A Visit to Uncle Cheffy

If you are looking for a Brick Oven Global Cuisine, it is a must to try Uncle Cheffy. We had a visit on this restaurant last week, and it is located at the 3rd flr, Lucky Chinatown, Binondo, Manila. You can check other branches here. I have to say that we left there with our plates empty. So let me do a quick review on Uncle Cheffy experience.


We tried a specialty dish and the other one, stick to the traditional liempo. The Roast Beef, is surprisingly good, it would really make you crave for more. Careful with the rice you might get full too soon even with the roast beef sauce. It is very tender, juicy and tasteful. It is a dish that would make you come back to Uncle Cheffy. The Sinugba liempo, with its simple grilled dish, is also good, it compliments with the roast beef. Needless to say, we are giving Uncle Cheffy 4 out of 5 for the food experience. 


Sinugba Pork Liempo & New England Pot Roast Beef


Grilled Cream Dory Munierre



The space of Uncle Cheffy in Lucky Binondo mall is I think too small, I mean a restaurant with great food, would be more appealing and will be able to accommodate large number of people if it is spacious. A factor for its small space is that it is just beside its partner restaurant “Kuse.” However this wine display at the wall is such an eye candy, it gives you sort of fine dining feel or European touch.



The price is mid-range, a bit affordable actually when I match it up with my food experience in Uncle Cheffy. It is around P400 per person. You can make it lesser, if you take off fruit shakes which would cost you around P100/glass. Overall, I am considering going back to Uncle Cheffy and might want to try their famous oven baked pizza.


There you have it, we hope you enjoy this restaurant review. Let us know if there’s any place that you would like for us to try out. Talk soon.


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