BDO Mobile App: They Find Ways

I have been a BDO banking fanatic years ago, from bank transactions to online access, I believe the company has put a lot of effort in making sure that customers/clients will be taken care of. And just recently I realized that they have another platform to provide great customer experience. It is the BDO mobile banking app that has given me a great access to my financial account, this would have been the best banking app ever! BDO Mobile App can now be downloaded from Google Play store. They incorporated the same features from their main site. Just not sure why others are having issues with this app, or perhaps it’s their phone unit, or…..user error. 😛

Below are the step by step screenshots in accessing this application.


Download from Google Play store


This is the loading screen, if you are getting this just wait for it to load the main screen. Do not close out the window, as this may take awhile but it does not hang.


BDO Mobile main screen.


My Account Section, depending on your mobile button, but usually this will show up if you click on the right button of your smart phone.


Pay Bill section.


Transfer Money section.


Buy a Load section, Useful if you have enrolled your mobile numbers.


Change Password screen.

There you have it,  This should help you big time checking your account, while on the road.


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