Tees Me Online Scam

“Be kind to unkind people, they probably need it the most”

Ashleigh Brilliant

This is in continuation of my previous post about the Online Selling Must Have and I was right, Tees Me Online is an online scam printing shirt business headed by Francis Daron. (Should I call it swindling over business?) To give you a rundown what transpired to our transaction, here you go:

March 30 = Gave shirt design, confirmed total amount and shipping. Informed about their 3-5 production days.

March 31 = Ordered shirt, paid the seller.

April 5= My first follow up to see if the shirts were printed and to be shipped. Seller told still on production, they barely go online since they are having problems with their internet.

April 8 = My 2nd follow up, I thought 8 days should be enough time to complete the “production phase” and that the item is to be shipped. Was told by Francis that he will check, the last time it was still on printer. (Mind you I did not order in bulk, as I was testing their service so I really don’t know whats the deal with their “printer”)

April 11 = More than 10 days from the date of order, my 3rd follow up, sort of asking Francis to speed up since it is just 1 shirt order, not bulk. I asked him to inform me WITHIN THE DAY. I ask for the courier and tracking number if its for shipping. Francis told me he is on HIS WAY (I don’t know where the hell is that) and he apologized for the delay. (if there’s a little consolation) I did not get any update from him.

April 12 = 4th follow up reminding him that I asked for an update yesterday. Francis answered with a courier and waybill number.

April 15 = I asked again for the courier number because it is not reflecting on the courier site’s tracking page and no package still. Francis told me he will double check. (I’m a little bit annoyed by the response, I thought the double checking should be done prior to him giving me the tracking number)

In the afternoon of Apr 12th, I told him about the bad stories I heard about the courier where package got lost, and if I only knew I would have advised him to ship mine on a courier with 1 day delivery, even if it meant me paying extra for it. Francis apologized again, and was told that sometimes the orders are coming back to them, and that he will check if mine was included. Like what the hell, why did you not tell me about this.

April 16 = My nth follow up with him. Another excuse from Francis, they lost internet connection, as if its the internet sending the package. So he kinda told me that they ask the package back from the courier, and that I should expect the package after holy week (week of April 17). I told him that is what I am trying to avoid and that I am really disappointed, it is as if he had never dealt with this before. (talking about customer service, expectation and courier) I even offer any additional since he will be changing courier, was told they will be the one to shoulder that, and I said to myself, ohh another consolation.

April 21 = Week after Easter, was told that they will be prioritizing all the deliveries immediately after coming back from vacation. I told him to immediately notify me by sending the courier and tracking number. (again!)

April 22 = Francis contacted me informing me that they will replace the shirt I ordered and that it needs to be reprinted and they will contact me once it is due for shipping, like what the heck, I gave him the DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER reaction, informing him that with lots of excuses I am almost certain not to get the shirt anymore, and that I may be the last person ordering from them, from our group. He did not reply from this day on.

April 25 = With that stress feeling of possibly being scammed for the first time (I know that it is not about the money, because good thing I did not order in bulk) I confronted him in Facebook message, asking any follow up or this is just a scam. And on my last note, Francis unleashed his defense mechanism:

Francis: Scam? Please wait for your order TOMORROW, and please don’t scare us that you will be our last customer from your group, because P250 is cheap, we will not be poor if we did not get orders from your group.

Me: Then give me a worthwhile experience if you do not want to be tagged as scam! You made several promises that did not materialize. Between us you are the only one having trouble with our transaction, I paid you on time, you give me excuses, you should know all the reasons why I get disappointed.

This conversation was posted on Friday, (April 25) so if he meant tomorrow as Saturday, again it never arrive, it’s Monday already. So my gut feel tells me that there is no shirt, no printing whatsoever, no plan of shipping because all these are just scam. Whatever excuses they have, it is almost a month from the time of order, me being the customer has all the right to feel disappointed, feeling of runaround is stressful enough, and Francis being the seller, has NO RIGHT to be rude when customer is following up, because all the delays are caused by them. The truth is the MONEY and SHIRT are all on Tees Me Online, so I have no idea what they are planning at this point. What saddens me the most is when your fellowmen scammed/stole from you. It says a lot about opportunistic swindlers who have the audacity to represent themselves as honest business people. Francis claimed that they have happy customers, and honestly I could not find it on his Facebook account. Even their twitter account cannot be found. (realizing this only after ordering)

On the other hand, I’d like to raise the idea that maybe, just maybe Francis Daron has a bit of sense of humor, offering for a refund without asking for my bank details.  Is he expecting a telepathic invisible transaction?  Oh and I don’t mind his side words, usually an empty can, makes the loudest noise. 😉


Hinde daw magpapasira sa isang tulad ko, hooo kaya pala trigger happy sa pag bura ng comments ko sa page nila at pag delete ng FB accounts. Who is talking shit now? Kung hihimayin ko yung arguments nitong si Francis ang daming butas, parang yung bulsa nya butas kaya hapit ka kumita ng pera sa panloloko. Ano koneksyon ng pag Eenglish sa pagiging mayaman? Ang English tinuturo na yan sa kinder at elementary, kung hinde mo pa alam. You just can’t keep up. So let me ask you this Francis, are you ready to be traced? Bank payment got trails, a subpoena would make them reveal your records including your address and all that? Are you ready?

Here we go…

Kidding, I ain’t wasting my resources for you. I can see your knees shaking from here. Pasensya ka na, mababa kase ang IQ ko at pa English english pa. ğŸ˜† Siguro lahat din ng customers mo, after me, ay katulad ko, kase nagsara na kayo eh.

Giving up on that transaction is much better than continuously talk to you Francis, who obviously do not know anything about good online business. He is the epitome of the new kind of scammer: Delays & giving promises, pissing off a customer, offer refund to make you look like a difficult customer, until the customer finally gives up to save his or her sanity.

It is not about the price of money, it is about the experience that customers are drawn to certain sellers, it is the trust you build, I mean how can they order again if you are giving them a very difficult experience and that bad attitude when someone follows up from you. Sellers be kind to your buyers, they are the heart and soul of your business. (I’m sure you read this from my timeline, may screenshot sa taas oh) But really, magtanong ka sa pinakamagaling na business men/women, they put value to their customers. Kaya hinde ka magaling na business man, because as basic as that, you don’t even know. Isa lang ang obvious sa post na ito, your rudeness will not get you anywhere. We both know that you have all the characteristics of a Pro swindler, wag kang mahiya, kinacareer mo yan. Again the shirt never arrive, and that speaks volume, (hinde stereo volume ha) about your attitude and your scam shirt business.

I posted a comment on their Facebook wall (remember I was told that their business won’t be affected even if I tag them as scam?) and it was removed, so obviously something is not right with that group. With this entire experience, I can conclude that Tees Me Online is a scam. (Will you blame me? I have not received what I paid for) I am welcoming comments from any representatives of Tees Me Online, and I will give all the necessary documentations to prove my claim. Now, it is your turn to defend your lousy process. At para lang malinaw Francis, sensible arguable comments ha hinde puro salitang bargas mo.


“A guilty conscience never feel secure.”

Update as of Nov 2014: (7 mos after)  Of course no refund, hahaha no surprise on that! Francis or Kiko Daron (the bank name where money is sent to) deleted his personal FB & Tees Me Online page. Guilt of course, that’s what is haunting you. He might be changing his business name or link pages, but remember that name, if you wanna spare yourself from tremendous hassles. Francis, you removed your own FB page because even yourself is not proud of what you are doing. Or perhaps to scam more people. 😆 You feed your family with scam money, and I hope karma gets in your way. If not to you directly…just imagine the unthinkable. I am aware you are reading this, because criminals always go back to the crime scene, finding traces, looking for their names, and that is how you get into my page, (how do I know that? — because of my poor IQ lol) but one thing I can assure you though, this post will live forever and SEO is going to hurt your name. I hope your children will never find this post. It would tear them apart to know what kind of father you are. They will regret keeping your family name. Learn to watch your back, your days are counting.


Quote me as you like Francis, the truth cannot be misconstrued. You are a scammer.

Jologs man ako (no basis, lalabas na chismis yan) pero manloloko pa rin Francis Kiko Daron. Your bank info wouldn’t lie. Magtago ka na. 😂


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