5 Things I learn from the game Throne Wars

Throne Wars is an epic multiplayer strategy game which focus on building your formidable kingdom, joining a clan to build alliances and getting ready for war. It is available in iOS and Android. Though the game play is pretty straightforward, once you get involved and understand that this game is all about numbers, you will not notice that you are already hooked.

This is my first online multiplayer game, and more than the simplicity of the goals, there are a lot to learn from this. As they say, if you are learning from something, it is impossible you will not give ample time to be good at it. So here are the 5 things I learn from Throne Wars:

thronewars1. Benevolent beginning. Yes you need to stay low, so others won’t find you and get slaughtered quickly. Keep under the radar but slowly building up your resources and army. It would be great that you find your alliance group as early as possible.

2. There is no permanent alliance. This is true, some of the alliance you are into may not be perfect for you, if they are geographically far from where your castles are situated. It would be great to build alliances near your perimeter. It is much faster in sending resources or troops to your allies.

3. Political Strategy. It is all about numbers, once you get the idea that the more military units you build, the higher chance of you winning battles against the attackers. Resources come into play then, without it there will be no units, just like money spent by your government in real life. Personally I build resources, do the necessary building upgrade, before I create my units. Also request support troops from your alliances, I mean that’s why you opted to be part of a group, so they can help or defend you.

4. No hitting, no shittin. If you do not strike other castles while you are still in building mode, they will not hit you back. Play smart by knowing if your enemies have alliances, like how many units they have. Strike only when necessary, stop castle hitting, I guess that has been the downfall of many players, as they are too eager to loot resources from nearby kingdoms without realizing the agony of revenge.

5. Patience is a great virtue. Since resource is an important component, it will take hours, or even days to build or upgrade a particular building, you need to be patient and strategic, therefore you must plan when you will do this. My strategy is that I do this when it’s bed time in the real world, and then I build units while dozing off for hours.

There you go, I hope you find this game amusing and that some tips I shared would be useful to you too. Happy playing!


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