3 Must Haves for Online Selling

Buying online should give you that ease and satisfaction, I mean that is the primary reason why people prefer to go to you rather than a physical store, to avoid the hassle and have the product be delivered at home. I’ve been patronizing this internet transaction as a buyer and seller. And I have only 1 principle as a former seller, and that is to treat your buyers the same way you would like to be treated as a customer, regardless of the product value.

So recently I’ve been, (again) a buyer of an apparel, that I intend to use for a social gathering, and so I ordered a month prior to the activity. Things run smooth not until the time of the production of the apparel and the delay from the courier. In short, I didn’t get the item on the time I suppose to use it.

This would have been prevented if only the seller has the following:


This means how a customer will be able to contact you, it could be your mobile number, land line, your website, your social accounts. Also be clear on your payment options, purchase process, and turnaround time. Please DON’T EVER put specific turnaround if you know you won’t be able to commit.

Good communication

This means that no matter what cause of delay, as a seller, you have the responsibility of informing your customers with what is happening and what to expect. Do not wait for them to contact you first for an update, that is bad business. Apologize if necessary. If you have a group of people who serves are your customer service, make sure that they attend to ALL customer inquiries, especially those who are following up for their orders. If you want people advertising for you or your products, communicate well with them.

Dependable Courier

Now this is a key factor to succeed online. This assures you that your items will be delivered to your buyers. You don’t want to be dragged just because you get an incompetent courier who offers cheaper fee. You must never sell out the quality of service. Besides, isn’t the buyer shoulders the shipping fee? So getting a dependable courier, a good shipping partner with a working online tracker is the best favor you can give to the customer.

I know that shit does happen, but stop using that as an excuse in improving the kind of service you should be giving to your customers.


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