Dine at Rai Rai Ken

If you are looking for a fast food Japanese taste then Rai Rai Ken is going to be a good food choice. It offers authentic ramen and expanded its menu to include Bento, beef yakiniku, salad, soup and a whole lot more. Actually, this isn’t my first visit, we tried the one from SM Taytay branch for lunch before watching a movie. So we ended up being full, but good thing we are not sleepy at the movie house. 😛


Alright so we ordered 3 dishes: Beef Yakiniku, Furai and the popular Bento box. We are given the complimentary miso soup, which we didn’t bother tasting, since we will be having our beef yakiniku. For the beef yakiniku, it’s serving is large depending on your appetite but can be divided to 2-3 person, the beef is tender, the noodles is ok nothing fancy, I didn’t feel that Japanese ramen I am looking for.


Beef Yakiniku

What I like is the fish Furai, I believe it’s cream dory, the mayonnaise compliments well with the fish and I like the mango salsa as well. With the Bento, of course I like the crunchy tempura, the beef tastes ok. The veggies and the dumpling are the least of my favorites, and the chicken popsicle still got blood on it. We also ordered banana shake (what I had) tastes good, but their Choco shake is a such a joke, when you expect it to be like creamy chocolate drink, but you get a Milo drink. With our palette experience, we are giving Rairaiken 3 out of 5.


Fish Furai and RairaiKen Bento


For a fast food, this looks better than others, love the wall decors to get that Japanese feel. I think the lighting though is too much red, had to edit this image below to get a balance set of colors.



With that 3 dishes & drink shakes, we spent P1,200+ which is very pricey for a fast food dine experience! We feel that if they could have offered their ramen at a more affordable price or at least make the rairaiken bento food components exude palette expectations. If you intend to check Rairaiken, you can also see their family menu package, which will only cost you at around P900. We are going back to this place, but not anytime soon.


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