Ksap Bistro in Baguio

We had an ocular visit in Baguio City & I felt that our stay is a bit short to see the nicest spots at the Summer capital city of the country. Of course we cannot miss the different restaurants that would satisfy our palettes. So without further ado we are going to review Ksap Bistro which is located at the 4th level in Porta Vaga Mall along Session Road in Baguio City.


If you enter at the side of the Porta Vaga Mall, near the Baguio Cathedral, this restaurant is very much accessible since you will be reaching the 4th level. This is located at the left side, the place is not that spacious, with perhaps less than 30 diners capacity. Their menu is written at the blackboard at the top with colored chalks, as shown below. Of course they have the regular menu, as not all offered dishes will fit in. 😛


Located at 4th Floor of the Porta Vaga mall, Baguio City

It is bistro, so we cannot expect it to have its own wash room, you will then have to go to the mall’s wash room. There are also listed meals on the menu which are not available, so you might be selecting something not your first instinct tells you. When we got there, we are the first set of diners, so did we somehow advertise Ksap Bistro?


The one I get to try is their Pork Asado ala Aning, the food name strikes me, (Aning as a colloquial term for “crazy”) I personally like the added sauce or gravy (at the cup from the image below). That adds taste and that I poured it all on top of that plain rice. The pork is tender, tastes good, nothing extravagant really. Just good feel food for me. We also had their version of Spanish Salpicao, that tastes like pork adobo spanish style, a bit spicey too. (Spanish Salpicao, P130)

Pork Asado Ala Aning (P130.00 or $3.00)

Pork Asado Ala Aning (P130.00 or $3.00)

Iced tea is a lot better than regular fast food drinks, with a bit of lemon taste actually. It costs at around P40.00 or $1.00 on a huge glass. We failed to order sweets that time, but I heard good reviews on their desserts. The only problem we had is the delay in serving our meals. Like 2 or 3 of us are done eating, while the others had not received their orders yet.


With the price range of P130-P185, you can get a decent meal, extra rice would be around P17.00 per cup, which is absolutely cheaper than other mid-range restaurants. (P30-P40/cup) So for 5 people we get to spend P950+ in total which is pretty affordable, price is not bad, we left with our tummies full, and others get to even have extra rice.

Overall I am giving this bistro a 3.5 out of 5. They have to add cooks in making sure that the food will be sent out within 5-10 minutes (half an hour waiting is too long for us) and that they can add more Filipino dishes on their menu.



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