Bavin Powerbank 11200mah review

Vacation mode is on and travelling should be fun & so I recently acquired Bavin Powerbank device so I won’t have to worry about losing battery on my phone and camera. I won’t have to go through the hassle of finding a power outlet. Let me go through its specs real quick:

* Capacity: 11200 mAh, depending on your phone model, it can do full charge 5-7 times.
* Size: 95 x 95 x 25.5mm, Weight: 239g
* Fast Charging: Dual Outputs: 5V – 1A; 5V – 2.1A
* Input: 5V – 2A
* Lithium Polymer battery (lighter and heavy duty)
* 4-in-1 usb connectors and with laser light built in
* Digital LED indicator
* Sleek and elegant design


Out of the box, we are instructed to immediately use the battery charge from this device, it was at 88% as stated on its LED indicator. It took me too many trips to charge my LG phone to dry this device completely. Actually I was able to use this up to the next day. The instructions manual is alright, but could be better. (in Chinese and English) The label or indicators at Bavin powerbank are pretty straightforward. This device is compatible to almost all major models of Android or IOS phones, PSP, MP4s, etc.

Charging time took me almost 12 hours in total to reach a full battery capacity of this powerbank, of course I had to remove it from the outlet every now and then, as the adaptor gets heated up easily. Recommended is disconnect it every 2 hours, this is to avoid causing fire at home. I don’t want to risk doing a drop test on this one, but looking at its hardware, it is pretty solid. It feels great at hand, not cheap and not heavy/bulky. Love the apple green color, it’s a personal choice, though it comes with other available color combinations such as white, or white-pink or white-green, etc. Good job on the cable connector, it reminded me of the Beats headset flat cord, though I wish it could have been longer, preferably 24 inches so it can reach far outlets. Also you don’t have to worry that this will go overcharge, as it will switch off once it’s fully charged. (it means no lights)

Overall, I am contented with Bavin Powerbank 11200mah, this will surely help me not to worry about my phone battery when I’m on the go. 🙂



  1. I dropped this unit accidentally (3 meters high), no crack or whatsoever, still functioning perfectly. So there you go, that’s the drop test in case anyone is curious to know.


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