office
    in ROxas City and ask for an appoinment. Its improper na we
    give private infos of Officers of the company to public without us
    nknowing the purpose of such query. Para bang kunyari, kilala
    mo ba ang founder ng Pampers? or founder ng Ateneo de
    Manila? malalaman mo ;lang yan once nagset ka sa kanila ng
    formal appointment (CEO of UEP)

    Q: Where is the office based? Apparently there were two different addresses posted on UEP site, both hinde makita sa Google Map while our residence kitang kita ang bubong ng bahay ko…why is that? Saan may problema, maling address or maling engine ng Google map?

    A: isa sa mga UEP members ang may kapitbahay sa kanila and pinatunayan niyang existing ang UEP building thru picture sa isang blog niya

    Q: What can you say about members not being paid correctly? They are offered refund by UEP as they are scrutinizing the validation row process?

    A: may mga hindi nababayaran agad agad dahil mas madaming members kesa HRDs. Tapos sila sila din ang nagchecheck ng mga blogs and encoded reports

    Q: How are you closely related to the site owner to know his intention? Masyado ka kaseng sure na hinde money scheme ang UEP.

    A: optional ang pagiinvite. kung ayw mo ok lang.. kikita ka pa din. and as far as I am concerned, kahit hindi pa ko nakarating sa capiz, I know na maganda ang intention nila dahil kilala ko ang mga HRDs

    Q: Bukod sa you are being paid what other documentations you have to show they are registered. Anong company or sino ang nagbabayad ng tax nila?

    A: wala akong copy pero pakicheck na lang sa dti ang splunkeez info tech.. another document is the license to operate which is nakita ko na at ng madami pang UEP members

    Q: May kilala ka na bang nakapag-refund successfully?

    A: may kilala ako… she’s a frend of mine at nagsisi siya nung narefund niya kasi narealize niyang kelangan pala talaga niya ang UEP (kimberly torres)

    Q: Baket barya lang ang kitaan per rows pero PHP100.00 per referral?

    A: alam mo ung hard work tsaka easy money? hindi pwede easy money dito.. sa UEP tuturuan ka magtiyaga kaya ganyan ang rate. napakababa ng reg fee 350 lang.. aba paghirapan mong bawiin thru hardwork. baka naman kasi gusto mo 5pesos per row, wala man lang katyaga tyaga pag ganon.. at 100 ang balik per invite which means it is a get paid to do and at the same time networking, e ano kung may pagkanetworking dito? hindi naman masama un


    1. This is interesting, thanks Rey for sharing this. 😀 As much as I wanna disintegrate the “loopholes” on Eloisa’s responses above, it will serve no purpose at all because she won’t be around here to counter post, just like the rest of them. Hanggang first/second premises lang then abandonment ang kasunod. It is a vicious cycle UEP, I am getting bored. It would certainly defeat the purpose of a continued UEP cross-examine manifestations. No idea why they are running away, I mean I don’t bite. LOL.

      Rey, I regret to see that you are being tagged as “Kampon ni Dapsy.” I know you are not & it is uncalled for, siguro yun lang ang kaya nilang sabihin, amidst everything we presented here. Sa logic, may tawag sa ganyan, “argumentum
      ad hominem” or the fallacy of personal attack, it is an ethical lapse where they introduce irrelevant personal premise sa kausap nila, to cause distraction and stay away from the main topic.


    2. wow it’s been 2 months since my last visit here, fanatics are still around ahha! Miss Dapsy permission to answer on Ms. Eloiza’s answers. These UEPians never learn. They keep on comparing themselves sa mga legit companies. Pampers is a product of Procter and Gamble, the founders are William Procter & James Gamble. Do I need to have a personal meetup or appointment to know those info? NO BECAUSE IT IS A PUBLIC INFORMATION, even from Google makikita mo. Fail na agad ang first answer mo. Ikumpara ba ang pampers sa inyo baket ka-level nyo ba ang procter and gamble? Naniningil din ba sila ng bayad para sa gustong magpa members? abut sa kapitbahay daw na may picture ng UEP office building sa blog, first she did not post the blog link, paano tayo maniniwala. Second, Miss Dapsy asked why Google map could not find the UEP address if it is really an existing location to begin with, she failed to address that. Kalerkey kayo UEP ha, puro excuses.


  155. Thank God I decided to look for reviews first before I pay the registration fee. Although nakapag pre-register na ako I won’t pay anymore because of this. Thank you so much for the tip!! Anyway, do you know any legit online jobs?

    Liked by 1 person

  156. First off, much respect Dapsy on the way you handled the bashers here. Kaya alam agad ng readers kung sinong mas credible e. 🙂 and just my two cents on this company:

    Networking kayo. Tanggapin niyo na yon. And please lang, wag niyo na icompare ulit yung referral nyo sa referral ng mga legit na call centers. Pag nagrefer ako sa call center, wala ni pisong ibabayad yung nirefer ko that would go directly to me. Yung bonus shinoshoulder ng company. Which is def not the case in UEP.

    “Hindi kayo namimilit magregister.” True. But isnt that the same argument of all the pyrammiding scams way way bacl until now?

    May nagsabi pa na “wala naman sa akin ang 350.” Sige taken na na sobrang yaman mo at deadma lang ang 350 sayo. But have you ever thought about that 350 being multiplied by hundreds which is napupunta sa napaka private person na may ari ng UEP.

    Paulit ulit yung point na DTI registered ang UEP. FYI lang po, i can have a dti registered company name within an hour if i have a valid ID and 200 pesos. Thatdoesnt prove anything.

    NagbAbayad po ba kayo ng respective taxes ninyo? Syempre youre earning e. Marapat lamang na magbayad kayo ng tax gaya naming lahat?

    So kung bet nyo siguro ang networking, go kayo dito sa UEP. Plain and simple.

    Thanks dapsy. Muntik masayang ang 350 ko and much more panahon ko sa kumpanyang ito if not for your blog. Kawawa naman tayong mga “tamad”. Tayo ang nagreresearch bago pasukin ang isang employment opportunity. Nakakahiya sakanilang “masisipag”. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kawawa naman tayong mga “tamad”. Tayo ang nagreresearch bago pasukin ang isang employment opportunity. Nakakahiya sakanilang “masisipag”.

      (applauding) Thanks khimiefied for your insights! You sound like a lost sister, (or brother?) from another mother. My DNA resonates in you.


  157. Thank you Dapsy! This is really great. I was looking for online jobs kasi nasa bahay lang ako and ang dami nakita ko yung mga ads nila na nagkalat sa Olx.ph at tska Ayosdito.ph – Sa una, tinatago pa nila na may reg fee na 350 – isesend nila eh sa PM mo, dun nalang nila sasabihin sa’yo – buti na lang wala akong pera nun and wala naman akong balak na magbigay ng 350 kahit sabihin nilang “hindi po sa akin mapupunta yung 350 kund sa company” okaya yung sinasabi nilang “basta magbigay ka po, sure na pasok kana, hindi pwedeng hindi ka matatanggap” – marami rin kase nagsabi sa akin na kapag nag apply ka at hiningan ka ng pera, takbuhan mo na.. Hello? Di naman ako nag aaply sa abroad para hingan nG PERA. Haha, Once again, thanks for writing this article. It helps a lot. God bless!


  158. Thank you for posting this! I was actually having a second though if i should give it a try since its only 350php and the payment process is just easy. But when i get to read the comments below i found out that the site is actually about networking. I thought this is about blogging or sth like writing articles so you can earn but the earnings were so little compared to when you recruit. So again thank you so much for posting this. Better find another site! 😀 God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

  159. at last! tapos ko na ring basahin lahat., hahha., it took me 3 hours i i guess. lols.., first time ko atang magbasa ng blog na ganito ka haba., interesting po talaga xia dami kong natutunan., Idol ko na po kayu., haha.,
    at saka., parang ako yung nasasaktan sa mga bashers mo., gusto ko tuloy silang awayin dahil napaka close minded nila., tsk tsk.
    thanks po sa blog nato., ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

  160. Hello! May tanong lang ako. Down kasi ang website ng UEP last thursday tapos hndi ko na.isend ang report ko kc hindi nga sya mgload. REady na ipass yun kaso hindi tlga mgload. Masasayang lang ba yung effort sa report ko last week? Kasi ngayun iba na naman ang topic ng report. It pisses me off. Sorry to tell you about that.


    1. Hi there sorry I can’t confirm if your UEP report is going to be a waste. Better to contact their support if they have any. To be honest I do not believe in their company or process so can’t help you on that. Thanks for your time.


  161. Hi, Dapsy! I’m so eager to meet you.. hahah.. Having the guts to answer millions of questions though some were posted over and over again and been answered the same way.. Whew.. i bothered posting a comment here so I could at least contribute in enlightening those people regarding UEP.. I was looking for a freelance writing job when i came across UEP ad.. That was quite “weird” though.. The site was also weird.. Who on earth would believe it’s real when they’re asking for a reg fee??? We have online based writing jobs wherein you get paid for all the efforts you’ve put into your work. Kahit pa HS grad ka, they’ll hire you for FREE (no reg fee at all) kung nakikita nila ang potential mo.. For me, it’s clearly similar to networking.. Don’t fool yourselves guys. Kung legit ito, bakit may negative comments na obviously ay mas marami pa sa positive comments?? Always remember that in life, we don’t travel a smooth road.. It takes effort, skills and commitment to succeed.. you know in yourselves kung ano ang tama. I just stated my opinion and tried putting quite solid blow to your minds.
    At para sa mga mambabash sa akin from UEP, the only thing I can say is: “I’m a freelance writer in EPH.. So I think I have the right to tell you what’s legit or not..”
    At sabi nga ni Sir JEric Mercado from Blue team @ EPH, “In case you have some violent or unpleasant reactions, dig a hole and shout your concerns there.”
    God bless!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. On unpleasant reactions, well said. 😀 When your work is with pure skills & by definition “malinis na trabaho”, then you know it is for keeps.

      This is the very same reason I am focused on my job (website) and no longer doing part time jobs. Thanks again for sharing your inputs, we appreciate it. Adding you on twitter 😉


  162. tnx sa info..can you write more about sites like these?..reviews mainly.. online jobs are starting to emerge as an easy access job opportunity, and we need people like you to inform us about the different sites that offer these “too good to be true” jobs..again..tnx…keep up the good work.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  163. Hi, Im about to join the encoding sana kaso dahil nga may bayad medyo naghinayhinay ako. Though meron nga akong nakikita na kumikita na, pero after ko mabasa and blog mo medyo nagtaka nga din ako. Yung una pa lang nga na kailangan na magbayad e, hindi na maganda pakinggan.. I mean kaya nga naghahanap ng work dahil WALANG PERA… kahit hindi man kalakihan ang registration fee, panget pa din, pwede sana kung kukuha sila ng percent na lang sa kikitain ng mga encoders or bloggers like oDesk..

    tapos biglang down pa ang sites nila, mahirap naman yung biglang database error ng matagal kung talagang inaayos lang, kasi kung good employer ka may NOTICE dapat na kung hanggang kelan and maintenance or ano man ang gagawin db. so… thank you.. kundi ko nabasa to sayang lang ang pera ko at effort..

    Liked by 1 person

  164. It’s been awhile whew. Sorry been busy. Ok about UEP being down, I don’t know about that but I am getting error in database today when I went to their site.

    Tulad kase ng pinanindigan ng post kong ito, kung walang matinong website, walang matinong may ari, wala ring assurance na may matinong support responses pag nagkaproblema ang page nila. Like you I hate seeing my work gets wasted. Perhaps UEP members can contact their support team or facebook pages. Good luck if matutulungan nila kayo.


  165. Hi Ms. Dapsy. Way to go on this blog! I have to say, this gave a lot of good points to understand online jobs, scams, networking and some other stuff. I was almost at the verge of joining UEP too. But just like everybody else, the registration fee gave it away. It’s just funny though how the UEP members don’t clearly understand the objective of this blog. And while I was reading on the comments (which took me 2 hours, haha!), I also tried clicking the facebook links of the names you provided and what do you know, Facebook gave the error “Content Not Found”. So, thanks for all your inputs because it sure helped me, us, a lot. And thanks for the “other inputs” as well for the entertainment. 🙂 God bless, Ms. Dapsy

    Liked by 1 person

  166. Buti na lang nakita ko ito sa google kasi ung site nila ay hindi na naman gumagana. I almost registered to UEP pero nagdadalawang isip pa ako. Mas better pa yung Myoutdesk kasi pang professional ung job doon. I’ve been to many BPO industry pero mas gusto kong magtrabaho sa bahay. Naenganyo akong mag online job at nung nakita ko ung UEP ang sabi ko maganda sya pero now parang ayoko ng mag bayad ng P350. Nabasa ko pa sa Fb page nila na Up and Running na naman daw ung site e until now d pa gumagana. at nakita ko din na ang daming gustong magrefund pero ung pinaka Head nila d nagrereply. ano un? gaguhan? Thanks Dapsy for posting. atleast naliwanagan na ako. Maghahanap na lang ako ng legit na online job.

    Liked by 1 person

  167. sayang din sa akin…halos nman lahat ng task na bigay nila wala halos dito sa place ko…one time nag bigay sila ng task about sa mga hotels, inn, restaurant, boarding houses with full details like contact number,,, wala kaya yan dito sa place namin meron man boarding houses lang,,ang ending ITLOG ako..til now wala akong na complete na task.. :(…kala ko kasi sila ang magbibigay ng dapat i encode,,yun pala ikaw ang maghahanap ng i encode mo…wala namn kasi info about sa mga task e..nasa huli talaga ang pagsisisi….


  168. my nabasa ako sa fb na sira daw website nila at nagkakagulo na ung mga members kasi daw wala na daw ang uep my iba pa na nagsabi na sana naniwala nlng sila sa mga blogs and reviews..

    pero check ko website nila ok naman..

    pg ang onlinejob hinaluan ng recruitment to get commission mag iiba tlga ang tingin ng tao hehehe lalo na pg my upfront fee,


  169. What The Fuck UEP, >> i didn’t noticed this blog. >> So What now?

    Ronelyn Alberio
    Ruther Fontanilla
    Alyzza Sanchez
    Hazel Catolico
    Maria Bo Tesorero
    Sheena Lou Lorenzo
    Maricar Cervo-Sibayan
    Venstil Abeno
    Comtech Yahjjs

    *this one make sense from http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/unemployedpinoys.com
    : Website: unemployedpinoys.com
    Title: UEP | Unemployed Pinoys Community
    Description: Unemployed is Brave, and a choice to be a Freeman – Your big step in changing the tradit
    Type: Community (this one is community not for business)
    Domain Age: 1 Years, 33 Days ( only 1 year and 33 days to exist)
    * some cautions : The website has been newly registered with a short life expectancy, which follows the pattern used by many fraudulent and fake selling websites. Please be vigilant and take extra care before providing any payment information.

    So what now, do you guys in UEP are happy for all the innocent Filipinos who joined your site and defend them either for they’re proud on the fraud you’ve made only they will know at the last part of it they’ve just wasted their time and money, good for the others who gain. LOL UEP how many PHP did you got in 1 year and 33 days?


  170. nag december na lang! wala pa kaming SAHOD! and until now?? wala pa kaming tracking number.. “waiting” pa dn ng waiting!

    nakaka loka! akala ko ba IT EXPERTS yung nanjan sa uep
    bakit until now sira pa dn ang system nila! XD haruuu naman! kilos2 dn IT EXPERT NG UEP…


  171. hi ms. dapsy

    thanks muntik na ako mapa member sa UEP buti na lang i searched muna and found your blog. do you know any site na pwede online work na legit at talaga kumikita? plus wala registration sobra needed kasi buti na lang talaga di pa ako nag member sa UEP sayang din ang P350 pambili na din ng gatas ng baby ko yun. thanks dapsy


  172. Hi Dapsy. Thanks sa post mo. I share the same views about UEP. Nag join ako last November yata yun. Napanganga ako sa payment method nila. 32 cents per valid rows sa excel tapos kailangan minimum of 85 characters per row. I gave it a shot. Halos 15 to 30 minutes ang kailangan igugol sa isang row. Nagpapakahirap akong mag research para sa piso isang oras. Sising sisi ako sobra. Sayang ang 350 ko.


  173. Hi Ms. Dapsy,
    I was intrigue and interested sa UEP and nakita ko naman na “parang” Ok so naisip ko na magjoin. But first I contact the landline and mobile no na nakaindicate sa site pati sa facebook page nila para kahit naman papaano ay may mapagtanungan ako regarding sa mga nakalagay sa site nila, but no one answer. Then nagemail din ako for verification ng company still no one reply, pero registered naman sila sa DTI. Then nagsearch ako and found your blog. And it helps a lot dahil madami na palang nauna sa akin at nabasa ko ang mga sinabi nila at narealize ko na buti nalang hindi ako nagtry…. Well for some maliit na halaga ang 350 and for some malaking halaga, but still hindi naman ang money involve and pinag-uusapan dito, kundi ang effort.
    Lesson learned: dapat iverify muna ang company before joining, if interested talaga take time to call or email and research para di sayang ang money and effort ng pagjoin.


  174. 8 months old na tong blog post na ito and still alive, lol! I appreciate those people who posted their comments recently, I’m glad to be of help, if this post has been an instrument in making such a decision on UEP.


  175. I am so grateful of this blog. This helps a lot of people. Thank you, Ms. Dapsy! Your arguments are awesome. Long live to you.

    BTW, I came across in FB saying about Yukiro Database Services. The policies are same with UEP. It has Php 350 membership fee (annual fee), referral bonus of Php 100, and encoding and researching stuff. Be careful, guys. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  176. Ganda naman ng blog na ito. Alam mo Dapsy, kahit hindi ako graduate of BS in Phsychology na reread ko konte personality mo 🙂 very sophisticated. Sasali na sana ako sa UEP pero hindi ko na itinuloy. Hehehe.. Thank you… Thank you… Sana dumami pa ang mga tao na tulad mo. Marami kasing nasasayang na manpower kung ptuloy pa rin mag exist ang mga ganitong sites. Hanap kasi ako ng mga legit na mga sites, yung tunay na mga sites na hindi time wasting. Your blog is more worthy of my time, our time, the “we” that believe in your effort to spread very useful and enlightening information we need especially in difficult times like this. I will be glad if I had joined your debate team sometime in the past, feeling ko kasi sa ateneo debate ito (in my college years, nanonood lang) lalo na yung arguments na ginamit, concrete, sharp and precise mindset talaga. Anyway, thanks Dapsy…


    1. Hi Ryna, I am not doing any encoding jobs so I can’t give you any info on that. Try Odesk. If you are good in English communication try Rarejob. (work from home) Thanks!


    1. Yukiro nope but their info is like UEP. Pls back read, someone posted a comment on Yukiro. On UEP, well I am about to, but something tells me it is fishy and so I made my research. Hinde ko tinuloy kase namentioned ko na yung reasons sa blog ko na to. Things are history now, mag iisang taon na nga tong post na to sa Mayo lol. Besides, I don’t think I am a willing victim of any fraudulent sites, tipong malicious na deadma lang. Are you?


  177. Good thing I saw this post! I have similar thoughts. I knew about UEP when it started, since I admin an Online Workers group for Ilonggos. When I read the policies before, I was like, “How did they come up with these?”. I thought to myself that they might still be adjusting. I tried to check again today. I might see improvements or innovations that would be encouraging. But then, my disappointment was equal to how I felt before. I freaked out with the lack of proof reading. A simple mistake in preposition or verb can lead to a different picture. Anyway, I hope UEP would work harder in convincing people about their legitimacy. Thank you Miss Dapsy for this very informative blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  178. Thanks for your diligence guys and for sharing your thoughts on UEP. Out of curiosity, I checked today http://www.unemployedpinoys.com and it is no longer accessible. Not sure if it is just a technical bug or the site contents had been removed.

    Be vigilant still, they have the capacity to move site contents, change domain. I have the confidence though that most of you (my readers), are keen in knowing what a legitimate site is. =)


  179. I Googled UEP and your blog was the first thing that popped up.

    Was on the verge of signing up but then I came across this blog along with all the facts presented by you. You have certainly put the scammers in their proper place – why else would the site be taken down? Sad to see people like THEM thriving on other people’s unmployment/desire to earn.

    Sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias.

    2 words before I continue with my job hunting:
    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  180. I was a member of UEP then, nabawi ko lang ang P350 ko! ATLIT Haha. Pero lugi ako sa oras na ginugol ko dito. Kalokohan tong encoding tasks nila. Suki ako ng mga online jobs, mahilig lang ako magtrabaho sa harap ng computer, kaya siguro pinatos ko din tong UEP. Nung na-approve application ko, sinabi ko kacareerin ko to, (kasi that time walang available tasks sa mga microjobs ko, which by the way, pag merong tasks dun, I can earn as much as 10usd/HOUR, No JOKE!!!) Pero dito sa UEP, sa unang tasks ko palang naisip ko nalulugi lang ako, nastress pa ako kakaisip na di aabot sa min. cashout amount ang ginagawa ko ng 8hrs/day! Nung di nga umabot sa 1st task sumubok ulet ako pero naisip ko di na ako mangangarir. Ayoko naman magrecruit para madagdagan earnings ko, unang unang ayokong mambola, pangalawa, di ako magaling mambola. Nung nakapagcashout na ako at nabawi ko na ang registration fee ko. Tumigil na ako. Tinamad na ako. It’s NOT worth it!

    Recently ko lang to nalaman si Yukiro Database Services (YDS), (outdated lang ako. hehe) mas madaming tasks, meron silang transferring text data from pdf file to ms word, meron din katulad ng sa UEP, meron pang iba, nakalimutan ko ung iba. May registration fee din pero for life na, di tulad ng UEP, annual. Pro ang catch, you can’t cash out na walang ninirefer kahit isa, pero once lang din un. Naisip kong sumali kasi gusto ko ung transferring pic/pdf text files to ms word with P5/page earning. Fast typer kasi. Magrefer nalang sana ako pag may kinita ng akong malaki. Pero nung nalaman ko na isang klase lang ng tasks per week(?) depende sa assign sayo, Nako! wag na lang! Bibigyan na naman nila ako ng data encoding job, salamat na lang. Lesson learned! Utang na loob, wag na kayo sumali sa mga ganyan.

    Sorry ang daldal ko! Haba ng sinabi ko! Haha!


  181. Hey guys,

    Akoy isang freelancer sa loob ng 3 years. Meron akong regular na trabaho online pero gusto ko pang humanap ng iba pang pagkakakitaan. Sinubukan ko ito pero hindi ako nasiyahan sa klase ng pinapagawa nila, nagrequest ako ng refund agad at nakuha ko nmn yung reg fee na binayad ko. Yung mga sites like uPwork, naghahanap tlga sila ng mga ganito blogs para ijustify ang kanilang business. Thats just one example na kulang sa kompanyang UEP..


  182. No need for justifications of UEP, their business (their site) is close. They ghosted their own members, and perhaps would dare to open a new one with a new name. Beware everyone. And I wonder, if the defenders still have the same tone, or have eaten their silly arguments. Lol.


  183. I joined UEP when I was in 3rd year college, i’m looking for part time jobs online so that i could have my own allowance. I still remember that I happily pay the 350 pre-registration account, i’m even a comsci student I didn’t investigate it because I need money. But to think that the website is close now and the domain is on sale, I became ashamed of myself to be caught up in a modus operandi by stupid people. Thank you for your post, hope that you will still post something like this in the future.


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