Lenovo Z500 Brightness controls stop working

The Windows 8 structure is that preinstalled product key is already embedded on the BIOS itself, and that’s why we expect it to activate perfectly, but been having this activation problem. I wonder why would it be showing expired if it has been activated previously? But if you are curious to get your product key, download this helpful utility. (for 64 bit)


Anyhow, I did some research about the error message 0xc004F074, where I tried removing the product key, reinstalling it using the slmgr command lines, also did sfc /scannow, (got an error) and even installed the missing Microsoft updates. Worse comes to worst, I might reset the installation of Windows 8.

Ok so what does my issue with brightness controls (F11, F12) got anything to do with it? I pressed the F11 and F12 keys back and forth, my brightness is set to dim! I had my 5 minute panic, I wonder if the troubleshooting steps I did with the activation and windows updates caused it.

The Windows automatic update apparently installs a new Intel driver, causing the brightness keys not to work. Duh, automatic installation of updates fail! Ok recovery time, told myself. So I read from an online article about this roll back thing. So in case you experience the same brightness issue with your Lenovo Z500, here’s what you need to do:

* Go to the Properties of My Computer.

* Go to the Device Manager.

* Double Click Display adapters and highlight Intel HD graphics 4000, go to its Properties.

* Go to the Driver tab and click on Roll back driver.

The change with the rollback driver would be immediate, no need to reboot, the brightness control issue got fixed!



    1. The only reason a roll back key is disabled is if the one you have is the preinstalled not an update. Either reinstall the one that came with the unit (try to do one key recovery) or could be really a hardware problem if your brightness keys are still not working. Thanks for the comment.


    1. Roll back key is only available if there was a new installed update for the video card. If yours is still the preinstalled then that roll back would be disabled. For the One key recovery, click this link and see page 18: http://lnv.gy/1bWpeF5



  1. Hi, thank you for your post, I have been dealing with this rollback option since October; has there been no fix by either Intel, Windows, or Lenovo so we don’t have to Rollback every time? The problem is my drivers automatically update so I have to rollback every other day, and on top of that, when the driver is rolled back, you are unable to connect to projectors or to remote desktops. I haven’t seen an update come through and was just wondering if you had seen any updates at all.



    1. Hello Andrew thanks for your comment. The roll back solution is suggested with that old driver Intel version. I no longer have this Z500 as I kept the LenovoY580 over this unit. Thus I am unable to test this. The drivers posted at the Lenovo site may not be the recent drivers.


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