Lenovo Z500: A Closer Look


For weeks, I’ve been having tremendous problems with my old laptop, it is failing on me while at work, and it drags my productivity. It has been my desire to get a new one because my old one had served me so many years. I thought the selection process in picking a new laptop is easy, but I was wrong, there are just so many things I prefer to have, and so many brands to choose from.

A friend of mine is even suggesting to get Macbook, I love Apple products but I’m a Windows OS fan, I won’t be turning my back to something I prefer. What I need is a fast processor, (multi task) with large disk space, (for my movie downloads) and good video card, (games) but not a full gaming laptop. Price wise gaming laptops are really expensive than mid range, and so I have taken a look at some models from Samsung, Acer, Toshiba and Lenovo, as much as possible I wanted to try a different brand than my former. (MSI) And after few days or searching online, I fell inlove with Lenovo Z500.

Specifications of Lenovo Z500 z500image

* i7 Intel Core processor. (latest and greatest processor)

* Windows 8 64 bit. From a long time Windows XP user, I did not have a hard time using this platform.

* 2gb Nvidia GeForce GT 635M and Intel HD 4000, auto switchable (installed 4 games: NBA2k13, Sims 3, Gray Matter and CSI 6, all in High settings, and as you have guessed no lag or flickering)

* 1 TB disk space (no SSD yet, however the booting time took me 7 secs to load the tiles desktop)

* 15.6 inch screen size. (bigger is better)

* 6gb RAM (expandable memory)

* Chicklet, accu type keyboard. (I like the feel of it, very responsive no hard keys, not sure why others are disturbed by it)

* One key rescue process. (there’s that small button near the power slot)

* Supports USB 3.0, HDMI, USB 2.0, SD card and VGA connector.

* Dolby Home Theater sound system. (Yes great audio, nice for music or games)

* I love the notification alerts when connecting a device, or when an update is available.

There are two versions of this i7, and the unit I bought is non-touch, I actually prefer that since I would be using it for work as opposed to personal use. Overall, I love the feel of Z500 laptop, it fits me perfectly, and that should be the basis in buying your next laptop, you must not be persuaded what others are telling you to buy, you don’t necessarily need to buy what’s the latest, the sleekest, or the laptop with great aesthetics value. You just have to get the one that fits your needs. 😀


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