Happy Tummy in Sarsa!

I’ve been hearing about this restaurant called Sarsa Kitchen + Bar Menu, located at the Forum in Bonifacio Global City & I thought of giving them a visit on a labor day. This is a co-owned restaurant by Sir Jayps Anglo, one of the best chefs in the country, and I was really curious to know how good Negrense delicacy is. Sarsa is situated at the BGC Forum, where jeepneys, taxis  or private cars can pass by the area. The best way to get there is to locate the 7th Avenue corner of the 25th street (back of Mcdo).



The place is inspired by wooden chairs & tables, and they have the bar section. Their kitchen is visible to the diners, which is pretty cool because you know how your food is made. Good lighting inside, pretty decent space for more than 50 people.

sarsa3 sarsa2

Their menu though, not sure if intended, but looks like it has been wet, dried, and crumpled too. Also they should have added more branding to their restaurant, little things you know like adding branding on their tissue paper, or a poster/directional ad leading to where Sarsa Kitchen is located. Overall the place is comfy.



Well what can I say, this is perhaps the first restaurant wherein ALL the ordered meals from the menu tastes explicitly good. Hands down we are going back again to this place whenever we crave for a meaty tongue session. Each order can be shared by 2-3 people, we also had 3 orders of the Isaw, and perhaps the best isaw in the Philippines. Our buddy who is not into eating street food get to appreciate the isaw, a very tasty appetizer.


Isaw or Chicken intestine (P155/3 sticks)

Sarsa Batchoy. With egg, bone marrow, and bacon cut liempo (P240)

Sarsa Batchoy. With egg, bone marrow, and bacon cut liempo (P240)

Sizzling Kansi - Sizzling Bulalo. With Batwan Gravy (P350)

Sizzling Kansi – Sizzling Bulalo. With Batwan Gravy (P350)

Thin cut Liempo with Native Coffee and Burong Vinegar (P225)

Twice-Cooked Pork Belly. With Ginamos Gata and Chili Garlic Sauce (P240)

Twice-Cooked Pork Belly. With Ginamos Gata and Chili Garlic Sauce (P240)

Inasal Chicken Wings (P165)

Inasal Chicken Wings (P165)

We won’t be selecting the best dish of the day, because all of it are awesome for our taste buds. Also the unsual sauce they use, like the tsokolate sauce, coffee and the ginamos gata which are surprisingly good. It is really thinking out of the box when they incorporate that to the pork meal. They also added a little bit of spice, which I can take though I am not really a fan of spicy food. All in all the food in Sarsa Kitchen is so good that we will remember to come back for more.


Average cost per menu is around P150-300, which is absolutely good considering how delectable every food they offer at their menu. It left me speechless the entire time of tasting, chewing, dipping, and sipping drinks. Everyone is quiet at the table, and all we hear are the utensils moving here and there. That is how delicious eating in Sarsa Kitchen! In total we spent about P2,800 with 8 heads happily leaving Sarsa with so much palette satisfaction. It is that feeling when you no longer care about the amount when it satisfies you to the fullest.

There is one thing I learned from this dining experience at Sarsa, you must never settle for anything less, especially when it comes to food.

Sarsa Kitchen + Bar

Unit 1-7 Forum South Global,
Federacion Dr cor 7th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


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